File Title
1 Dancing Dinosaurs Likely Invented Mating Rituals Used by Modern Birds, Researchers Say
2 Sea Slugs Protect Themselves from Predators by Self-Cutting
3 Super-Earths: Interiors Cracked Open in New Study
4 Praying Mantises Use 3D Vision to Hunt, Study Confirms
5 Hydroelectric Dams Planned for World's Largest Rivers Threaten Fish
6 Crows Understand Death and Threat of It from Predators
7 New 'Eggs and Chips' Plant Grows Both Eggplants and Potatoes in One Pot
8 Marine Sanctuary: First in U.S. Sanctuary System Was Shipwreck, in 1975
9 Falcons Imprison Prey to Feed Fresh Meat to Hungry Newborns
10 Female 'Burying Beetles' Prefer Smaller Males. Why?
11 NASA's CORAL Mission Takes Reef Studies to New Level
12 Tsunami Preparedness: Aleutian Islands Data Has New Findings for Pacific Rim
13 Galapagos Expedition Unravels Mystery of Seamounts and Finds New Shark
14 Prehistoric Marine Crocodile Unearthed in Sahara Was the Size of a Bus [VIDEO]
15 Arctic: Marine Life Migrates According to Moonlight in Dark Arctic
16 Vitamin D: Sheep More Fertile with It
17 Dinosaurs with Large Head Pieces Won Mates and Took Lead Role in Social Groups
18 World's Largest Canyon May Lie Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet, Researchers Say [VIDEO]
19 Evolution of Horned Dinosaurs Revealed by Skelton of Baby Chasmosaurus
20 Titanosaur: American Museum of Natural History Unveils World's Largest Dinosaur Skeleton
21 Capuchin Monkeys Demonstrate Evolutionary Root of Spiteful Behavior, Researchers Say
22 Neuroscientists Reveal How Adolescent Birds Memorize Songs Sung by Their Father
23 Newborn Mountain Lion Kittens Discovered in Southern California [VIDEO]
24 Scientists Discover Why Spider-Man Can't Exist: Geckos Are 'Size Limit' for Sticking to Walls
25 Male Jumping Spiders: New Species Plays Peek-a-Boo to Woo Mates
26 Tracking a Tyrannosaur's Trail: Researchers Estimate Dinosaur's Speed
27 European Seabirds Shed Light on Why Older Parents' Offspring Have Shorter Lives
28 Dogs Interpret Different Emotional Expressions, like Humans Do
29 'Dragon Robber' Unearthed in South Wales Represents One of the Earliest Jurassic Dinosaurs
30 New Himalayan Bird Species Has Unique Tune, Researchers Say
31 Bacteria Resistance May Result from DNA, Says Study
32 Extinct Crustacean Dollocaris Had Ginormous Eyes, Each a Quarter of the Length of Its Body
33 New Praying Mantis Found Hidden in French Museum Collection
34 Persistent Squirrels Learn Which Lever to Push or Pull to Reach Trapped Food
35 Zebra Stripes: Not Providing Camouflage, Says Study
36 Venus Fly Traps 'Count' to Catch and Eat Prey
37 Alaskan Yellow Cedar: Saving It, a New Report
38 Secretary Birds Have a Killer Kick, New Study Shows
39 Rare Find Suggests Duck-Billed Dinosaurs Originated in Eastern US
40 Animals with Bigger Brains Are Better Problem Solvers, Study Confirms
41 Rare White Giraffe in Tanzania May Be 'Target' for Poachers
42 Sharks Could Be Overfished Because Fishing Vessels Share Their Hotspots
43 Queen Bees and Ants Control Workers by Emitting a Special Pheromone, Researchers Say
44 Researchers Identify First Females of Elusive Madagascan Species
45 Corals Grown in Labs Help Restore Critically Endangered Reefs
46 Mongoose Moms in Groups May Compete by Producing Larger Offspring
47 Space: Fish Stand in for Human Astronauts in Bone-Density Test
48 Early Humans' Diet Included Roasted Tortoise Appetizers, Study Finds
49 Ravens Capable of Abstract Thought and Know When They're Being Watched
50 Moon Affects Rainfall, Says Study Based on NASA and Japanese Aerospace Data
51 'Hired Gun' Attack by Bornean Orangutans Witnessed for First Time
52 Humpback Whale Surfaces in Boston Harbor Near Hyatt Regency
53 New 'Johnny Cash' Tarantula Among 14 New Spiders Found in US
54 Ancient Wildebeest Ancestor Had Nose of Duck-Billed Dinosaur
55 Mountains in Central Appalachia Flatter Post-Mining
56 Volcanoes Erupt Without Warning Because of New Findings
57 Wolves Have 21 Distinct Howling 'Dialects,' Researchers Say
58 'Wrong Types of Trees' in Europe Accelerated Climate Change, Researchers Say
59 Four New Algae Species Discovered at Unexpected Depths Off Hawaii's Coast
60 Enslaved Ants Live in Diverse Colonies
61 Valentine's Day: Book Pages, Burlap, and Wood Go into Pre-Landfill Bouquets
62 Secondary Tropical Forests Store More Carbon than Old-Growth Forests, Researchers Say
63 Global scientific community commits to sharing data on Zika
64 Scientists from MIPT gain insights into 'forbidden' chemistry
65 Forget butterflies and bees, box like an ant: Study measures speed of trap-jaw ant boxing
66 Scientists take nanoparticle snapshots
67 Lipid-based diets effectively combat Alzheimer's disease in mouse model
68 Study challenges widely accepted theory of Yellowstone formation
69 Healing the soil
70 Starting age of marijuana use may have long-term effects on brain development
71 Study sheds light on source of drug addicts risk-taking behavior
72 UBC-led study finds beliefs about all-knowing gods fosters co-operation
73 Scientists find leukemia's surroundings key to its growth
74 Two in 5 individuals with schizophrenia have attempted suicide
75 Scripps Florida researchers develop 'LIGHTSABR'--a cheap, portable drug-discovery system
76 Water plus magma = increased explosivity [et al.]
77 Genetics help fish thrive in toxic environments, collaborative study finds
78 Cardiac repair: Neutrophils to the rescue
79 Overconfidence, loss aversion are key predictors for investment mistakes
80 More measurement precision in a short time
81 Computerized rehab aids those suffering from brain injuries
82 The most accurate optical single-ion clock worldwide
83 Prostate cancer survivors' risk of heart disease studied
84 Future of science in National Parks highlighted at AAAS 2016 Annual Meeting
85 Study of Asian common toad reveals 3 divergent groups
86 Whooping cranes' predatory behavior key for adaptation, survival
87 Spin waves out of waste heat: Researchers present new findings on magnetic spin waves
88 Research uncovers more inherited genetic mutations linked to ovarian cancer
89 Strategy for increasing survival of mothers and newborns in South Asia
90 Exercise and meditation--together--help beat depression
91 The lowdown on sports nutrition supplements
92 Electric-car battery materials could harm key soil bacteria
93 Vinegar could potentially help treat ulcerative colitis
94 Creating a color printer that uses a colorless, non-toxic ink inspired by nature
95 Enhancing neuronal activity promotes axon regeneration in adult CNS
96 Penguin parents: Inability to share roles increases their vulnerability to climate change
97 Radiation causes blindness in wild animals in Chernobyl
98 Some 5,000 years ago, silver mining on the shores of the Aegean Sea
99 BMJ collaborates with UCSF on e-learning program for researchers
100 Flow phenomena on solid surfaces: Boundary layer velocity plays key role
101 You scratch my back and I might scratch yours: the grooming habits of wild chimpanzees
102 New study reveals that prelinguistic infants can categorize colors
103 Mathematics will help choose the optimal treatment for bladder cancer
104 Atherosclerosis: A short cut to inflammation
105 Clams help date duration of ancient methane seeps in the Arctic
106 Tick tock--sequencing the tick genome could help defuse the Lyme disease time bomb
107 Drones learn to search forest trails for lost people
108 Baby physics
109 'Electronic nose' from a Russian scientist will help to diagnose diseases