File Title
1 Rage: Study Points to Lateral Septum as Gatekeeper in Mice
2 NASA Mars Trip: Begins Building Space Launch System for Trip to the Red Planet
3 Women with Big Butts Resistant to Chronic Illness? What Does the Booty Have to Do with It? (PHOTOS)
4 Type 1 Diabetes: New Class of Antigens Discovered, Could Help in Diagnosis and Treatment
5 Gastornis: Arctic Fossil Evidence of Giant Bird Examined for First Time
6 Human Brain Prioritizes High-Reward Memories, Study Says
7 Australian Megafauna: Humans Responsible for Extinction, Study Says
8 Cotton Candy Machine: Scientist Creates New Technique for Artificial Organ Development
9 'Wasp's-Eye View': New Video Sheds Light on Insect's Amazing Homing Ability (VIDEO)
10 Maxwell's Demon Created in Photonic Circuit for First Time Ever
11 Memory: Past Experiences Alter Brain's Response to Memory and Recognition, Study Finds
12 Human-Animal Hybrids: British Government Green Lights Research on Human-Animal Hybrids
13 Ivierhipidius: Newly Discovered Beetle Family Possesses Heart-Shaped Leg Joints (PHOTO)
14 150,000 Penguins Killed After Iceberg Landlocks Colony (BREAKING)
15 Deep Learning Drives Future A.I. that Can Let Humans Love, Marry Robots
16 Frozen Water: Scientists Discover New Form of Ice with Record-Low Density
17 Octopus Mating Session Cancelled at Seattle Aquarium Over Cannibalism Concerns
18 Cancer: New Technique Enables Earlier Diagnosis, Study Says
19 3-D Bioprinter Creates Human Ear, Paves Way for Future of Human Body Part Transplants
20 Locusts: Mathematical Model Reveals Mechanics Behind Swarming Behavior
21 Skin Cancer Detection: Bananas Help Scientists Detect Skin Cancer
22 Global Dryland Greening: Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Likely Cause, Study Says
23 Mind-Controlled Prosthetics: New Study Allows Patient to Move Fingers with Mind
24 Oxygen: New Study Reveals Its Presence in Earth's Atmosphere Earlier than Previously Believed
25 Alzheimer's Disease: New Study Reveals Locus Coeruleus as First Brain Structure Affected by Disease
26 Ice Crystal: New Form Could Help Find Life on Other Planets
27 Easter Island: New Study Claims Warfare Was Not Cause of Downfall
28 Super-Earth: New Study Reveals Atmospheric Characteristics of Super-Earth Exoplanet
29 2013 TX68: Asteroid Could Come Close to Earth, NASA Claims Risk of Impact Is Almost Nonexistent
30 Omega-3 Higher in Organic Milk and Meat, Study Finds
31 Duck or Rabbit: 124-Year-Old Optical Illusion Takes Internet by Storm (PHOTO)
32 January Global Temperature Record Shattered, Hottest January in History
33 Neanderthals: Ancient Humans Bred with Modern Humans 100,000 Years Ago
34 CRISPR: Gene-Editing Techniques Could Help Control Mosquito-Borne Diseases
35 Plants: New Study Reveals How Plant Parts Communicate in Order to Benefit Whole
36 Obesity: Increases in Weight Lead to Perceptual Changes, Study Says
37 Ice Sheets: New Study Sheds Light on Ice Sheet Behavior
38 Herpes: Bat Study Discovers Novel Herpes Virus
39 Asteroid Deflection: New Study Examines Possibilities of Kinetic Impact Technique
40 Brain Study: Certain Exercises Are More Beneficial to the Brain
41 Missing Asteroids: Study Reveals Reason for Missing Asteroids in New Model
42 'Bat Wing' MAV Drone Uses Mammal-Like Wings (VIDEO)
43 Antarctic Ice Shelves: Massive Collapse Took Place at End of Last Ice Age, Study Says
44 New Species: Desert Tortoise Has Third Species in Mexico, Say Researchers
45 Shark Attacks: New Record Set in 2015 with 98 Attacks Worldwide
46 Five Animals that Kill in Shocking Ways
47 Ants and Social Interaction: 99 Million Years Ago, Ants Fought and Socialized
48 Chimpanzees Alter Grooming Interaction When a Large Audience Is Present
49 Extinct Zebra Sub-Species Revived with Selective Breeding
50 California Island Foxes No Longer Endangered, Says USFWS
51 Trap-Jaw Ants Box to Define Colony Rank, Video Shows
52 Mice Brought to Violent Rage by Brain Adjustment, Says Study
53 Dogs with Patience May Be Better Problem Solvers, Study Shows
54 Prehistoric Flower Found Perfectly Preserved in Amber, Researcher Say
55 Flying: Wasps Fly Backwards to Find Their Way Back Home [VIDEO]
56 New Love Bug Boasts Heart-Shaped Leg Joints
57 Four Billion People Suffer from Severe Water Scarcity Worldwide
58 Cross-Eyed Cat Raises Awareness for Pet Adoption
59 Dinosaur: Tyrannosaur Family Tree Expands with New Idaho Fossils
60 Dinosaur: Stegodon Tusk Found in Pakistan, 1.1 Million Years Old
61 Fossil Gorilla and Africa: Humans Likely Evolved Earlier than Thought, Researchers Say
62 Ancient Marsupial Lion: Claw Marks Reveal Ferocious Behavior of Australia's Extinct Predator
63 Dinosaur Tracks: Mystery of Northern China Sauropod Footprints Solved
64 Earthquake: Smartphones Provide Advanced Warning with New MyShake App
65 Sea Butterfly: Tiny Marine Snails "Fly" Underwater like Winged Insects [VIDEO]
66 Easter Island: Ancient Civilization Not Destroyed by War, Study Confirms
67 Astronomer from Moscow detected a new source of intense gamma-radiation in the sky
68 A stake in innovation
69 Bizarre snail that swims like a flying insect
70 When the immune system promotes tumor growth
71 Longest-lasting stellar eclipse discovered
72 New image analytics may offer quick guidance for breast cancer treatment
73 Dartmouth-led team develops method to predict local climate change
74 Colossal Antarctic ice-shelf collapse followed last ice age
75 Study confirms only site in SE Asia showing tiger recovery
76 Study determines key recurrence detection time for oropharyngeal cancer
77 In a Hubble first, UA astronomers take images of an exoplanet changing over time
78 Five-dimensional black hole could 'break' general relativity
79 Neanderthals and modern H. sapiens crossbred over 100,000 years ago
80 Researchers: Testosterone treatment effective for older men
81 Humans settled, set fire to Madagascar's forests 1,000 years ago
82 Bath salts difficult to detect in biological samples, SHSU study finds
83 Bat-flight inspires unique design for Micro Air Vehicles
84 Biofuel tech straight from the farm
85 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: New evidence suggests Zika virus can cross placental barrier, but link with microcephaly remains unclear
86 TSRI and JCVI scientists find popular stem cell techniques safe
87 Florida's monkey river
88 New device may speed up DNA insertion into bacteria
89 Colossal Antarctic ice-shelf collapse followed last ice age
90 Children born in winter have vulnerable lungs
91 Neanderthals and modern H. sapiens crossbred over 100,000 years ago
92 New insights into epilepsy drug Retigabine
93 Researchers find testosterone treatment improves sexual activity, walking, and mood in men over 65
94 Virginia Tech researchers suggest gene drive strategy to combat harmful virus spread
95 Hidradenitis suppurativa and risk of adverse cardiovascular events, death
96 The alcohol harm paradox explained
97 Periodontitis linked to a higher mortality rate in patients with kidney disease
98 Smokers with depression try to quit more often but find it harder
99 Sensory loss affects 94 percent of older adults
100 New research could help improve HIV/AIDS therapies
101 CU-Boulder ultrafast microscope used to make slow-motion electron movie
102 Astronomer from Moscow detected a new source of intense gamma-radiation in the sky
103 Unraveling the gene-environment interaction
104 DNA studies reveal that shelter workers often mislabel dogs as 'pit bulls'
105 Study shows children's best hope for the potassium and fiber missing in their diets is potatoes
106 DNA evidence shows that salmon hatcheries cause substantial, rapid genetic changes
107 New study finds promising results for MERS treatment
108 Transgenic sweet corn no more susceptible to Goss's wilt disease
109 Scientists discover bird blood cell which destroys fatal fungal infection
110 New type of optical material discovered in the secret language of the mantis shrimp