File Title
1 Lead Poisoning: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
2 Gut bacteria hold clues about type 2 diabetes
3 Synthetic plant hormones kill cancer cells by halting DNA repair
4 Motivating employees to exercise: loss may be more effective than gain incentives
5 Implantable artificial kidney based on microchips sees major progress
6 Green tea compound shows promise for treating rheumatoid arthritis
7 The neuroscience of creativity
8 Rising pollution levels linked to increased strokes
9 Link between antibiotics and delirium strengthened
10 Older mothers may face increased risk of stroke, heart attack
11 Insulin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
12 Bodily organs appear to have sexual identity
13 Zika virus crossed placenta in two cases of microcephaly in Brazil
14 Marijuana use 'not linked to mood or anxiety disorders'
15 Gum disease associated with kidney disease deaths
16 Something nasty in the living room? Check your pollutants
17 Insulin-producing mini-stomachs: a game-changer for diabetes?
18 Nanowires: New Development Method Uses Natural Gas Heating
19 'Age of Plastic': New Study Suggests Earth Is Becoming Consumed by Plastic
20 Fat Cats Who Go on Diet, Lose Weight, Likely to Be More Loving to Owners, Study Finds
21 U.K. Approves Gene-Editing of Human Embryos to Find Cures for Diseases
22 Cats vs. Dogs: New Studies May Push You Toward Puppies
23 Fish Around the World Contain Toxic Pollutants, Study Says
24 Brain Changes in Ballet Dancers Support Age-Old 'Practice Makes Perfect' Saying
25 Conjoined Twins: Youngest Ever Separated by Swiss Doctors
26 Eagles Are Being Trained to Take Drones Out of the Sky (WATCH)
27 Hidden Lion Population Found Tucked Away in Northwestern Ethiopia
28 Time Study Proposes New Structure, Has Implications for Quantum Physics and Philosophy
29 Songbirds: Singing During Winter May Be Practice for Spring Mating
30 Artificial Graphene: Scientists Create Graphene-Like Structure for First Time
31 Mate Choice May Not Lie in the Hands of Females, Study Says
32 Stem Cells: New Group Can Repair Damaged Skulls
33 Lab-Grown Pork Will Be Available Within Five Years, Says Startup Company Memphis Meats
34 Zika Virus: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Be Solution to Outbreak, Experts Say
35 Drug Can Prevent Age-Related Brain Decline in Mice, Study Says
36 Mars: New Theory Surrounds Formation of Mysterious 'Cauliflower' Formations (PHOTO)
37 Neanderthal Extinction: New Study Points to Culture as Cause
38 Bedbugs: Genetic Diversity Revealed After Team Follows Insects Through New York Subway System
39 Theory of Mind: Ravens Understand that Others Have Minds, Study Says
40 Daddy Long Legs: Scientists Discover Fossil with 99-Million-Year-Old Erection
41 'Resting Bitch Face': Researchers Discover 'Unconscious, Subtle Contempt' as Cause
42 Male Fish Are Growing Female Eggs, Study Says
43 3-Person Embryos Green-Lit by U.S. National Academy of Medicine
44 Longevity Breakthrough: Removing Worn-Out Cells Extends Age of Mice, Study Says
45 Bedbugs: Scientists Move Closer to Developing 'Cure'
46 Zika Virus: 10 Things You Need to Know
47 NASA: First Solar-Powered Spacecraft Set to Travel Space in 2018
48 Cancer-Sniffing Dogs Save Lives, Aid British Doctors
49 Morocco: World's Largest Solar Power Plant Enters First Phase (TWEET)
50 Contact Lenses that Work like Computer Screens in Development
51 Stromatolites: New Research Sheds Light on Ancient Microbial Reefs
52 Xenoturbella Churro: New Flatworm-Like Species Resembles Churro, Sheds Light on Evolutionary Tree
53 Graphene Is Strong but Not Tough, Study Says
54 Alzheimer's Disease: New Study Connects Disease with Head Injury
55 Superfast Light Pulses Reveal Electron Response Time to Light
56 Johnny Cash: New Tarantula Species Named After Famous Singer-Songwriter
57 Ice Age: New Evidence Suggests Hunter-Gatherers Were Replaced During Last Ice Age
58 Kakapo: Researchers Sequence Genome of Every Remaining Member of Species
59 SETI: Aliens Will Assume Control if They Ever Visit Earth
60 Blacktip Sharks Arriving in Florida Later than Usual, Likely Result of El Nino
61 Hair Loss Results from Hair Follicle Stem Cells Turning into Skin Instead of Hair
62 Rusingoryx Atopocranion: Convergent Evolution Led to Similar Bone Structure to Dinosaurs
63 Nuclear Fusion: New Breakthrough on the Road to Nuclear Fusion Power Plants
64 China Achieves Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough in Experiment that Produces Energy Hotter than the Sun
65 Driving: New Study Links Driving to Independence and Life Satisfaction in Older Adults
66 European Honeybee Virus Spreading Globally Due to Humans, Study Finds
67 Superconductivity: Newly Discovered Properties Could Advance Understanding of Process at Atomic Level
68 'Cannibalism' May Have Led to Creation of Our Stars and Planets
69 Ants Do Not Show Signs of Senescence, Study Says
70 Greenhouse Gases: Countries Producing Most Less Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Says
71 'Flying Saucer' Reveals Cold Grains, Will Help Us Better Understand Planet Formation
72 North Korean Satellite Passes Over Super Bowl Site (BREAKING)
73 Wolf Species Have 'Howling Dialects,' Study Says
74 Estrogen Supplementation Throughout Menopause Preserves Brain Size, Could Prevent Dementia
75 Canine IQ Test Can Help Human Dementia Research (VIDEO)
76 Unconscious Sighing Crucial for Preserving Lung Function, Study Says
77 Meteorite Kills Man in Southern India, Officials Say
78 Light Treatment Helps Treat Wounds and Prevents Tumor Growth, Says Study
79 ADHD Medication: Black-Box Warnings May Have Serious Consequences for Teen Suicide
80 White-Tailed Deer and Malaria: One in Four U.S. White-Tailed Deer Have Parasite
81 Mind Reading Technology Helps Disabled Musician Play
82 Sleep Deprivation, Lower Intelligence Increases Likelihood of False Confession, Study Says
83 Robot Cockroach: Disaster Victims Could Be Rescued by Repulsive-Looking Insect in the Future
84 Chameleon Robot: Researchers Develop Mechanical Chameleon that Mimics Its Surroundings (VIDEO)
85 Bacteria Act as Tiny Eyeballs to 'See' Surroundings, Study Reveals
86 'Bionic Spine': New Device Allows Paralyzed Patients to Control Bionic Limbs Subconsciously
87 African Snails Can Cause Potentially Fatal Disease
88 Body Heat Changes Structure of Shape-Shifting Polymer
89 Gravitational Waves: Scientists to Announce Progress in Search
90 Cryptomyrus: New Family of Electric Fish Discovered in Gabon
91 Shark Attacks: Record Numbers in 2015
92 Manatees: Hundreds Seek Refuge in Three Sisters Springs (VIDEO)
93 Milky Way: Hundreds of New Galaxies Uncovered Behind Our Own
94 Cryogenics: Rabbit Brain Frozen, Restored to Near Perfect Condition
95 DARPA: Neural Implant Will Give Drones Human-Like Artificial Intelligence
96 Chronic Pain: New Study Reveals Relationship to Stress-Related Protein
97 Plankton Key for Removing Carbon from Atmosphere and Depositing into Oceans, Study Says
98 Marijuana Use: Rise Not as Big as Previously Believed, Study Says
99 World's Oldest Bird Gives Birth for 40th Time in Her Life
100 'Grass' Condoms: New Ultra-Thin Condoms Are 'Strongest in the World'
101 Brain Works Different in Summer and Winter Months
102 Ecosystem: Colombian Constitutional Court Bans 347 Mining Operations in the Andean Paramos
103 Shark 'Virgin Birth': Female Shark Set for Rare 'Virgin Birth' in United Kingdom
104 Ancient Alien Life on Mars? Evidence in Deepest Basins Points to Ancient Martian Life (PHOTO)
105 Evolution: Gorilla Fossils Suggest Human Evolutionary Split Happened 10 Million Years Ago
106 GPS Tracking: New System Achieves Accurate Tracking Down to the Centimeter
107 Drones: New Software May Lead to Development of 'Search and Rescue' Drones
108 Einstein Theory of Relativity: Gravitational Waves Observed for First Time, Scientists Announce
109 Neanderthal DNA Influences Modern Human Behavior in Numerous Subtle Ways, Study Says
110 Army Pizza: New Product Can Last Up to Three Years Using Hurdle Technology