File Title
1 Galactic center's gamma rays unlikely to originate from dark matter, evidence shows
2 Bright sparks shed new light on the dark matter riddle
3 Model helps decide drug dose for clinical testing
4 Exploring gambles reveals foundational difficulty behind economic theory (and a solution)
5 New method for producing tiny cracks in electrodes may mean big boost for nanoelectronics
6 Snake gait: Science observes nature to invent new ways of moving
7 Ocean acidification makes coralline algae less robust
8 Why do scientists 'chase unicorns?' or, mythical bacteria that fix their own nitrogen?
9 Scientists disocver how plants tailor growth to the seasons
10 Chromosomes reconfigure as cell division ends
11 Radar reveals the hidden secrets of wombat warrens
12 Human-made underwater sound may have wider ecosystem effects than previously thought
13 Secondhand smoke: Nations producing less greenhouse gas most vulnerable to climate change
14 Safeguarding sturgeon
15 Smooth hunters: How environmental awareness helped the Bushmen to poison their game
16 DNA evidence uncovers major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age
17 Modern microbial ecosystems provide window to early life on Earth
18 Significant changes in rhino bone health over 50 million years
19 Real time outbreak surveillance using genomics now possible in resource-limited conditions
20 Drugs and other contaminants found in private drinking wells on Cape Cod
21 Study shows direct link between state spending habits, AIDS deaths
22 Whooping cough booster vouchers don't boost immunization rates of caregivers
23 Anti-bullying program focused on bystanders helps the students who need it the most
24 Want to learn a new skill? Faster? Change up your practice sessions
25 Uncorrected farsightedness linked to literacy deficits in preschoolers
26 Brain's wiring connected to sensory processing disorder
27 Researchers develop hack-proof RFID chips
28 Exact formula now available for measuring scientific success
29 Finger tracing can lift student performance in math
30 Delivering the Internet of the future, at the speed of light and open-sourced
31 Americans are ten times more likely to die from firearms than citizens of other developed countries
32 Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain
33 'BPA-free' plastic accelerates embryonic development, disrupts reproductive system
34 Height influences risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
35 Magnets levitate above a superconductor: New properties of superconductors discovered
36 Moon was produced by a head-on collision between Earth and a forming planet
37 Bringing time and space together for universal symmetry
38 A new-generation exoskeleton helps the paralyzed to walk
39 Bee virus spread is humanmade, driven by European honeybee populations
40 Hallucinogen may protect against intimate partner violence, researcher suggests
41 Researchers link compulsive Facebook checking to lack of sleep
42 Genetic cause of rare allergy to vibration discovered
43 Winning a competition predicts future dishonest behavior, say researchers
44 Prehistoric mystery meat put to the test (spoiler alert: It's not woolly mammoth or giant ground sloth)
45 Central Appalachia flatter due to mountaintop mining
46 New dinosaur species offers evolutionary clues
47 Scientists investigate suspected meteorite death in southern India
48 Italian consortium set to win giant Chile telescope contract
49 Inadequate testing thwarts efforts to measure Zika's impact
50 Chipotle stores shut nationwide for staff food safety meeting
51 Race to fast-track Zika trials as 12 groups seek vaccine
52 Obama seeks funds to fight Zika; sees no cause for panic
53 Thousands of lives at risk unless WHO reforms now: U.N. report
54 Iran hopes for agricultural boom post-sanctions
55 More rescued two days after Taiwan quake; toll could exceed 100
56 Winter storm pounds southern New England, snarling travel
57 Orangutan school teaches young primates survival skills
58 India introduces net neutrality rules barring Facebook's free Internet
59 Tech stocks extend losses, valuations dented
60 Amaya taps Barclays to review pending buyout proposal from CEO
61 Cognizant forecasts slowest revenue growth in 14 years
62 Risk of suicide increases three-fold after a concussion
63 U.S. health official: Widespread Zika vaccine not likely to be available for years
64 Thousands of lives at risk unless WHO reforms now: U.N. report
65 Chipotle stores shut nationwide for staff food safety meeting
66 Yelp revenue rises 40 percent, CFO to step down
67 India's Zomato breaks even at home, in key markets abroad
68 German competition watchdog wants 'big data' hoards considered in merger probes: paper
69 Pot fans, foes fume as Washington DC tests limits of high life
70 Drop in prostate cancer screening reveals split among doctors
71 For sugar tax supporters, 2016 may be the sweet spot
72 Even fried food has nutritional value, when cooked in olive oil
73 New test could detect elusive pathogens in patients at high infection risk
74 Could testosterone link lead to therapy for psychopathy?
75 Does seasonal affective disorder actually exist?
76 Matcha: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
77 Major depression linked to disruption of brain's emotional networks
78 Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation
79 Gene signature of uterus tied to recurrent IVF failure
80 Playground paint: a health threat for children?
81 'More teens affected by CFS than previously recognized'
82 Hookah bar workers at risk from secondhand smoke
83 E-cigarettes: teen users three times more likely to smoke a year later
84 Artificial pancreas: game changer for diabetes treatment?
85 Lung Function: What Do the Lungs Do?
86 Are thinking and health governed by the same genes?
87 Diabetes breakthrough: encapsulated pancreas cells could end injections
88 Immune system takes long time to recover after breast cancer chemo
89 Coffee lovers rejoice: regular caffeine does not cause extra heartbeats
90 Smoking cessation therapies 'have limited effect'
91 Nerve damage in MS could be prevented with epilepsy drug
92 Dietary fiber and lung health: eat well, breathe easy
93 Alzheimer's-related brain changes occur 2 decades before symptom onset
94 Depression may pass from mothers to daughters
95 Can soy boost fertility treatment success?
96 Air pollution tied to premature birth
97 Scientists discover new clue to how cancer tumors form
98 Put the smartphone down: social media use and sleep disturbances linked
99 Could stem cell transplantation yield a cure for MS?
100 'Eat more flavonoid-rich fruits and veg to prevent weight gain'
101 Growth factor might slow cognitive decline in old age
102 Children at 'double the risk of aggression, suicide' with antidepressant use
103 Antidepressants in pregnancy do not raise congenital heart risk for baby
104 HIV replenishes viral reservoirs during therapy
105 Wearable sweat sensor could monitor dehydration, fatigue
106 Patient involvement: what is it, and why does it matter?
107 Why does exercise alone not aid long-term weight loss?
108 Maternal obesity and diabetes linked with increased infant autism risk
109 Synthetic immune cells: a possible solution to antibiotic resistance?
110 Autism caused by immune response to viral infection during pregnancy?