File Title
1 Great Barrier Reef bull sharks' secret lives revealed in radio tracking study
2 Aboriginal burning 'had little impact' on erosion rates in Australia's Southern Tablelands
3 Ancient wildebeest-like Rusingoryx had bizarre nose similar to dinosaurs
4 DNA sheds light on European upheaval during the Ice Age
5 How Marvin Minsky revolutionized artificial intelligence (+video)
6 Omo no more? Tanzania's white giraffe could get a new name.
7 Is oil actually good for sea life?
8 What an 'orphan' planet can tell us about how star systems form
9 NASA's Opportunity rover shatters expectations with 12 years on Mars
10 Can mathematics help solve conspiracy theory debates?
11 Ready to travel to Mars? You virtually can.
12 Delay of game: Mammoth bone discovered at Oregon State University stadium
13 This weird solar system is the widest ever discovered
14 Why the 'Doomsday Clock' says, we're still 3 minutes from midnight
15 Why scientists are calling this dwarf galaxy a 'clean freak'
16 Revenge of the tiger trout: Scientists go after tui chub in Oregon lake
17 Were cats domesticated twice?
18 Newborn stars adopt gas from their parent galaxies, astronomers say
19 Google's AI victory: Computer beats human champion at strategy game Go (+video)
20 Why did feds scale back the whale sanctuary in Hawaii?
21 Color-coded conversation: Octopuses aren't so anti-social after all.
22 SpaceX tests parachutes for returning astronauts (+video)
23 Could fungi survive on Mars?
24 Were ancient Babylonian astronomers math whizzes? Check out these tablets.
25 Could wind, solar slash carbon emissions affordably?
26 Humongous gas cloud is careening toward the Milky Way: When will it hit?
27 What our ancestors' hankering for big eggs meant for a 500-pound bird
28 What made the moon? Rocks suggest humongous impact.
29 What is it like to orbit Ceres? This NASA animation will show you.
30 Can a TV sitcom reduce anti-Muslim bigotry?
31 'Planet Nine' conjecture exciting, but not proven, says NASA
32 Fireball lights up skies over US capital
33 Europe launches space laser data satellite
34 Does the moon influence rainfall? Scientists reveal odd link.
35 Britain wades into controversial waters with approval of genetic experiment
36 Hidden lion population found in Ethiopia
37 China shares vivid photos of the moon's surface with the world. Why now?
38 Researchers find hidden lion population in East Africa
39 Humans served tortoise appetizers 400,000 years ago
40 NASA moves closer to sending humans to deep space
41 Punxsutawney Phil forecasts early spring: What's his track record? (+video)
42 Ravens might possess a Theory of Mind, say scientists
43 Is Pluto an even icier world than previously thought?
44 Origins of slow food movement? Human ancestors noshed on tortoise
45 How to spot five planets in the sky
46 With eye on Mars, NASA to launch biggest rocket since Saturn V
47 Not so lost in translation: How are words related?
48 Why two Russians are on a space walk today
49 NASA probe snaps spectacular photo of Pluto's largest moon
50 How NASA's 13 micro-satellites will explore deep space
51 Tiny Luxembourg seeks global leadership in asteroid mining
52 Sleep tight! Researchers sequence bed bug genome.
53 Why did cosmonauts chuck a flash drive over the ISS?
54 Why the sun's magnetic field is still a mystery
55 How Germany took big step toward nuclear fusion
56 Propelled by light, new NASA probe to set sail
57 Commercial space travel is booming at NASA spaceport
58 Are improved tornado warning systems making a difference?
59 Why frigid 'Flying Saucer' disc could change what we know about planets
60 Congress asks: Can NASA really get astronauts to Mars?
61 The modern butterfly has a 40-million-year-old doppleganger
62 When worlds collide: Earth is really two planets, study finds
63 Astronomical mystery solved: no caverns in comet
64 Menu miscue: Yale study prompts mammoth newspaper correction
65 Saturn's ring mystery: Why are opacity and density mismatched?
66 Weird convergence: Extinct wildebeest cousin and dinosaur shared noses
67 Are genetics researchers inadvertently perpetuating racial stereotypes?
68 Humans have a hand in honey bee decline, say scientists. Is it too late?
69 Major population upheaval in Ice Age Europeans linked to climate change
70 Cosmic icebergs bob atop frozen nitrogen sea in Pluto's heart
71 Purple socks and churros: Weird worms earn place on tree of life
72 Eight-legged Johnny Cash: Tarantula spider species named for singer
73 Why does NASA need a massive mirror?
74 Asteroid promises to dazzle Earthlings with close pass, but not too close
75 How the March asteroid flyby shows Earth on alert
76 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: A legacy of research and moon walking
77 Stonehenge bigwigs included women, study suggests
78 Are drought conditions in the US Southwest here to stay?
79 Scott Kelly's Super Bowl party had the best view on--and off--Earth
80 Jupiter or bust: Juno spacecraft sets course for gas giant
81 Taser shock disrupts brain function, has implications for police interrogations
82 Pioneering discovery leads to potential preventive treatment for sudden cardiac death
83 Brain volume changes after cognitive behavioral therapy
84 A cancer's surprise origins caught in action
85 Coupling 2 'tabletop' laser-plasma accelerators: A step toward ultrapowerful accelerators
86 'Cannibalism' between stars
87 From allergens to anodes: Pollen derived battery electrodes
88 Walking on water: Researchers unravel science of skipping spheres
89 Sign of early settlement in the Nordic region date back to the cradle of civilization
90 Wolf species have 'howling dialects'
91 New luminous creatures illuminate the mystery of the Red Sea
92 Motorboat noise gives predators a deadly advantage
93 Wbp2 is a novel deafness gene
94 Why your muscles get less sore as you stick with your gym routine
95 Muscles on-a-chip provide insight into cardiac stem cell therapies
96 Sustained aerobic exercise increases adult neurogenesis in brain
97 Past experiences affect recognition, memory
98 Wirelessly supplying power to brain
99 Early bedtime, better school performance
100 Cocaine users present alterations in function, structures of brain
101 Public back ban on children's junk food advertising
102 Online shopping might not be as green as we thought
103 Using the physics of your perfect pancake to help save sight
104 First-of-its-kind study explains why rest is critical after a concussion
105 Electron's 1-D metallic surface state observed
106 New algorithm improves speed, accuracy of pedestrian detection
107 Removal of complex renal tumors performed safely by robotic surgery in selected patients
108 Clean energy from water
109 A violent wind blown from the heart of a galaxy tells the tale of a merger
110 New study challenges Jupiter's role as planetary shield, protecting Earth from comet impacts