File Title
1 Statues of Greek Gods Unearthed in Crete
2 Important First-Aid Move: What to Do if a Child Loses Consciousness
3 Addiction Changes Brain Biology in Stages 3, Experts Say
4 Ice-Age Mammoth Bones Found Under Oregon Football Field
5 Reference: What Is Faraday's Law of Induction?
6 Reference: Zika Virus: Symptoms, Risk, Treatment & Prevention
7 Autism App? iPhone Tool Could One Day Spot the Disorder
8 Decapitated Gladiators Reveal Roman Empire's Genetic Influence
9 Wildfires Are Burning Some of the World's Oldest Trees
10 Challenger Disaster 30 Years Ago Shocked the World, Changed NASA
11 Octopuses Are Surprisingly Social--and Confrontational, Scientists Find
12 Limited Zika Virus Outbreaks 'Likely' in US
13 Babylonians Tracked Jupiter with Fancy Math, Tablet Reveals
14 Can 3D Scans Save Cultural Sites from War?
15 Great Wall of White: Epic Snowfall Visible from Space
16 There's Science Behind that 'Jaws' Sighting (Op-Ed)
17 Marriage Contract Signed by Napoleon Could Sell for $20,000
18 Zika Virus FAQs: Top Questions Answered
19 Mysterious Sonic Boom Reported Over New Jersey
20 Smartphone Trick Could Change Your Sedentary Lifestyle
21 Want to Make a Volcano Explode? Just Add Heat
22 F-35 Fighter Jet Likely Caused Sonic Booms that Rocked New Jersey
23 Ancient Humans Ate Cantaloupe-Size Eggs from 500-Pound Birds
24 Fungi Survive Mars-Like Conditions on Space Station
25 Autism Risk Linked to Obesity, Diabetes Combination in Moms
26 Zika Prevention: Can Pregnant Women Safely Use Mosquito Repellants?
27 Nice Guys Win: Women Choose Altruism Over Looks
28 Mind-Reading Computer Instantly Decodes People's Thoughts
29 Drone's-Eye View: Flying Vehicles Could Monitor Ice in Remote Regions
30 'Climate Snow Job'? Scientists Respond to Attack on Evidence (Op-Ed)
31 There May Be an Exercise 'Sweet Spot' for Losing Weight
32 Primeval Diamonds Reveal Snapshot of Early Earth's Tumultuous History
33 As the World Tackles Climate Change, is Meat Off the Table? (Op-Ed)
34 Cases of Gastroschisis, a Birth Defect, on the Rise in the US
35 Meet 'Squishy Fingers': Flexible Robot Advances Undersea Research
36 Gadget that 'Eavesdrops' on Water Warns You of Waste
37 It's Not Your Fault You Sleep-In on Weekends (Op-Ed)
38 Grey Matters: Scientists Link Brain Size and Smarts
39 High-Fiber Diet May Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk
40 Gulp! Science Finds New Way to Overcome Your Performance Anxiety
41 What's that Word? Marijuana May Affect Verbal Memory
42 Moms' Beneficial Vaginal Microbes Given to C-Section Babies by New Method
43 Human Brain's Bizarre Folding Pattern Recreated in a Vat
44 Five Facts that Reveal a Warming Planet (Op-Ed)
45 Energy Evolves as Fourth Industrial Revolution Looks to Nature (Op-Ed)
46 Flu Season Is Here; CDC Warns of Severe Cases in Young Adults
47 Massive Bird Die-Off Puzzles Alaskan Scientists
48 US Military's F-35 Fighter Jets to Make British Debut in July
49 Groundhogs on the Menu? The Wild History of Punxsutawney Phil
50 Microcephaly Linked to Zika Virus Is a 'Public Health Emergency,' Officials Say
51 Gossip is a Social Skill--Not a Character Flaw
52 Innovative Wound-Healing Technique Could Save Limbs
53 Is Spring Near? Punxsutawney Phil Doesn't See His Shadow
54 Smartphones Could Generate Own Power with New Coating
55 How Zika Virus Spreads: Chain of Events Explained
56 Baby Frogs Dine on Mom's Unfertilized Eggs
57 Ravens Know When Food-Thieving Rivals Are Watching
58 Solved Bedbug Genome May Help Combat the Blood-Suckers
59 MIT Team Wins SpaceX Hyperloop Design Contest
60 Peering Inside a Leech Named for Author Amy Tan
61 To Prevent Another Dust Bowl, the US Must Sow the Right Seeds
62 Sexually Transmitted Zika Case Confirmed in Texas
63 Zika Prevention: The Buzz on Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
64 Map of Winter Storm Jonas' Wind Shows Destructive Gusts
65 Reference: Camel Milk: Nutrition Facts, Risks & Benefits
66 Reference: Facts About Brown Snakes
67 Samurai Secrets: 1888 Martial Arts Manual for Cops Revealed
68 Daddy Longlegs Fossil Keeps Erection for 99 Million Years
69 New HPV Vaccination Recommendations Released
70 Riding High: Pot-Smoking Drivers Evade Blood Tests
71 Electric Patch Helps Some People with PTSD in Small Study
72 Dutch Police Deploy Drone-Disabling Birds of Prey
73 Here's the Happiest State in the Country
74 The Happiest States in the Country in 2015: Full List
75 Are Big Brains Smarter?
76 Millennials See Themselves as Narcissistic, Too (And It Bothers Them)
77 Aging May Slow When Certain Cells Are Killed
78 Conquer Mont Blanc from Your Couch with Google Street View
79 Head Trauma Linked to Same 'Plaques' Seen in Alzheimer's
80 Legionnaires' Disease Might Sometimes Spread Between People, One Case Suggests
81 In a World with No Antibiotics, How Did Doctors Treat Infections?
82 Reference: Tapeworms: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
83 In a World with No Antibiotics, How Did Doctors Treat Infections?
84 Reference: Tapeworms: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
85 Underground Ramp Makes Himalayas 'Grow' Between Big Earthquakes
86 Fine-Tune the World with 'Augmented Reality' Earbuds
87 4 New 'Flatworm' Species: No Brains, No Eyes, No Problem
88 100-Foot Asteroid to Buzz Earth Next Month
89 Michelangelo Worked Despite Arthritic Hands
90 Super Bowl Teams' Cities See Spike in Flu Deaths
91 New Pressure Sensor Could Help Detect Breast Tumors One Day
92 Weird Ancient Wildebeest Sported Duck-Billed Dinosaur Nose
93 Treasures Dug Up by Tomb Robbers Returned to Italy
94 Benefits of Eating Fish During Pregnancy May Outweigh Mercury Risk
95 Why the BMI May Be a Flawed Measure of Health
96 Race Is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue
97 Could You Stomach the Horrors of 'Halftime' in Ancient Rome?
98 Tarantula in Black: Dark, Hairy Spider Named After Johnny Cash
99 Reference: Facts About the Fungus Among Us
100 Toys like Me: Why Diversity in Barbie Dolls and Legos Matters
101 Antiperspirant May Boost Variety of 'Bugs' Living on Your Armpits
102 Feline Friends: Leopard Cats Likely Domesticated in Ancient China
103 Why Trees Everywhere Break at the Same Wind Speed
104 Zika Sexual Transmission in US Prompts Health Warning
105 Early Bird or Night Owl? It May Be in Your Genes
106 Super Bowl Showdown: Would Broncos or Panthers Win a Real-Life Matchup?
107 Hawking Wants to Power Earth with Mini Black Holes: Crazy or Legit?
108 Swirling Magnetic Sun Mesmerizes in NASA Animation
109 Whooping Cough Booster Wears Off in Teens
110 Seriously? That Ancient Greek Statue Does Not Depict a Laptop
111 Magnetic 'MoonWalker' Shoes Help You Defy Gravity