File Title
1 Ship noise may muffle killer whales' chatter
2 Bed bug genome includes bacterial DNA
3 Brain-boosting drug stems cognitive aging in rats
4 A real brain bender: how growing grey matter folds up
5 Tiny satellite set to monitor particles streaming from the Sun
6 Juno spacecraft on track for Jupiter after thruster-burn
7 Parasite slavedriver ants use cunning rather than force
8 Saturn's rings perplex astronomers--again
9 Real culprit behind deep earthquakes found
10 Teacher robots are coming but they are not who you think
11 Being a 'morning person' linked to genes
12 How to take racism out of biology
13 Mystery invaders redrew the map of Europe after last ice age
14 Why do some people go bald?
15 How microbes help bears to hibernate
16 Ancient wildebeest shared nose with duck-billed dinosaur
17 Ancient wildebeest shared nose with duck-billed dinosaur
18 The mysterious floating hills of Pluto
19 What's Behind Your Sweet Tooth
20 When Chronic Drinkers Binge, Health Suffers
21 In New Registry, Slim People Share Their Secrets
22 Natural Food Preservative May Stomp Out Cancer
23 The Future of Citrus
24 New Drug Curbs Pot Dependence
25 For Better Sleep, Look at How You Eat
26 Fish: The Key to Higher Test Scores?
27 Olympic Downhill Champion Bill Johnson Passed Away
28 Brazil Zika Outbreak Endangering Babies
29 CTE Found in Former Giant Tyler Sash
30 What Is Happening to Our World's Children?
31 Brace Yourselves for the Zika Virus
32 Natural Food Additive May Prevent Skin Cancer
33 NFL Concussions Reach New Watermark
34 Patching the Scars of PTSD
35 Childbirth Pain? Spray It
36 Stopping Zika Virus at the Source: Mosquitoes
37 Women with Heart Disease Face Deadlier Outcomes
38 NFL Great Ken Stabler had CTE
39 Marijuana, Memory and Middle Age
40 Helping Women Prevent Weight Gain
41 An Apple a day Keeps the Weight Gain Away
42 Women Using in Vitro Fertilization May Want to Eat More Soy
43 Zika-Infected Mosquitos may not be Your Only Problem
44 Knitting Away Stress and Pain
45 How a Vacation Might Affect Your Weight
46 Women, Alcohol and Birth Control
47 X Games Icon Dave Mirra Dead in Apparent Suicide
48 Teen Girls Who Eat More Fiber May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk Later On
49 New Discovery Sheds Light on the Cause of Schizophrenia
50 How Weight Loss Surgery May Affect Your Marriage
51 9 Valentine's Day Gifts that Fit Women Actually Want
52 You're Gonna Want a Piece of Cinnamon Swirl...Hair, that Is
53 The Best Way to Survive a Heart Attack Without Drugs
54 7 Ways a Nutritionist Saves Money on Healthy Food
55 Score Julianne Hough's Lean, Sculpted Legs with this Move
56 Could that Bloody Scene on 'Downton Abbey' Really Happen?
57 Antiperspirants, but Not Deodorant, May Alter Natural Skin Bacteria in Armpit
58 Even Slight Jump in Blood Pressure During Pregnancy May Be Bad for Baby
59 Babies Should Get Flu Shots, but Too Few Do, According to the CDC
60 The Lead Poisoning Symptoms Everyone Should Know
61 WHO Declares Zika an International Public Health Emergency
62 Time to Change Your Ways: Washing Your Face in the Shower Is a No-No
63 Can a Room with a View Help Teens Do Better on Tests? Yes, Study Suggests
64 What the Heck Is Nooch and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?
65 I Tried a High-Tech Running Shoe Designed Just for Women
66 This University Is Requiring Freshmen to Wear Fitbits
67 We Found the Best Winter Moisturizer for Your Skin Type
68 Why Trash Talking Sugary Food Makes You Want It Even More
69 6 Ways to Impress Trainers Without Even Trying
70 Trying to Get Pregnant? Stop Drinking Alcohol to Cut the Risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, CDC Says
71 Eating Seafood May Protect Against Alzheimer's for Those with Genetic Risk
72 4 Ways to Set Up a Home Gym for Under $50
73 Sitting for Too Long Is Bad, and Here's Another Reason Why
74 Should You Cancel Your Caribbean Trip? Zika Experts Weigh In
75 No, Ariel Winter Will Not Be Covering Up Her Plastic Surgery Scars
76 Zika Virus Spreads in Texas Through Sex: Dallas Health Officials
77 What Beats Buffalo Wings on Game Day? Buffalo Cauliflower!
78 The New Series You'll Want to Binge Watch While Doing Lunges
79 4 Things to Think About Before You Get a Breast Reduction
80 These Hair Tutorials Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies
81 Florida Gov. Declares Zika Virus Health Emergency
82 3 Ways to Sculpt Your Body with Your Foam Roller
83 3 Reasons You Feel Awkward When Someone Compliments You
84 5 Non-Dairy Ice Creams that Taste as Great as the Real Thing
85 CDC Adds New Zika Warning for Pregnant Women and Their Sex Partners
86 'Obese' May Not Always Equal Unhealthy, Study Says
87 Why Organic Food Might Be Worth the High Price
88 Science Says Resting Bitch Face Is Real
89 7 Facts About Having a Baby with a Gestational Surrogate
90 Reference: Gopher Snake Facts
91 New Foldable Battery Takes Cue from Chinese Calligraphy
92 Burning Love: Cold-Blooded Lizards Heat Up to Mate
93 Explorer's Death Highlights Dangers of Antarctica
94 11 Body Parts Grown in the Lab
95 Don't Blame 'Planet Nine' for Earth's Mass Extinctions
96 All US Adults Should Be Screened for Depression, Panel Recommends
97 Mom Genes: This Cockroach Species' Live Births Are in Its DNA
98 Moderate Drinkers Less Depressed than Teetotalers, Poll Finds
99 Doomsday Clock Stuck at 3 Minutes to Midnight
100 Some Antibiotics May Change Gut Bacteria in Kids
101 As Zika Virus Rises, Vaccine Development Gets Attention
102 Reference: Listeria Infection: Symptoms & Treatment
103 How to Tell if Conspiracy Theories Are Real: Here's the Math
104 Young Women's Cancer Risk Linked to Tanning Beds
105 The Real 'X-Files'? CIA Reveals Weirdest UFO Stories
106 Artificial Intelligence Beats 'Most Complex Game Devised by Humans'
107 Wearable Sweat Sensors Could Track Your Health
108 'Schizophrenia Gene' Discovery Sheds Light on Possible Cause
109 Bad Rap: Why B.o.B Is Wrong About a Flat Earth
110 Tombs of Ancient Rabbis Possibly Discovered in Galilee