File Title
1 Southwest sliding into a new normal: Drier conditions
2 Predicting periodontitis at state and local levels in the United States
3 Emerging vascular risk factors in women: Any differences from men?
4 Meaningful media may push altruism across bounds of race and age
5 Better quality of care may reduce risk of death for patients on opioid painkillers
6 Health-care disparities contribute to delayed testicular cancer diagnosis in a transgender woman
7 UTHealth research looks at nanotechnology to help prevent preterm birth
8 Graphene is strong, but is it tough?
9 Researchers hone in on why female newborns are better protected from brain injury
10 C. diff study provides insight into antibiotic resistance and risks for infection
11 Plastic debris crossing the Pacific can transport more species with the help of barnacles
12 New science helps put spotlight on unseen global impacts
13 Gambling is associated with 'risk-taking behavior' in young teens, study finds
14 Lithium battery catalyst found to harm key soil microorganism
15 Bone loss associated with leukemia therapy occurs sooner than previously thought
16 Dogs accelerate the advance of new cancer treatments for both pets and people
17 Clemson scientist's research on tropical forests featured in the journal Nature
18 Walking on water: USU researchers unravel science of skipping spheres
19 UCI researchers link compulsive Facebook checking to lack of sleep
20 Mesh-like scaffold is disordered in Alzheimer's-affected cells
21 Scientists take key step toward custom-made nanoscale chemical factories
22 'On-ramping' paves the way for women scientists, engineers to return to academia
23 No Hib booster needed by vaccinated infants in Kenya
24 Harnessing the power of light to fight cancer
25 Some chronic viral infections could contribute to cognitive decline with aging
26 CRI develops approach for identifying processes that fuel tumor growth in lung cancer patients
27 One step closer to commercial edamame production in the US
28 Athlete passion linked to acceptance of performance enhancing drugs
29 Neurobiological changes explain how mindfulness meditation improves health
30 Mature drivers favor checks on over 70s, new study finds
31 New material lights up when detecting explosives
32 Turbulent times: When stars approach
33 Scientists map movement of Greenland Ice during past 9,000 years
34 Incarceration of a family member during childhood associated with heart attacks in men
35 Functional MRI may help identify new, effective painkillers for chronic pain sufferers
36 Phantom cell phone signals--who hears them and why?
37 Bachelor's paradise: FSU researcher finds female turtles outnumbering males
38 Helium beer: Prank or possible? (video)
39 New non-invasive form of vagus nerve stimulation works to treat depression
40 UT study measures impact of removing Planned Parenthood from Texas women's health program
41 Do venture capitalists matter?
42 Targeting the mind/body connection in stress
43 A newly discovered form of immunity helps explain how bacteria fight off viruses
44 AGS guidance on diversity proves 'seeing' older patients is about more than seeing age
45 Taser shock disrupts brain function, has implications for police interrogations
46 How gut inflammation sparks colon cancer
47 Natural protein points to new inflammation treatment
48 Tuning macrophages a 'breakthrough' in cancer immunotherapy
49 The evolution of Dark-fly
50 Light signals from living cells
51 Diagnosis of rare bleeding disorder improved with super-resolution microscopy
52 From genes to latrines: Vikings and their worms provide clues to emphysema
53 Half of the large carnivore attacks are due to the imprudence of human behavior
54 Syrian aid: Lack of evidence for 'interventions that work,' say researchers
55 The odor of stones
56 Is lignin the crude oil of the future? Maybe so, thanks to the Sun and photocatalysts!
57 Senior doctors expose 'scandal' of pacemaker battery life
58 Modelling how the brain makes complex decisions
59 Scientists bridge different materials by design
60 Metal oxide sandwiches: New option to manipulate properties of interfaces
61 A fast solidification process makes material crackle
62 How roots grow
63 Breakthrough for magnesium lightweight materials
64 The seawater temperature distribution in tropics affects the rainfall in East Asia
65 Potential new approaches to treating eye diseases
66 Canadian physicists discover new properties of superconductivity
67 Early poverty disrupts link between hunger and eating
68 Don't use body mass index to determine whether people are healthy, UCLA-led study says
69 The test that reveals cancer sooner
70 Connective tissue disease increases risk for cardiovascular problems
71 Patients with macular degeneration show improvement with high-dose statin treatment
72 Mitochondria shown to trigger cell aging
73 To prevent infection after C-section, chlorhexidine better than iodine
74 Scientists guide gold nanoparticles to form 'diamond' superlattices
75 John Innes Centre scientists disable infectious bacteria by removing key protein
76 New clues to common and elusive KRAS cancer gene
77 Removing race from human genetic research
78 For pregnant women with flu, the earlier the better for antiviral treatment
79 Scientists overcome hurdles for champion racehorses
80 Tool decreases superfluous lab testing, cuts health-care costs
81 Using steroids before late preterm delivery reduces neonatal respiratory problems
82 Meditation eases pain, anxiety and fatigue during breast cancer biopsy
83 Study shows association among childhood ADHD, sex and obesity
84 Individuals' medical histories predicted by their noncoding genomes, Stanford study finds
85 Hair thinning by stem cell loss
86 Greenland Ice Sheet is being shaped by its past
87 Simple test allows for rapid diagnosis of preeclampsia
88 Mites drive deformed wing virus in honeybees
89 How forest management and deforestation are impacting climate
90 Improvised naloxone nasal sprays lack evidence of absorption and effect
91 Stopping tumor cells killing surrounding tissue may provide clue to fighting cancer
92 New tarantula named after Johnny Cash among 14 spider species found in the United States
93 MyoKardia Science article demonstrates MYK-461 prevents and reverses disease in HCM mice
94 Fighting flu with designer drugs: A new compound fends off different influenza strains
95 Leading bugs to the death chamber: A kinder face of cholesterol
96 Racial disparities in kidney transplant outcomes are narrowing
97 Bee virus spread manmade and emanates from Europe
98 High insecticide resistance found in the flea vector for plague in Madagascar
99 DNA evidence uncovers major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age
100 Ancient wildebeest-like animal shared 'bizarre' feature with dinosaur
101 Bears' seasonal hibernation linked to changes in gut microbes
102 Two Penn professors call attention to the use of race in human genetic research
103 Discovery of the specific properties of graphite-based carbon materials
104 A violent wind blown from the heart of a galaxy tells the tale of a merger
105 Rhino, tiger and snow leopard DNA found in Chinese medicines
106 Study reveals how herpes virus tricks the immune system
107 Chip enables navigation aids for the visually impaired
108 Safeguarding sturgeon
109 Breakthrough in generating embryonic cells that are critical for human health
110 Modern microbial ecosystems provide window to early life on Earth