File Title
1 Smithsonian scientists discover butterfly-like fossil insect in the deep Mesozoic
2 NIH scientists discover genetic cause of rare allergy to vibration
3 Why is calcific tendinitis so painful?
4 Obesity and weight gain in HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy: What's the harm?
5 Same switches program taste and smell in fruit flies
6 Participants in Personal Genome Project able to weigh risks and benefits of data sharing
7 In the Southern Ocean, a carbon-dioxide mystery comes clear
8 Cause for hope: Secondary tropical forests put on weight fast
9 Hepatitis virus-like particles as potential cancer treatment
10 Financial industry coping with issues of elder exploitation, cognitive decline
11 Nutrient deprivation kills kidney cancer cells
12 Cochrane news: Have national smoking bans worked in reducing harms in passive smoking?
13 Indiana University paleobotanist plays role in discovery of 'Jurassic butterflies'
14 Gender diversity in the boardroom key for LGBT friendly firms
15 Preventive surgery for women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer
16 Scientists discover how plants tailor growth to the seasons
17 CNIO scientists find new tumor markers for the prognosis of head and neck cancer
18 Winning a competition predicts future dishonest behavior--Ben-Gurion University researchers
19 Parental depression negatively affects children's school performance
20 Journal publishes doctoral candidate's findings on beetle promiscuity
21 Receptors inside nerve cells may be a key to controlling pain
22 'How much does it hurt?' for preschoolers, cognitive development can limit ability to rate pain
23 Chip could bring deep learning to mobile devices
24 Structure of brain plaques in Huntington's disease described by Pitt team
25 What's the impact of new marijuana laws? The data so far...
26 Nasal polyps can be treated with medicine dupilumab
27 Researchers develop hack-proof RFID chips
28 Organic crystals allow creating flexible electronic devices
29 Clinical investigations of MRT are 'ethically permissible' if conditions met
30 Study shows direct link between state spending habits and AIDS deaths
31 Consistency of Earth's magnetic field history surprises scientists
32 No proof that radiation from X rays and CT scans causes cancer
33 Anonymous browsing hinders online dating signals
34 Researchers discover new phase of boron nitride and a new way to create pure c-BN
35 Practice makes perfect: Switching between languages pays off
36 Phosphine as a superconductor? Sure, but the story may be complicated
37 New study challenges Jupiter's role as planetary shield, protecting Earth from comet impacts
38 Energy from cellphone towers amplify pain in amputees, UT Dallas study finds
39 Enzyme key to link between age-related inflammation and cancer
40 Investigating potential fetal exposure to antidepressants
41 Orangutans: Lethal aggression between females
42 Whooping cough booster vouchers don't boost immunization rates of caregivers
43 Galactic center's gamma rays unlikely to originate from dark matter, evidence shows
44 Researchers propose high-efficiency wireless power transfer system
45 Purified cashew proteins lend insight into allergic reactions
46 Examining how terrestrial life's building blocks may have first formed
47 Researchers uncover new piece of the HIV puzzle
48 Anxiety disorder 3 times more likely among older adults with COPD
49 New research reveals how structure increases careful thought about decisions
50 Promising compounds against a cancer target
51 High risk of falling--an early sign of Parkinson's
52 Ready for the high seas?
53 Consensus statement from the International Radiosurgery Oncology Consortium for Kidney
54 Smartphones for sensing
55 How variation in body size correlates with en-route migration performance of songbirds?
56 On the origin of Eukaryotes--when cells got complex
57 Breaking through insect shells at a molecular level
58 Antarctic study identifies melting ice sheet's role in sea level rise
59 Helping turn waste heat into electricity
60 Greenland ice sheet releasing 'Mississippi River' worth of phosphorus
61 Russian scientists blow up ice to test their theories
62 Use of and barriers to access to opioid analgesics worldwide
63 Risk of premature death 9-fold among illicit drug users
64 UT Dallas study: Most NFL arrests not for violent crimes
65 Skin infections rife among high school wrestlers, say CU Anschutz researchers
66 Media stereotypes fuel support for anti-Muslim action, new research shows
67 Clean kitchens cut calories
68 Women are seen more than heard in online news
69 New insights into the function of the main class of drug targets
70 Brain formation pattern shows why early trauma may leave no clues
71 Emergency blood transfusions for major trauma need to be more rapid and consistent
72 Head injury patients develop brain clumps associated with Alzheimer's disease
73 Investigation casts doubt over trial used to support top-selling anti-clotting drug
74 Scripps-led team discovers 4 new deep-sea worm species
75 Surgical safety checklists associated with reduced risk of death, length of hospital stay
76 Parental depression associated with worse school performance by children
77 Significant changes in rhino bone health over 50 million years
78 Research may explain mysterious deep earthquakes in subduction zones
79 Model helps decide drug dose for clinical testing
80 Routine antibiotics should be reconsidered for malnourished children
81 Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably
82 Warming ocean may bring major changes for US northeast fishery species
83 New data reveals investors can't buy their way out of direct engagement with indigenous peoples
84 Real time outbreak surveillance using genomics now possible in resource-limited conditions
85 Physical activity reduces risk of serious falls in older men
86 The frigid Flying Saucer
87 CNIC researchers discover a new target for the treatment of fatty liver disease
88 Mayo Clinic researchers extend lifespan by as much as 35 percent in mice
89 Penguin chicks huddle up for heat, protection
90 Parasitic ants alter how captive ants recognize nest mates
91 Alzheimer's plaques found in middle-aged people with brain injuries
92 Host-guest nanowires for efficient water splitting and solar energy storage
93 It's all about the timing: Fetal expression of core clock gene determines lifespan in mice
94 Fruit flies adjust their courtship song based on distance
95 Which comes first: Self-reported penicillin allergy or chronic hives?
96 DNA analysis of sandpiper feces reveals a broad diet
97 Jays and crows act as ecosystem engineers
98 Reduced anxiety and depression for women participating in women-only cardiac rehab programs
99 Mixed signals: Study finds insect species use very different chemicals to identify queens
100 Two AgriLife Research entomologists co-author bedbug genome mapping paper
101 NASA's ICESat-2 equipped with unique 3-D manufactured part
102 First-semester GPA a better predictor of college success than ACT score
103 Open-access article on Mexican bean beetles offers control tips
104 Pilot training program to improve transgender competency among medical staff in an urban clinic
105 Extracting rare-earth elements from coal could soon be economical in US
106 Clip-on device offers protection against mosquitoes that transmit Zika
107 Study shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 storage doubled over last decade
108 What goes wrong in the brain when someone can't spell
109 Teamwork across diversified companies gets a boost from equity incentives, Rotman research shows
110 New study finds simplified nutritional labels spur healthier choices in grocery stores