File Title
1 Carbon dioxide captured from air can be directly converted into methanol fuel
2 Synthetic strategy for enantioselective aldol reactions with fluoroacetate
3 Team devises easier way to make 'bijels,' a complex new form of liquid matter
4 Team demonstrates protein damage by shock waves in traumatic brain injury patients
5 New technique greatly enhances digital microscopy images
6 Cell-based tests promise respite for lab animals: study
7 Electrostrictive polymers: Energy harvesting via smart materials
8 Sophisticated enzyme-mimic enables efficient hydrogen production
9 Invisible ink for secret data, product and document security
10 Novel 4-D printing method blossoms from botanical inspiration
11 Modern-day metabolism could have originated in 4-billion-year-old oceans
12 Science journal issues expression of concern over chemistry paper
13 First materials to be woven at the atomic and molecular levels created
14 Mystery surrounding non-platinum catalysts for fuel cell technologies solved
15 Scientists discover method to potentially repair nerve damage
16 Researchers monitor the folding of an RNA hairpin in a living cell
17 Researchers sequence bedbug genome, find unique features
18 Researchers find birds can theorize about the minds of others, even those they cannot see
19 Researchers uncover hypervirulent listeria clonal groups
20 Antiperspirant alters the microbial ecosystem on your skin
21 Peacocks might not shake those tail feathers for the reasons you think
22 Compressing cells allows delivery of new fluorescent tags to track proteins in living cells
23 Exploring the genomic basis of parasitism
24 Disruptions to embryonic reprogramming alter adult mouse behavior
25 A 'gap in the armor' of DNA may allow enzyme to trigger cancer-causing mutations
26 Transgenic plants' 'die and let live' strategy dramatically increases drought resistance
27 Why do scientists chase unicorns?
28 Piecing together the cells elevator-like mechanism for sodium
29 Viral gene editing system corrects genetic liver disease in newborn mice
30 Curing disease by repairing faulty genes
31 Competition between mothers starts in the womb, new study suggests
32 Explaining species differences in bat mortality from white-nose syndrome
33 How one species can end up becoming the dominant partner in a mutualistic relationship
34 New mathematical model illustrates link between energy use and aging
35 Discovered: How to unlock inaccessible genes
36 New biomarker to assess stem cells developed
37 Camouflage really does reduce the chances of being eaten
38 Researchers' preclinical trial upends conventional wisdom about responses to fear
39 Male mice without any Y chromosome genes can father offspring after assisted reproduction
40 Researchers document the work of leafcutter ants
41 Study shows winning causes people to be more likely to cheat the next time
42 Model suggests Neanderthal extinction occurred due to human cultural superiority
43 Semantically speaking: Does meaning structure unite languages?
44 Turtle soup, perchance? Prehistoric man had a penchant for tortoises
45 Did the Vikings use crystal 'sunstones' to discover America?
46 Finger tracing can lift student performance in maths
47 Paleontologists link leg length to running ability in bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs
48 Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans
49 World's oldest tea found in Chinese emperor's tomb
50 Equation shows that large-scale conspiracies would quickly reveal themselves
51 The world's greatest literature reveals multifractals and cascades of consciousness
52 Egypt says King Tut mask was scratched, sends 8 to trial
53 Geologist says dinosaur fossils found in western India
54 Research team identifies rare dinosaur from Appalachia
55 New experiments challenge economic game assumptions
56 Neolithic tomb reveals community stayed together, even in death
57 200 million-year-old Jurassic dinosaur uncovered in Wales
58 Evidence of a prehistoric massacre extends the history of warfare
59 Leadership study hints that age beats height
60 New largest prime number found
61 Phylogenetic analyses suggests fairy tales are much older than thought
62 Head up, heart down--vertical placement matters
63 Scientists sequence ancient British 'gladiator' genomes from Roman York
64 New fossil discoveries are HUGE
65 How face-to-face still beats Facebook: Limitations on the size of our offline social groups apply online as well
66 New drug target for Rett syndrome
67 Sharpin emerges from the pack as a regulator of inflammation
68 Study identifies mechanism for drug target to help block HIV's ability to spread
69 Research links prenatal stress to babies' health in war zones
70 Study suggests improvements in how mesothelioma is staged
71 Emergency visits by youth for mental health, addiction rise by 32 percent over six years
72 Height influences risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
73 Flu vaccine shows promise for reducing risk of influenza-associated atrial fibrillation
74 ADA presents guidance on managing diabetes in older adults in long-term care facilities
75 Study shows maternal diet alters the breast milk microbiome and microbial gene content
76 Big data is transforming healthcare--from diabetes to the ER to research
77 Study identifies genetic variants associated with preference to mornings or nights
78 Only a minority of cancer cells affect the growth and metastasis of tumors
79 The growing menace of HPV-related throat and mouth cancers
80 Parkinson's disease diagnosis may be preceded by increased risk of injury-causing falls
81 Research shows that cortex commands the performance of skilled movement
82 As genomic information grows, so do security risks
83 Higher levels of mercury in brain not linked with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
84 Cell insight offers clues on biological processes linked to fertility
85 Newly identified pathway links fetal brain development to adult social behavior
86 Penn Nursing study answers: What's a good breakfast for kids?
87 'Junk' DNA plays role in preventing breast cancer
88 Researchers shed light on anti-adhesive molecule in vascular endothelium
89 A uniter and a divider: Purity keeps us together--and apart
90 Adenosine deaminase may help the immune system fight HIV on its own
91 Study determines saliva gland test can spot early Parkinson's disease
92 Extending length of surgical trainees' shifts does not affect surgical patients' safety
93 Researchers identify way radiation may fight cancer cells escaping immune system
94 Drug does not significantly reduce duration of mechanical ventilation for COPD patients
95 Scientists find DNA 'molecular scissors' are vital in preventing cancers
96 Lonely planet orbits 1 trillion kilometres away from its star in largest solar system seen
97 Some antibiotics may alter children's gut microbiome for up to two years, links to asthma and obesity
98 Glittering globular clusters may pull gas from galaxies to make new stars
99 New wearable device analyses sweat to detect health problems
100 AlphaGo: Artificial intelligence milestone as computer beats professional at 'most complex game ever'
101 Octopuses have dramatic social lives, resolve fights using color to mark their mood
102 Ancient Babylonian astronomers used calculus to find Jupiter 1,400 years before Europeans
103 Exposure to mother's vaginal fluids may help restore bacteria of babies born via caesarean
104 Britain gives scientist go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos
105 3D model shows how brain develops wrinkles from weak points in cortex
106 Are you a morning person? Early rising may be linked with your genes
107 Hot weather 'causes Australian zebra finch eggs to hatch earlier than normal'