File Title
1 Study suggests improvements in how mesothelioma is staged
2 Risk of lead poisoning from urban gardening is low, new study finds
3 'Gene fusion' mutation uses 3-way mechanism to drive childhood brain cancers
4 Four new algae species discovered in Hawaii's deep waters
5 Carbon dioxide captured from air converted directly to methanol fuel for the first time
6 Study shows maternal diet alters the breast milk microbiome and microbial gene content
7 Greenland model could help estimate sea level rise
8 Emergency visits by youth for mental health, addiction rise by 32 percent over 6 years
9 Big data is transforming healthcare--from diabetes to the ER to research
10 U-Idaho researchers: The US must address the 'wicked problem' of wildfire
11 Front of package food labels do not mean a food is healthy
12 CWRU researcher developing portable method to detect tainted medicines and supplements
13 A new alternative to sodium: Fish sauce
14 Novel nanoparticle made of common mineral may help keep tumor growth at bay
15 Researchers discover a way to potentially decrease peanut allergen
16 Building a foundation for CS for All
17 Gray treefrogs provide clues to climate change
18 ADA presents guidance on managing diabetes in older adults in long-term care facilities
19 New drug target for Rett syndrome
20 Fishing for answers about mercury consumption
21 Research links prenatal stress to babies' health in war zones
22 UMN study identifies mechanism for drug target to help block HIV's ability to spread
23 Sharpin emerges from the pack as a regulator of inflammation
24 International genome research partnership uncovers bed bug resistance to pesticides
25 Pharmaceutical residues increasingly disrupt aquatic life: A hidden global change
26 New light shed on anti-adhesive molecule in the vascular endothelium
27 National politics shape the impacts of park law enforcement
28 Asia Pacific Biotech News' special coverage of Korean biotechnology
29 Penn Nursing study answers: What's a good breakfast for kids?
30 Seeing exemplary peer work can undermine student performance
31 Autophagy--a review of techniques
32 Making the perfect nacho cheese (video)
33 Newly identified pathway links fetal brain development to adult social behavior
34 Increased risk of bacterial infection if food is exposed to light
35 Uncommon surnames narrate the family history of those who bear them
36 Greenland ice sheet releasing 'Mississippi River' worth of phosphorus
37 Flu vaccine shows promise for reducing risk of influenza-associated atrial fibrillation
38 Adenosine deaminase may help the immune system fight HIV on its own
39 Antiseptic baths to prevent infections deemed effective for long-term use
40 Minority of cancer cells affect the growth and metastasis of tumors
41 Women more sensitive to irksome behavior than men
42 Biomolecule's behavior under artificial conditions more natural than expected
43 Using mathematics to improve human health
44 Hummingbirds provide insight into food specialization across the Americas
45 Height influences risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
46 Effects on HIV and Ebola
47 You can teach an old dog new tricks
48 Ravens attribute visual access to unseen competitiors
49 Lack of data increases risk to species' survival
50 Risk of breaking a bone in childhood depends on where you live
51 Cell insight offers clues on biological processes linked to fertility
52 'Schizophrenia' does not exist, argues expert
53 Doctor raises serious questions about medical awards system
54 Online therapy can help those affected by body dysmorphic disorder
55 Pills for anxiety and sleep problems not linked to increased dementia risk
56 Humans evolved by sharing technology and culture
57 Scientists have put a high precision blood assay into a simple test strip
58 Listeria: Hypervirulent strains with cerebral and placental tropism
59 Nature Materials: Smallest lattice structure worldwide
60 Misery of work second only to illness
61 Smooth hunters: How environmental awareness helped the Bushmen to poison their game
62 Maps of forests, fields and soils to aid climate change forecasts
63 Inflammation attacks brain's reward center
64 Collagen and heparan sulfate coatings alter cell proliferation and attachment
65 Is being a morning person in your DNA?
66 Longer shifts for surgical residents are safe for patients
67 Seafood consumption may play a role in reducing risk for Alzheimer's
68 Charisma counts: Focus on great apes creates glaring research gaps in tropical Africa and Asia
69 Flu tackles Super Bowl fans
70 Study examines response to sexual violence on campus
71 Parkinson's disease diagnosis may be preceded by increased risk of injury-causing falls
72 Extending length of surgical trainees' shifts does not affect surgical patients' safety
73 With ravens, out of sight is not out of mind
74 'Junk' DNA plays role in preventing breast cancer
75 Logging helps black rats invade rainforests
76 Backing from their GP could lead thousands more to take bowel cancer test
77 Improved vigilance of non-prescription medicine needed to reduce abuse, according to new survey
78 New Zealand's little penguins are recent Australian invaders
79 Genomic info may help researchers fathom bedbug insecticide resistance
80 New analysis shows insect diversity is nothing new
81 Drug prevents key age-related brain change in rats
82 New research shows each hour of sedentary time is associated with a 22 percent increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
83 Paper highlights best practices for omega-3 clinical trials with cardiovascular outcomes
84 Study: Monsanto's glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history
85 Drug does not significantly reduce duration of mechanical ventilation for COPD patients
86 Airway disorder among smokers associated with worse respiratory quality of life
87 Rate of office visits, cumulative costs prior to colonoscopies for colon cancer screening
88 Medication effective in treating nasal polyps for patients with chronic sinusitis
89 Higher levels of mercury in brain not linked with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
90 Researchers sequence bedbug genome, find unique features
91 Scientists map the genome of the common bed bug
92 Exploring gambles reveals foundational difficulty behind economic theory (and a solution!)
93 Severe drought no longer caused just by nature
94 Researchers sequence first bed bug genome
95 Bed bug genome uncovers biology of a pest on the rebound
96 A combined carbon and sugar tax could have environmental and health benefits
97 Ship noise extends to frequencies used by endangered killer whales
98 Antiperspirant alters the microbial ecosystem on your skin
99 Assessment of surgical danger when surgeons remove implanted small arms ammunition
100 Natural clay deposit may hold keys to defeating hospital infections
101 School ceiling collapses on learners
102 HPCSA to say why they instituted a disciplinary inquiry against Noakes
103 10 common health warnings you should not ignore
104 Department of health denies allegations of frozen posts
105 Fentanyl: drug 50 times stronger than heroin causing havoc in US
106 No more smoking anywhere at DHL Newlands stadium
107 Sierra Leone discharges last known Ebola patient
108 Alcohol risk higher for HIV+ patients
109 'Testi-monials' encourage men to talk balls
110 Why we need to take asthma more seriously
111 Why you should eat chocolate during pregnancy
112 Europe creates Zika drug 'task force'
113 ADHD tied to obesity risk for girls
114 New drug shows promise against nasal polyps
115 Has Donald been trumped at last?