File Title
1 King Amenhotep III statue accidently recovered in Edfu
2 Latest study suggests early human dispersal into Spain through Strait of Gibraltar
3 Using Lasers to Preserve Antiquities Threatened by ISIS
4 Ancient road uncovered in Turkey's Tarsus
5 Archaeologists unearth military arsenal from the era of Ivan the Terrible
6 Ancient grave in Alberta farmer's field unearths historical mystery
7 The first European farmers are traced back to Anatolia
8 Archaeologists Return to Neanderthal Cave as ISIS Pushed from Iraq
9 Archaeology: Fort dig uncovered War of 1812 horse mystery
10 Skeleton of 16th century 'pirate' discovered under Edinburgh primary school
11 Untangling an Accounting Tool and an Ancient Incan Mystery
12 Day 1 of dig unearths evidence of 1,300-year-old village
13 Researchers to uncover forensic secrets of Britain's historic wax seals
14 Early 17th century church at Jamestown to be excavated
15 Remains of lost 1800s whaling fleet discovered off Alaska's Arctic coast
16 There's a 3,400 Year Old Canaanite Citadel in my Basement
17 Five missing kings and queens--and where we might find them
18 Sharjah excavations unearth objects dated as early as 8,000BC
19 Archaeological Discovery Yields Surprising Revelations about Europe's Oldest City
20 Bulgaria's Sozopol to Restore Ancient Statue of Apollo, 'Colossus of Apollonia Pontica,' Not Unlike Greece's Plans to Rebuild Colossus of Rhodes
21 Buried treasure: 1700s ship, preserved in a watery grave, emerges as hotel goes up
22 Pathogens found in Otzi's stomach
23 Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost and allergies
24 Fish trap from the Middle Ages discovered in Lake Lednickie
25 Honduras to make archeological dig for mysterious 'White City'
26 Archaeologist discovers Maya royal burial
27 Wrecks from Infamous 19th Century Whaling 'Disaster' Discovered Off Alaska Coast
28 Ancient Roman toilets did not improve sanitation
29 Long-lost Roman roads discovered on flood maps: Hi-tech Lidar data reveals the route of 2,000-year-old highways across Britain
30 Footprints among top findings of Yenikapi excavations
31 The Anthropocene: hard evidence for a human-driven Earth
32 New digital tools could help speed up cultural heritage work
33 Ancient burial rituals prove you can take it with you...and what you take says a lot
34 Real Sunken Cities
35 Prosthetic Leg with Hoofed Foot Discovered in Ancient Chinese Tomb
36 New findings on prehistoric stone tool industry in Italy
37 This Ancient City Was Three Times Bigger than Archaeologists Suspected
38 Behind the Myth of King Midas
39 Archaeologists Begin Excavation of Honduran "Lost City"
40 'A bronze age Pompeii': archaeologists hail discovery of Peterborough site
41 Italian-Russian archeologists make major discovery in Sudan
42 What History Gives, the Sea Steals
43 New discoveries concerning Otzi's genetic history
44 Sixth-century wooden foot thought be Europe's oldest prosthetic implant
45 Earliest human occupation of Sulawesi pushed back
46 Caral surprises the world for advanced knowledge and technology
47 Plague may have persisted in Europe during 300-year period, including 'Black Death'
48 Bronze Age village found near ancient Roman city
49 List of Murderers Revealed on Cathedral Wall
50 Researchers confirm site of hangings for Salem witch trials
51 Grisly find suggests humans inhabited Arctic 45,000 years ago
52 Meet the archaeologists making ancient rock art into 3D reality
53 Prehistoric mat reveals ancient Chinese weaving techniques
54 'Cave of forgotten dreams' may hold earliest painting of volcanic eruption
55 Archaeologists Find North Gate of Ancient Agathopolis in Bulgaria's Ahtopol, 'Brand New' Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Justine I
56 Fresh archaeological dig gives rare chance to uncover Tasmanian convict history
57 Archaeologists know more about the ancient capital of Cyprus
58 Two Danish discoveries among 2015's best archaeology
59 Chinese archaeologists locate ancient city famed for political reform
60 Particles could reveal clues to how Egypt pyramid was built
61 Archaeologists Find Wooden Wall, 'Four-Leaf Clover' Amulet in Prehistoric Settlement Mound in Bulgaria's Petko Karavelovo
62 Archaeologists believe they've found artifacts from Alaska's 'cursed' warship, the Neva
63 Stalagmite unlocks ancient secrets
64 Piecing together the gruesome story of York's headless Romans
65 Early Egyptian Queen Revealed in 5,000-Year-Old Hieroglyphs
66 Danes discover 9,000-year-old skeletons with a strange history
67 Prehistoric 10,000-year-old Mass Murder Site Discovered by Kenyan Lake
68 Huge collection of medieval documents discovered in Gniezno
69 Undersea treasure: archaeologists find submerged Qin dynasty 'seaside palace' of China's first emperor
70 No fairy tale: Origins of some famous stories go back thousands of years
71 Discovery of Ancient Massacre Suggests War Predated Settlements
72 Prehistoric massacre hints at extreme violence among hunter-gatherers
73 Why Can't We Find Aliens? Climate Change Killed Them
74 Meet the Welsh dinosaur scientists have dubbed the 'dragon robber'
75 Welsh dinosaur named 'dragon thief'
76 New Himalayan bird species found by listening to its unique voice
77 Message in a birdsong: India must preserve its biodiversity
78 Venus Flytraps Are Even Creepier than We Thought
79 Hunting secrets of the Venus flytrap (hint: they can count)
80 Implant to 'Plug' Brain into Supercomputers
81 The US Military Wants a Chip to Translate Your Brain Activity into Binary Code
82 First Flower Grown in Space (Or Not): Zinnia Blooms on Space Station
83 Planet Nine May Help Us Slingshot Our Way to Interstellar Space
84 Astronomers Identify Possible Ninth Planet Beyond Pluto
85 Elusive Bush Dog Caught on Camera in Panama
86 Brain's Memory Capacity in Petabyte Range, as Much as Entire Web
87 Our Brains Can Store 10 Times More Information than We Thought
88 Salk study expands brain memory capacity estimate
89 Hundreds of tiny bugs are probably living in your home
90 American Homes Are Filled with Bugs
91 5 brightest planets gather in pre-dawn sky for heavenly show
92 When Jupiter aligns with Mars (and the others). Planets unite for pre-dawn show
93 The Climate Post: Climate Change Tops WEF Risk Ranking
94 Weird, long-lost tree frog discovered in India: Why its habitat may be in danger
95 'Extinct' Frog Rediscovered After 150 Years, Eats Mom's Eggs
96 Hawking Warns We're Facing a Disaster in Next Thousand or Ten Thousand Years
97 Why Stephen Hawking believes the next 100 years may be humanity's toughest test
98 Why Donald Trump is now targeting Apple and its 'damn computers'
99 How a professor found the largest known prime number
100 What fairy tales tell us about where we came from
101 No fairy tale: Origins of some famous stories go back thousands of years
102 Phylogenetic analyses suggests fairy tales are much older than thought
103 Shuttle carrier part of new display at Space Center Houston
104 The Aliens Are Silent Because They're Dead
105 Fact-check: Ted Cruz's claims about climate change science
106 Zika virus likely to spread to southern U.S., experts say
107 Formerly Conjoined Twin Waves Goodbye to Hospital Staff After a Year in Treatment
108 Eating healthy fats may reduce death from heart disease
109 Drinking water reduces risk of childhood obesity
110 Study: Drinking Water Reduces Risk of Childhood Obesity