File Title
1 Aliens Are All Around Us, We Just Cannot See Them, Says a Radical Scientist--New Theory
2 NASA News: Is the Moon Lopsided?
3 Mysterious Gigantic Blue Sphere Spotted Near the Sun; UFO Enthusiasts Suggest It Is a UFO? [Video]
4 Is EM Drive the Future of Space Travel?
5 Hoax Claims NASA Faked Mars Rover Landing [+Sassafras4u editor comment]
6 UFO Hunt: Australian Telescope Begins Probe on Neighboring Stars for Signs of Alien Life
7 America's Most Advanced Weather Satellite, GOES-R, Launches and Rockets on Mission into Space [Video]
8 Scientists Uncover Cosmic Clue for 'Big Bang,' Suggest There Are Many Universes
9 Optical Clock Tested in Space for the First Time
10 Psyche Mission: NASA Wants to Send Spaceship to Unique 'Metal World'
11 What Is this Intriguing Brightest Area of Ceres that NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Captured? [Video]
12 China's Longest Manned Space Mission a Success: Astronauts Come Back Home Safely
13 Does Mankind Have to Colonize Mars? Interview Explains [Video]
14 Donald Trump Is Sending NASA to Space, Away from Climate Change
15 Extraterrestrial Farming on Mars Harder than Expected
16 New Clues Found Regarding Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid
17 Rock Much Older than Earth Found in West of Australia
18 Ringlets of Saturn Have Revealed Secrets
19 UFO Spotted in ISS Footage: Is NASA Hiding Aliens' Existence?
20 Mars Exploration Hazard: How Will Radiation Affect the Mars Travelers?
21 Astronomers Found a Large Number of Dwarf Galaxies in the Early Universe Through Relativity
22 Stephen Hawking Warns: Talking to Aliens Is Risky
23 Faintest Dwarf Satellite Galaxy Found Lurking in the Halo of Milky Way
24 Spacecraft Fire Experiment-II: NASA Sets Fire in Space
25 Scientists Discovered Ice Deposit on Mars with as Much Water as Lake Superior
26 Hubble's Advanced Camera Seized Cluster of Dwarf Galaxies by Gravitational Lensing
27 Cassini Will Graze Saturn's Rings; NASA Scientists Ready for the Mission?
28 Cape Town Scientists Discover One of the Largest Objects in the Universe
29 The Contract To Launch the NASA Satellite to Survey the Earth Goes to SpaceX
30 Aliens, Humanity and the Whole Universe Will Be Wiped Out by an Apocalyptic Asteroid--Stephen Hawking Warns
31 Evidence of Ancient Alien Life Discovered on Surface of Mars!
32 NASA's Largest Plant Chamber 'Advanced Plant Habitat' Tested, Could House Large Plants in Space
33 Scout: NASA's Intruder Alert System Discovers Massive Rock Close Enough to Earth
34 Methane and Hydrogen Could Have Possibly Spawned Life in Mars
35 Space Poop Challenge: NASA to Award $30,000 to Inventor of Spacesuit that Can Deal with Human Waste
36 Why Defunding of NASA's Climate Change Science a Huge Mistake?
37 Did God Create Other Planets for Aliens? Astrophycisist Explains Scientific Evidence
38 This Is How Space Sounds! Can You Help Researchers by Describing It? [Audio]
39 Mars Lander Crash Landed on Mars: Preliminary Investigation
40 Space Needs 'Standards and Norms' to Tackle Space Debris Problem, Pentagon Officials Say
41 Sonia Van Meter: Life on Mars Could Just Be 10 Years Away; Mars One Program to Take Off
42 SpaceX Plans to Rebuild the Internet in Space, Will Deploy Thousands of Satellites
43 NASA Taps SpaceX to Launch Satellite for Ocean-Monitoring Survey
44 China Successfully Launches Fourth Data Satellite 'Tianlian I-04'
45 ESA's ExoMars Mission Is Now $430 Million Overbudget, What Is Next in Looking for Life on Mars?
46 Explore the Space and Cosmos: Here Is What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Telescope
47 Impending End of the World? Stephen Hawking Hints Apocalypse by 3016
48 Origins of the Milky Way Galaxy: Newly Discovered Famliy of Stars May Shed New Insights
49 Humanity in Space: Nations Must Work Together to Transfer Humans to Another Planet, Pentagon Space Experts Say
50 Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Completes One Revolution Around Mars, Scientist Says
51 UFO and Alien Found on Moon? Experts Suggest to Focus on a Real Moon Mission Instead; Business in Space
52 Mars Exploration: ESA Will Again Launch ExoMars on the Red Planet; 400 Million euros Worth
53 NASA Astronauts' Breakfast Bars: They Are Not that Appetizing as We Think
54 Trump to Scrap NASA Climate Research
55 Mars Hiding New Mexico-Sized Ice Sheet
56 Scientists Finally Find Reason Why Astronauts Might Go Blind in Space
57 China Launches X-Ray Pulsar Navigation 1 (XPNAV) Satellite to Take Mars Mission Forward
58 Aliens' Existence? Chinese Astronaut Hears a Bizarre Sound in Outer Space
59 Space Bars: NASA Creates Food Bars for Orion Mission
60 Young Scientists Breakthrough: Africa's First Ever Private Satellite Is Designed by Teenage Girls
61 Cassini Spacecraft Captures Image of Saturn's Icy Moon Mimas Dwarfed by Massive Rings
62 Does God Have an Alien Influence? Vision of an Artist from 1600 Might Shed Light [Video]
63 UFO News: 'Phoenix' Lights Mystify Sky Watchers
64 Far More Powerful James Webb Space Telescope to Take Shape After Launch: Is this the End of the Hubble Telescope?
65 NASA Teams Up with UAE Mars Probe; Communications Capability
66 'Mars' Space Expert Says 'We Really Could Live on Mars'
67 Study: The Early Moon Contained More Water than Earth
68 Cassini Spacecraft to Touch Saturn's Rings
69 UFO Sightings Mystify Turks Just After Phoenix Lights Showed in Canada
70 Is Mars a 'Dead Planet' as Depicted on Images Taken by Mariner 4 Spacecraft?
71 NASA Will Say Goodbye to the RapidScat Instrument; No Plans of Replacing It
72 ISRO Plans Second Mars Orbiter Mission After Mangalayaan Success
73 Why Do Astronauts Suffer Deteriorated Eyesight After Spending in Space? Scientists Reveal
74 Astronomers Propose Low-Mass Supernova Led to the Birth of the Solar System
75 Why Did Astronomers Kick Pluto Out of the Planet Club?
76 China Trails Behind Big Space Agencies No More: What Is in It for India?
77 Water Ice Deposits Found on Mars Could Be Used as Water Resource for Astronauts on Future Mars Missions
78 Pluto's Heart May Have Shaped Planet's Landscape, Scientists Explained
79 Second Earth News: Scientists Spot Potential Habitable Planet's Shadow from Earth
80 Bizarre Series of UFO Sighting: The Most Unconvincing One Spotted in Leitrim
81 SpaceX and Elon Musk Were Featured in the Episode of 'South Park'; Find Out Why
82 Big Bang Theory: How Do We Know the Big Bang Actually Happened?
83 Relay Test: NASA's Martian Rovers Report Back to Earth via the European Orbiter
84 The Next Battlefield: US Military Prepares for Space War that Could Leave the Earth Vulnerable
85 Vacuum Birefringence: Weird Quantum Effect Observed for the First Time in Empty Space Around Neutron Star
86 NASA Identifies Gaps in Containing Biological Contamination
87 Space Travel: Find Out What Traveling to Space Does to Your Body
88 A Private Space Mission Is Being Proposed to Land at Apollo 17 Site; Award Will Be Given by XPRize
89 A Virtual Tour of the International Space Station: How It Is to Live in Space
90 Orbital ATK (OA) Chosen as Newest Ally of NASA for Space Exploration Under CIRAS Program
91 European Space Agency to Decide Whether or Not to Continue with Mars Rover Plan, Releases First Photos from ExoMars
92 Researchers May Have Just Discovered a Planet that Harbors Extraterrestrial Life
93 Asteroid Collision and Armageddon: What Is NASA Doing About It?
94 Gravitational-Wave Detector Is Back to Help the Scientists Understand the Black Hole
95 There Is an Ocean in Pluto People Do Not Want to Swim In
96 Russian Cargo Ship Destroyed En Route to Space Station; Will the Astronauts Go Hungry Now?
97 Are We Under Alien Attack? People of Turkey Believe So After the Mass UFO Sighting
98 Why Is this Galaxy Flickering like a Flame? Scientists Solve the Mystery
99 December Is a Busy Month for Rocket Launches: Here Are What to Expect
100 Apollo Moon Landing Hoax or Real? To Be Debunked by German Lunar X-Prize Team Part-Time Scientists
101 SpaceX Competition Is In! Find Out What Company It Is, to Launch Reusable Rockets [Video]
102 Canada Will Heighten Its Health Care Service, Adds Palliative Care
103 Scientists Make Paralyzed Monkey Walk Using Wireless 'Brain-Spine Interface'
104 Stem Cell Research Provides Sound in Vitro for Deafness
105 Post Election Update: Should Women Say Goodbye to Planned Parenthood?
106 Breast Cancer Update: Researches Warn Women that Lumps Are Not the Only Symptoms Found in Breast Cancer
107 Are Antibiotics Creating Drug Resistant Superbugs? Infections Could Become Impossible to Treat
108 Smoking Weed May Boost the Risk of Weakened Heart Muscles
109 Europe Hit Hard by Bird Flu Epidemic; Thousands of Chickens to Be Slaughtered
110 Heart Disease Risk Found in the DNA Can Be Decreased, Research Shows