File Title
1 Hollywood News: Hollywood Beats the Alleged Claims that Its Films Influence Kids to Smoke
2 Humans Need to Leave Earth or We Will Die, Stephen Hawking Warns
3 Dust Storms and Boiling Blood: What Life on Mars Will Actually Be like for Early Settlers
4 Any Advanced Alien Life We Come Across Will Likely Be Sentient Machines, Says Veteran Alien Hunter
5 Scientists Rally Support for Asteroid-Deflection Mission
6 Killer Robot: Russian Military Unveils Terminator-Style Robots that Seek and Shoot Humans
7 Human Survival: How to Avoid Stephen Hawking's Human Extinction Prediction; Experts Advise
8 Science of Intuit[i]on: When Should We Trust Our Gut Instinct?
9 More than 120 People Died, 200 Injured from Train Crash in India
10 Does Mankind Have to Colonize Mars? Interview Explains [Video]
11 Fearless Humans: Experts Can Now Erase Specific Fear Inside the Brain, Study Reveals
12 Signs of Life Found in Ancient Inscriptions; Hint of War
13 Aliens, Humanity and the Whole Universe Will Be Wiped Out by an Apocalyptic Asteroid--Stephen Hawking Warns
14 Historic Discovery: 7,000-Year-Old Lost City Unearthed in Egypt!
15 Lying to Children About Santa Claus Could Destabilize the Trust in Parent-Child Relationship, Study Says
16 Donald Trump U-Turns on Climate Change Stand
17 The Human Race Has One in 500 Chance of Facing Extinction Next Year, Scientist Claims
18 Terracotta Army Sparks Controversy, Allegedly Inspired by Greek Art?
19 Humanity in Space: Nations Must Work Together to Transfer Humans to Another Planet, Pentagon Space Experts Say
20 Science of Gay Bestfriends: Experts Explain Why Women Have GBFs
21 If Elon Musk Is Not Your Billionaire Goals, Think Again: SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal--Billionaire Unveiled
22 Aliens Exist: Snow Pyramids in Antarctica Are Proof
23 Humans Can Regenerate Amputated Body Parts, Study Says
24 Stephen Hawking and Other Scientists Praised by Pope Francis
25 Google Doodle Marks 158th Birthday of Jagdish Chandra Bose: Why We Should Know About Him
26 Ancient Tablet Has the Name of Jesus Has Been Proven Legit; Names of Other Apostles Have Been Revealed
27 Hidden Treasure: Ancient Chinese Banknote from Ming Dynasty Found Inside Chinese Sculpture
28 Singularity 2045: Will Man Become Immortal Thanks to Artificial Intelligence?
29 Looks like Dark Matter Does Not Exist After All, Says New Study that Tries to Redefine Gravity
30 Alien Life Is Everywhere--It Is Driving the Universe and Dark Matter, Astrophysicist Says
31 Aliens Are All Around Us, We Just Cannot See Them, Says a Radical Scientist--New Theory
32 Spacecraft Fire Experiment-II: NASA Sets Fire in Space
33 Speed of Light Chased Gravity
34 'Diamond Age' of Power Generation Discovered, Uses Nuclear Waste to Generate Electricity
35 Newest Speed of Light Theory Could Put Albert Einstein's Theory to Test
36 Time Travel Is Possible, Scientists Say
37 'Water-Wave Laser' Invented for the First Time, Could Be Used for Cell Biology, Test New Drug Therapies
38 Big Bang Theory: How Do We Know the Big Bang Actually Happened?
39 Study: Amalgamation of Quantum Physics and Photosynthesis Leads to the Discovery of More Efficient Solar Cells
40 Poaching Soars: Illegal Ivory Trade Arises from Recent Elephant Killings
41 UN Analysis: Past Five Years Hottest Ever Recorded
42 Object Described to Be A UFO Spotted by a Diver Underwater; Old Timer Suggested It Is a Nuclear Bomb
43 Surfer Wrestles with a Great White Shark; It Is Not from a Hollywood Movie
44 An Enormous Sinkhole Swallows Part of a Main Road in Japan [Video]
45 The Historic White Cliffs of Dover Would Likely Vanish, Study Reveals
46 Scientists Reveal Why Seabirds Eat Plastic
47 What Makes Yellowstone So "Explosive"? New Study of the Park's Sub-Surface Tries to Find Out
48 Golden Eagle Population Soars Significantly
49 NASA Captures Carbon Dioxide Emission from Outer Space [Video]
50 Is the Endangered Species Database Underestimating the Number of Species at Risk?
51 Discovery of the Lake Can Help Scientists Predict Future Volcanic Eruptions [Video]
52 Al Gore Offers to Work with Trump on Climate Change
53 Research: Death of Coral Reefs Can Affect Millions of People
54 More than 70 Giant Freshwater Stingrays Mysteriously Died in Thailand River
55 Climate Change Impacting Entire Ecosystems, Society and Every Aspect of Life on Earth
56 MIT Scientists Tweak Plants Using Nanotechnology to Detect Explosives and Pollution
57 Million Dollar Worth of Whale Vomit Found by Fishermen; Treasure of the Ocean
58 Seabirds at Risk for Ingesting Inedible Compounds
59 New Marine Research Center Up for a Ground Breaking Ceremony at Gulfport
60 Fossils Show Dinosaurs Living Side by Side with Ancestors
61 'Cecil' the Lion's Killer Walks Free; People Calls for Injustice
62 Dogs Detect the Invasive Mussels in Montana
63 World's Tallest Tropical Tree Discovered on Borneo Island
64 Europe Hit Hard by Bird Flu Epidemic; Thousands of Chickens to Be Slaughtered
65 2016 May Become the World's Warmest Year
66 The Next Big Thing: NASA to Launch Small Satellites to Study the Planet Earth
67 NASA's New Tool Helps Spot ISS from Earth
68 NASA Plans to Send a Swarm of Small Satellites in Earth's Orbit, Moon, Mars and Beyond
69 Not Only Do Astronauts Vote from Space but One of Them Did It from the Russian 'Mir'
70 The Striking New Images of the Formation of Three Young Planetary Systems
71 Space Junk to Be Recycled for Missions to Mars
72 Massive 'Blue Marble' Planet: Winds Are Faster than Bullet and Rains Made of Molten Glass?
73 Can this Australian Telescope Help Find Aliens?
74 NASA Captures Carbon Dioxide Emission from Outer Space [Video]
75 Australia on Board for Alien Hunt
76 Starving Black Hole Darkens the Bright Galaxy
77 This Is How Your House on Mars Will Look Like!
78 China Launches X-Ray Pulsar Satellite to Make Deep Space Navigation Easier, More Reliable
79 Does UK Have Its Own 'Area 51'?
80 Beagle 2 Mars Lander Didn't Crash, Could Still Be Working Today After More than a Decade
81 China Has a Secret Satellite in Outer Space? Debris Fell in Myanmar with Chinese Writings
82 New Exoplanet Hunter 'CHARIS' to Report on Atmospheric Composition of Alien Planets
83 Time Lapse of Saturn's Titan Shows Methane Clouds
84 Hyperloop One's Space-Age Rail in Dubai Will Transport People in Vacuum Tubes in Super Speed
85 Mars Show Signs to Cater Alien Life; Volcanic Origins Found
86 NASA's Operation IceBridge Explores the Massive Getz Ice Shelf in West Antarctica
87 Hundreds Witness Burning Disk-Shaped UFO Crashing to Earth; Alien Hunters in a Frenzy
88 Hellas Basin Depression on Mars: Home to Ancient Martians?
89 Donald Trump's Space Plans: Wants NASA to Focus on Mars and Europa
90 Did a Super-Drought Wipe Out Aliens on Mars?
91 National Geographic TV Series 'Mars' Is a Scripted Science Fiction Yet Seems Real?
92 How Do Galaxies Form? Newly Discovered Stars Can Solve the Mystery
93 Scientists Seek Help to Build a Telescope to Look for Earth-Like Planet
94 Can Full Moon Cause Havoc? Hospital Staff Links Full Moon to the Increase of Admissions
95 Scientists Building Telescope to Seek Another Earth Through Crowdfunding
96 NASA Launches Fleet of Micro Satellites to Help Protect People from Hurricanes and Storms
97 Why UFO Sightings Are Frequent in Run Up to Earthquakes? It Is Them Aliens, Say Conspiracy Theorists
98 Press Release: Asgardia Seeks UN Recognition for First Nation Space Station
99 Subsurface Ocean in Pluto: Reason Heart Region Locks with Charon
100 Mercury Is Shrinking: Newly Discovered Great Valley Hints It
101 Dust Storms and Boiling Blood: What Life on Mars Will Actually Be like for Early Settlers
102 Any Advanced Alien Life We Come Across Will Likely Be Sentient Machines, Says Veteran Alien Hunter
103 The Roundest Object Ever Observed in the Universe Uncovered, More Round than the Sun
104 A Group of Stars Rotating at High Speed Spotted in the Milky Way
105 Scientists Rally Support for Asteroid-Deflection Mission
106 Alien Invasion? Here Are 5 Ways Aliens Could Contact Humans
107 SpaceX Proposes to Launch 4,400 Satellites to the Outer Space; What Would the Earth Benefit from It?
108 Did NASA Cover Up an 'Alien Sighting'? ISS Live Stream Cut Off After UFO Appears [Video]
109 Bizarre Energy Blast in the Universe Deepens Mystery of Strange 'Alien Signals'
110 'Super-Earth' Five Times the Size of the Earth Discovered [Video]