File Title
1 Marine incentives programs may replace 'doom and gloom' with hope
2 Our closest worm kin regrow body parts, raising hopes of regeneration in humans
3 Cultivation technologies benefit ultradwarf bermudagrass
4 Prevention program safeguards children's brains from effects of poverty
5 UMD researchers crack the code of a deadly virus
6 It takes less than a second to tell humans from androids
7 Researchers propose low-mass supernova triggered formation of solar system
8 Many primary care doctors are reluctant to talk about medical errors, study finds
9 With climate change, not all wildlife population shifts are predictable
10 Study says CT use OK for some colon cancers, yet challenging for lymph node involvement
11 UT professor develops algorithm to improve online mapping of disaster areas
12 Stem cells police themselves to reduce scarring, Stanford study finds
13 Iraq-Afghanistan veterans with epilepsy more at risk of death
14 Bullying rates remain higher for children with disabilities, even as they mature
15 Secret phenotypes: Disease devils in invisible details
16 Survey of New York City soil uncovers medicine-making microbes
17 Study reveals lack of supporting evidence for claims about fertility treatments
18 It's all in the eyes: Women and men really do see things differently
19 Toxic 'marine snow' can sink quickly, persist at ocean depths
20 Wound irrigation tools improvised in the wilderness are effective
21 What's up with Madagascar?
22 Gene discovered to cause rare, severe neurological disease
23 A new technique for structural color, inspired by birds
24 Smart patch releases blood thinners as needed
25 Largest resource of human protein-protein interactions can help interpret genomic data
26 Young toddlers can tell when others hold false beliefs, study finds
27 Model could shatter a mystery of glass
28 IU study finds activity trackers can work when paired with wellness coaching
29 Modern hunter-gatherers show value of exercise
30 Penn study: Preventative antibiotics could prevent C. diff in transplant patients
31 Pine product offers fresh take on fine chemical synthesis
32 How kids' brains respond to a late night up
33 US blood system faces financial and biological threats, study finds
34 Comparing gait parameters can predict decline in memory and thinking
35 Defining immortality of stem cells to identify novel anti-aging mechanisms
36 New finding about a protein that enables our brains and muscles to talk
37 An exercise in good health
38 UT Austin engineers develop first-ever capsule to treat hemophilia
39 Power poses don't help and could potentially backfire, Penn study shows
40 Electro-acupuncture for disrupted sleep in women with breast cancer
41 Light switch in autumn leaves
42 PTB paves the way for the redefinition of the ampere
43 Thwarting autoimmune diseases
44 Mystery of ultra-diffuse faint galaxies solved
45 Bioscientists at Kent help throat cancer patients speak again
46 Successfully treating genetically determined autoimmune enteritis
47 Physical-environment checklist leads to sharp drop in inpatient suicides in VA
48 World-first scientific discovery uncovered at a Melbourne beach
49 Report highlights coffee's potential role in reducing cognitive decline
50 Augmented reality advances the learning especially in informal science education context
51 Why conservation fails
52 Life and death following Great Barrier Reef bleaching
53 Squeezing light into new miniature devices
54 Liver-brain pathway may regulate alcohol consumption
55 Quicker and twice as accurate predictions
56 American scientists discover the first Antarctic ground beetle
57 Hydrogen in your pocket? New plastic for carrying and storing hydrogen
58 Timing the shadow of a potentially habitable extrasolar planet
59 Early intervention in brain inflammatory pathways may improve stroke recovery
60 Immune system influenced by social status, but access to resources not to blame
61 A change of heart
62 Gene mutation linked to early onset of Parkinson's disease in Caucasians
63 Targeting breast cancer metabolism to fight the disease
64 Vestibular function declines starting at age 40
65 West Antarctic ice shelf breaking up from the inside out
66 Small RNA identified that offers clues for quieting the 'voices' of schizophrenia
67 Imaging study examines brains of current, former NFL players
68 No association between mother flu in pregnancy and increased child autism risk
69 Enzyme's 'editing' preferences have implications for infertility and cancer
70 Safe hair care spares hair, Johns Hopkins dermatologists report
71 NIST debuts dual atomic clock--and a new stability record
72 Measures of inflammation in blood tests may help predict risk of disease and death
73 Voice appeal
74 New guidelines aim to improve understanding of scientific data
75 Genes, early environment sculpt the gut microbiome
76 Staph uses nitric oxide enzyme to colonize noses
77 New ways to measure solid stress in tumors could lead to improved understanding, therapies
78 NP predischarge thresholds associated with reduced ADHF mortality, readmission
79 Preventing heart failure risk factors in midlife substantially lowers risk
80 Lake ecologists see winter as a key scientific frontier
81 Stanford researchers develop new compound to reduce tumor growth
82 Researcher suggests kratom may have medical benefit as opioid alternative
83 Electronic prescribing of high-risk meds may contribute to falls in elderly
84 Taste bud maintenance in mice requires Hedgehog signaling
85 Large study finds no evidence for age-based mammography cut-off
86 Head impacts lead to brain changes in high school football players
87 Study finds cause of visual impairment in astronauts
88 Can you hear the corn grow? Yes!
89 What role does mouth shape play for echolocating bats?
90 Researchers find biggest exposed fault on Earth
91 New study shows marijuana users have low blood flow to the brain
92 Community health-care professionals lack knowledge on severe allergic reactions in children
93 Glycocluster design could lead to targeted drug delivery
94 'English votes for English laws' has not given England a voice in parliament, study finds
95 CNIC scientists discover a key signal in intercellular communication
96 Scientists step closer to halting spread of lung cancer
97 A novel anticandidal compound containing sulfur from endophytic fungus
98 'Diamond-age' of power generation as nuclear batteries developed
99 Theory that challenges Einstein's physics could soon be put to the test
100 New approach needed in way Tourette's syndrome is portrayed, research shows
101 People with Parkinson's show altered iron levels in their brains
102 Physicists spell 'AV' by manipulating Abrikosov vortices
103 The fusion reactor that employs a liquid metal shower
104 Enough is enough--stem cell factor Nanog knows when to slow down
105 New drug limits and then repairs brain damage in stroke
106 Adding clay to saline nanofluids creates useful materials
107 Three rings stop cell division in plants
108 New method for predicting congenital CMV infection during the prenatal period
109 Why air pollutants make some people vulnerable to atopic dermatitis
110 Hyperuricemia is associated with musculoskeletal pain