File Title
1 Generation X at greater risk of stroke than baby boomers, Rutgers study finds
2 Substantial percentage of patients surveyed report new visual symptoms following LASIK surgery
3 Depression prevalence in patients with mild cognitive impairment
4 Educational intervention improves rate of knee replacement among black patients
5 Individual cognitive processing therapy had better PTSD improvement
6 Highest out-of-pocket cancer spending for Medicare patients without supplement
7 Huge reduction in African dust plume impacted climate 11,000 years ago
8 Biomarker identified to aid in prognosis of pediatric ependymomas
9 Break a sweat: Wearable sweat tech offers new way to track health
10 Active-duty military find PTSD relief through individual cognitive therapy
11 New study reveals when West Antarctica's largest glacier started retreating
12 Going beyond genetics yields clues to challenging childhood brain cancer
13 Medicare beneficiaries face high out-of-pocket costs for cancer treatment
14 Imaging technique measures toxicity of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's proteins
15 Should parents lie to children about Santa?
16 Alcohol may increase risk of some types of stroke but not others
17 Study finds link between surgery and Guillain-Barre syndrome
18 Lowest stroke rates in older baby boomers; younger people rising
19 In highly lethal type of leukemia, cancer gene predicts treatment response
20 Gut's microbial community shown to influence host gene expression
21 Diet quality low but steadily improving among US kids
22 Researchers develop soft, microfluidic 'lab on the skin' for sweat analysis
23 Harnessing the power of predatory bacteria as a 'living antibiotic'
24 Future PM2.5 air pollution over China
25 Mutant prion protein could help reveal neurodegenerative disease mechanisms
26 Jet lag and obesity share similar pathways to liver cancer
27 Major finding identifies nitrogen as key driver for gut health
28 Coconut crab claws pinch with the strongest force of any crustacean
29 Your dog remembers what you did
30 Study shows low-dose chemotherapy regimens could prevent tumor recurrence in some cancers
31 Changes in the diet affect epigenetics via the microbiota
32 What messages do female birds' markings send?
33 DNA analysis of bluebird feces reveals benefits for vineyards
34 Missed connections: As people age, memory-related brain activity loses cohesion
35 Malaria elimination in Sub-Saharan Africa predicted to be possible under right conditions
36 NUS researchers discover novel mechanism to stop the spread of breast cancer
37 Research finds sharing, cooperation key to Arctic villages
38 Single enzyme controls 2 plant hormones
39 Adding ADHD drug to therapy improves cognitive outcomes in traumatic brain injury patients
40 New standard helps optical trackers follow moving objects precisely
41 Why radiologists should make their practice more personal
42 Supersonic spray yields new nanomaterial for bendable, wearable electronics
43 Despite upbeat headlines, Detroit still reeling
44 Photography-based therapy offers new approach to healing for sexual assault survivors
45 Article proposes theory behind fast magnetic reconnection
46 Mothers' early support boosts children's later math achievement
47 Oceans act as 'heat sink'
48 Aspartame may prevent, not promote, weight loss by blocking intestinal enzyme's activity
49 Largest study of its kind finds rare genetic variations linked to schizophrenia
50 Mars ice deposit holds as much water as Lake Superior
51 New grasses neutralize toxic pollution from bombs, explosives, and munitions
52 Between a rock and a hard place: USU biologists unearth sandstone-excavating bees
53 Precise nerve stimulation via electrode implants offers new hope for paralysis patients
54 Mayo Clinic investigators pinpoint cause, possible treatment for rare form of sarcoma
55 Turkeys were a major part of ancestral Pueblo life
56 Feast without fear: USU scientist says more snake species resist toxin
57 Study sheds light on parasite that causes river blindness
58 Scripps Florida scientists find surprising answers to 'food coma' conundrum
59 Study sheds new insights into global warming 'hiatus'
60 Thanksgiving dinner's carbon footprint: A state-by-state comparison
61 Malware that turns PCs into eavesdropping devices demonstrated by Ben-Gurion U.
62 Men have a lot to learn about their own fertility
63 Most nursing home patients refuse dental care during stay, UB study concludes
64 UW-Madison researchers study plant aging, gain insights into crop yields and more
65 UCF research finds google glass technology may slow down response time
66 Pembrolizumab in lung cancer: Indication of considerable added benefit
67 Do children inherently want to help others?
68 Black-white earnings gap returns to 1950 levels
69 Trifluridine/tipiracil in colorectal cancer: Added benefit only for some patients
70 Towards a better understanding of the puzzling 'droplets' in the cell cytoplasm
71 Innovative technique to curtail illegal copying of digital media
72 Cancer cells 'talk' to their environment, and it talks back
73 Hope for people who struggle after suffering brain trauma
74 New dominant ant species discovered in Ethiopia shows potential for global invasion
75 New 'electron gun' could help enable X-ray movies
76 Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology adds embedded 3-D image videos to enhance visualization of me
77 Hypertension and prehypertension underdiagnosed and undertreated in US children
78 New mouse model reveals extensive postnatal brain damage caused by Zika infection
79 AGS sets sights on better care, more responsive policies for 'unbefriended' older adults
80 How do you mend a broken heart?
81 Researchers uncover a survival mechanism in cancer cells
82 Reshaping our ideas of bacterial evolution
83 Do stress and strain lead to deviant behavior?
84 Single photon converter--a key component of quantum internet
85 Rapid synthesis towards optically active [alpha]-aminocarbonyl therapeutics
86 Compounds emitted by phytopathogen microbes encourage plant growth
87 Could green facades cool down cities in the future?
88 Better surveillance and more cohesive policies needed against Rift Valley fever outbreaks
89 Rallies, protests, and Black Friday: Physics finds dangers hiding in plain sight
90 Scientists shrink electron gun to matchbox size
91 Deep sea coral in North Atlantic faces threat from climate change
92 NFL doctors should be loyal to players, not teams
93 Mystery of how plants produce oxygen soon solved
94 Novel type of cell death in Huntington's disease may lead to effective new therapies
95 No association between sex-discordant blood transfusions and risk of death
96 Right timing is crucial in life
97 Know your flow
98 Fly larvae clean bee-eater's nest
99 Study finds cause of pulmonary fibrosis in failure of stem cells that repair lungs
100 Pregnant women at risk of getting the flu are not getting vaccinated
101 Mount Sinai researchers use computer algorithms to diagnose HCM from echos
102 Living color: Rainbow-hued blood stem cells shed new light on cancer, blood disorders
103 Global brain initiatives generate tsunami of neuroscience data
104 Research shows preference for non-lethal protection of species
105 Protein and salt drive post-meal sleepiness
106 Emergency video telemedicine positively impacts newborn resuscitation
107 Road salt can change sex ratios in frog populations, study says
108 Researchers capture first glimpse of important, abundant ocean microbe
109 New antiretroviral drugs decrease chances of HIV sexual transmission
110 Yogic breathing helps fight major depression, Penn study shows