File Title
1 'Listening' to signals traveling through bridges for diagnosing damage
2 New website uses big data to address underrepresentation of women in philosophy
3 Study suggests handwashing compliance in child care facilities is insufficient
4 Understanding the way liquid spreads through paper
5 Parents should avoid pressuring young children over grades, ASU study says
6 Belize's Glover's Reef providing refuge for new generation of sea turtles
7 Institute on the Environment researchers produce map of farming households across the world
8 New research explores patients' satisfaction with their radiologists
9 Researchers explore 2-D materials to devices faster, smaller and efficient
10 Neuro Kinetics announces transformational concussion paper published on PLOS ONE
11 Crunching the numbers: Researchers use math in search for diabetes cure
12 Researchers tweak enzyme 'assembly line' to improve antibiotics
13 Creating new physical properties in materials
14 Researchers load nanocarriers to deliver chemotherapy drugs & imaging molecules to tumors
15 New fabrication technique leads to broader sunlight absorption in plastic solar cells
16 Virtual liver model could help reduce overdose risk from acetaminophen, other drugs
17 Policy changes needed for promoting physical activity in group home settings
18 Young children's spatial talk predicts their spatial abilities
19 Nanotechnology a 'green' approach to treating liver cancer
20 Glowing crystals can detect, cleanse contaminated drinking water
21 Life before oxygen
22 UA researcher explores male perceptions about HPV
23 China's 'missing girls' theory likely far overblown, study shows
24 Patients should stop using e-cigarettes before plastic surgery, experts conclude
25 EDGE bioinformatics brings genomics to everyone
26 Amphetamine may slow rise of body temperature and mask fatigue to enhance endurance, study finds
27 Ultrafast imaging reveals existence of 'polarons'
28 A surprizing finding shines new light on the largest group of human proteins
29 Drugs prevent heart damage during breast cancer treatment, study show
30 Tweeting #plasticsurgery--plastic surgeons urged to engage and educate on twitter
31 Subsidized housing works better for some kids than others
32 Inequality and social exclusion drive mental health problems in northern India
33 Mayo Clinic finds myocarditis caused by infection on rise globally
34 Human groups key to preserving natural resources
35 Bumpy surfaces, graphene beat the heat in devices
36 Patching a gap in wound care
37 Marijuana use gender gap widens, mainly among low-income Americans
38 For nonprofits, even non-finance 'capacity grants' stimulate financial growth
39 Cancer patients take comfort in peer stories on online forums
40 Shorebirds studied in 'Noah's ark'
41 For refugees seeking asylum, medical exams are in short supply
42 Evidence of brain injury found in young NFL players
43 New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots
44 Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly
45 The good, the bad and the spliceosome!
46 1 in 7 people living with HIV in the EU/EEA are not aware of their HIV status
47 Enzyme research provides a new picture of depression
48 Platypus venom could hold key to diabetes treatment
49 Using drugs for different diseases than initially intended for
50 Genetic link to fatal health condition could aid future treatment
51 Metamaterials open up entirely new possibilities in optics
52 New insight into why leukaemia drug is successful
53 Management of feral horses an ongoing challenge in the United States
54 Bad timing is depressing: Disrupting the brain's internal clock causes depressive-like behavior in mice
55 Omnipath sends strong signal
56 Use of prescription analgesics differs significantly between persons with and without Alzheimer's
57 Ready for takeoff
58 A new technique of antibiotic efficiency testing developed
59 Climate change affects Swedish reindeer herding and increases tularemia
60 New approach predicts price trends in the stock options market
61 Digital microbes for munching yourself healthy
62 A new record at BESSY II: 10 million ions cooled for the first time to 7.4 K
63 A molecular switch between life, sex and death
64 Live cell imaging of asymmetric cell division in fertilized plant cells
65 Toddlers may know when you are not telling the truth, say Singapore and US experts
66 Yale-NUS professor's discovery of alarm response in medaka fish furthers analysis of fear
67 Researchers develop novel wound-healing technology
68 Daily reminders to increase calcium intake are effective
69 Enhanced CRISPR lets scientists explore all steps of health and disease in every cell type
70 New tool enables viewing spectrum from specific structures within samples
71 Walking faster after stroke, managing chemobrain after cancer
72 Brain pattern flexibility and behavior
73 Sometimes just watching hurts--and the signs of pain are seen in the brain
74 Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange
75 Immune system mechanisms--the work of Dr. Jean-Sebastien Delisle recognized
76 Mysteries of enzyme mechanism revealed
77 Sustainable Development Goals lead to lower population growth
78 Groundwater helium level could signal potential risk of earthquake
79 Youth fitness program, BORN TO MOVE from Les Mills, increases positive exercise outcomes
80 Study examines use of deep machine learning for detection of diabetic retinopathy
81 New clinical trial reveals specific milk protein may boost body's defenses against degenerative diseases
82 Dengue vaccine estimated to reduce disease burden in dengue-affected areas
83 Education on personalized diabetes risk doesn't motivate behavior change
84 Huntington's disease affects muscle as well as neurons, study reveals
85 This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits
86 Genetic differences in amino acid metabolism are linked to a higher risk of diabetes
87 Depression in soldiers linked to brain disruption from injury
88 Alcohol consumption shows no effect on coronary arteries
89 New report warns of chest injuries in children after ATV accidents
90 Komodo dragons help researchers understand microbial health in captive animals
91 Study says salt marshes have limited ability to absorb excess nitrogen
92 Programmable disorder
93 Biologists watch speciation in a laboratory flask
94 Novel silicon etching technique crafts 3-D gradient refractive index micro-optics
95 Each animal species hosts a unique microbial community and benefits from it
96 VirusDetect, a new bioinformatics pipeline for virus identification released
97 Does hormonal contraception alleviate premenstrual symptoms?
98 When judging other people, first impressions last
99 Taking a closer look at online social networking and depression
100 Harvest of nuisance black bears in New Jersey reducing human-bear conflicts
101 UTSW researchers' international study zeros in on gene that limits desire to drink alcohol
102 How crop load density affects apple juice, hard cider quality
103 Missed connections
104 Wives with a 'soul mate' view of marriage are less likely to volunteer, study finds
105 Most people at risk for osteoporisis fractures are not evaluated and treated
106 Compost establishes growing media pH similar to limestone
107 Handheld, mobile data technologies compared for turfgrass
108 Program helps teens 'get the message' about distracted driving
109 Optimizing fertilizer rates for wild blueberry
110 Inside tiny tubes, water turns solid when it should be boiling