File Title
1 ALERT! AI Can Understand Images and Incorporate Sounds Through Computer Vision
2 Evidence of Dairying Discovered by Researchers Along Mediterranean Coast
3 Physicists Discover Second State of Liquid Water
4 Bill Gates Partners with Perfume Company to Create the Best Poop Smell Blocker
5 Bug Biobots: Drones and Insect Biobots to Map Disaster Areas
6 Can Animals Taste Light? New Type of Photoreceptor Found in Invertebrates
7 Brit Teenager Wins Court Case to Cryogenically Freeze Her Body After Death
8 Scientists Modify Plant Genes to Improve Photosynthesis, Crop Productivity by 20 Percent
9 Russian Secret: Researchers Decode Mysterious Biological Weapon from the Soviet Era
10 Eating Half a Cup of Walnuts a Day Leads to a Happier State-of-Mind
11 Scientists Found Direct Link Between Earthquakes and Fracking
12 Researchers Convert Carbon Dioxide into Liquid Road-Ready Diesel Fuel in Just One Step
13 Entire Australian Continent Shifting Positions Every Season; Here's Why
14 Deep Learning Advances May Pave Way to AI-Made Drugs
15 World's First Photonic Neural Network Uses Light for Superfast Computing
16 ALERT: Air Pollution Could Promote Drug-Resistant Bacteria
17 A Glowing Solution: Fluorescent Dye Can Fuel Batteries
18 Scientists: Soil-Based Life in Earth May Be Significantly Older
19 AI May Take Over 80% of IT Jobs, Tech Tycoon Says
20 Earth's Ancient Soil is Older than Previously Thought, Similar to Martian Land
21 Duck Duck Choose: Ducklings Have 2 Separate Memory Banks of Visual Information
22 World's First Human Head Transplant Patient Uses Virtual Reality to Prepare for His Operation
23 World's First Robot Flying Taxi Performs Successful Maiden Voyage
24 Aliens are Behind the Mysteries of the Universe, Experts Say
25 Sexism Bad for Men's Health, Study Finds
26 Stonehenge Mystery Solved? Huge Religious Complex Found Near Prehistoric Monument
27 Scientists Explain Mechanism Behind Breast Cancer Relapse
28 Amazing Discovery: Astronomers Found Large Number of Distant Dwarf Galaxies
29 Move Over Hubble, NASA Unveils James Webb Space Telescope
30 These New Supercapacitors Could Charge Mobile Phones in Seconds
31 Natural Sunlight Could Increase the Toxicity of Oil Spills to Wildlife
32 Russian Scientists May Have Found Geological Evidence of 'Noah's Flood'
33 Chinese Astronauts Return to Earth Safely After Longest Manned Space Mission
34 Iron Men Approaching: Company to Release Workplace Modular Exoskeletons by 2018
35 Internet Searches May Be Used for Heat Wave Warning Surveillance, Study Shows
36 LED Could Be Used to Purify Water in Remote Areas
37 Elon Musk's SpaceX Gets Contract for NASA's Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission
38 Future Water Resource? Mars Ice Deposit Have as Much Water as Lake Superior, Says NASA
39 Marine Microalgae: Food and Fuel of the Future
40 Scientists Take One Step Closer in Developing Human Blood from Skin Cells
41 Cat Got Your Tongue: The Feline Tongue's Unique Shape and Flexibility
42 These Transgenic Grass Species Can Neutralize Toxic Compounds from Bombs, Ammunition
43 Impostor Phenomenon: How the Feeling of Being a Fake in the Workplace Can Ruin Your Career
44 Microsoft Officially Makes First Humanly Accurate Speech Recognition Tech
45 IBM Develops 'Growable' Computer Chips
46 Google's DeepMind Now Able to Lip-Read TV Shows Better than Professionals
47 Science Fiction Quantum Computers to Be Brought to Life by Microsoft
48 'Meteorite' Spotted Moments After Japan Earthquake
49 Lying About Santa May be Damaging to Your Kids, Study Says
50 ESA: 1-Second Measurement Glitch Caused Mars Schiaparelli Lander Crash
51 Spaceports like SpaceX are Clueless About Insurance Requirements, GAO Report Shows
52 NASA Kepler Telescope Maps 19 'Heartbeat' Stars in a Single Study
53 MIT Creates Artificial Muscles Using Cheap, Ordinary Nylon Fiber
54 Historic Discovery: Archaeologists Unearth Secret Ancient Egyptian City and Cemetery
55 Science Confirmed: Sexism Harmful to Men's Mental Health
56 Tech Game-Changer: Phones that could Charge Within Seconds
57 Incredible White Rainbow Caught on Camera in Scotland
58 Space Angels Network Invests $1.25 Million for Vector-R Rocket's First Launch in 2017
59 Data from American Teenagers Links Depression, Eating Disorders, Skin Problem, and Epilepsy
60 Common Asian Tree Frog Found in Japan May Be 2 Seperate Species, Genetic Data Shows
61 New Discovery: Water Exists Far Deeper in the Earth than Previously Thought
62 The Penultimate: NASA Starts Cassini's Ring-Grazing Orbits Phase Before Mission Finale
63 West Antarctic Glaciers Started Its Retreat in the 1940s
64 Why Do More Men Get Cancer than Women? Here's Why
65 Physicists Discover How to 'Twist' Light Waves, Cram Message Between Islands
66 Thunderstorm-Induced Asthma in Australia Kills 4 People
67 Shocking Discovery: Over 1,400 Viruses Found in Invertebrates
68 Speed of Light May Not Be Constant? Scientist Discovers Startling Relationship Between Light and Gravity
69 100-Year-Old Data Proves Antarctic Sea Ice Barely Changed
70 Drones Eyed to Cut Down Thanksgiving Cooking Fires
71 Small but Terrible: Nanosize Squeeze Can Boost Fuel Cell Performance
72 Impending Apocalypse: Stephen Hawking Hints of an Asteroid Collision Wiping Out Humanity by 3016
73 A Sweet Deal: Sugarcane Can Be a Source of Light
74 Artificial Glaciers May Combat Glacial Melting in the Himalayas
75 Renewable Car Diesel from Thanksgiving Cooking Oil, Is It Possible?
76 Dartmouth Researchers Link DNA Defect to Survival Rate from Deadly Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma
77 Scientists to Challenge Albert Einstein's 'Speed of Light is Constant' Theory
78 Highly Potent Antibody that Can Stop Zika Virus Discovered!
79 Too Much Rain, Humidity Promote Disease Outbreaks in Plants
80 ESA Confirms 2-Year Extensions for 9 Space Missions
81 ALERT: Northeastern US Coast to Experience More Frequent, Powerful Hurricanes in the Future
82 Alien Hunters Spot Alleged 190-Meter UFO Spaceship Crash Landing on Mars
83 Climate Change Could Wipe Out Deep-Sea Coral Population in North Atlantic
84 Bringing Nature Inside the Workplace Boosts Productivity, Scientists Say
85 What to Expect from the Nearing Apocalypse According to Scientists
86 Carbon dioxide emissions still stable, bird flu in Europe and LIGO restarts
87 The mathematics of science's broken reward system
88 Long-sought signal deepens mystery of fast radio bursts
89 Rock core from dinosaur-killing impact reveals how enormous craters form
90 Argentina president's first budget angers scientists
91 Laser used to control mouse's brain--and speed up milkshake consumption
92 UK politicians demand Brexit guarantee for EU scientists
93 Brazil's scientists battle to escape 20-year funding freeze
94 Geneticists hope to unlock secrets of bats' complex sounds
95 First Middle Eastern X-ray factory readies for action
96 Immigrant and minority scientists shaken by Trump win
97 N/A
98 Peer-review 'heroes' do lion's share of the work
99 External brain stimulation goes deep
100 NgAgo gene-editing controversy escalates in peer-reviewed papers
101 The sparrow with four sexes
102 Malaria vaccine, peatland protection and a string of satellites
103 UK scientists excited by surprise 2-billion pound government windfall
104 Failed Alzheimer's trial does not kill leading theory of disease
105 Living cells bind silicon and carbon for the first time
106 Stat-checking software stirs up psychology
107 Middle East X-ray factory is a source of hope
108 US Cancer Moonshot must strike a balance between research and prevention
109 The power of big data must be harnessed for medical progress
110 Post-truth: a guide for the perplexed
111 Print flexible solar cells
112 Four routes to better maritime governance