File Title
1 Wastewater Treatment Plants Emit More Greenhouse Gas than Previously Thought
2 Climate Change Effect: Soils to Become a Net Source of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the Future
3 British Scientists Formulate Baffling Equation that Could Help Define the Perfect Sperm
4 Candida Auris: Fast Facts on the Emerging Invasive, Multidrug-Resistant Fungus
5 Climate Change Can Turn Frogs Vegetarian
6 Strange Synthetic Opioid "Pinkie" Available Online Killed Park City Teens
7 Work Stress? DNA to Blame for Poor Tolerance to Shift Work
8 Next-Gen. Combat Vehicles May Have Lasers, Hybrid Power
9 Researchers May Soon Mass-Produce Effective Artificial Pancreas
10 Ancient South Africa Rocks Reveal Life on Land May Have Started 300 Million Years Earlier
11 ALERT: Regular Exposure to Common Food Additive Linked to Colon Cancer
12 BEWARE: Why Loneliness Could be a Behavioral Symptom of Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease
13 Parasite Plant: Cheating Orchid Feeds Off Fungi Instead of Sunlight
14 Mutant Mice May Unlock Mysteries of Sleep
15 Air Pollution Emitted Near the Equator More Detrimental than Previously Thought
16 Substantial Weight Gain in Adults May Increase the Risk of Cancer
17 NASA's Magnetospheric Spacecraft Breaks Record for Highest Altitude GPS Fix
18 Renewable Energy: 13-Year-Old Teen Makes Clean Energy Using $5 Device
19 Mexico's Zone of Silence, a Bizarre Place Where Radios Die and Meteors Crash
20 Piles of Snowball in Siberian Beach Considered as Rare Natural Phenomenon
21 Seasonal Affective Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies of Season-Induced Depression
22 What Could Possibly Happen to NASA After Donald Trump Wins US Elections 2016
23 AI Inventors Should Be Credited for Inventions, Scientist Petitions
24 Brain Scans More Accurate than Polygraph Tests at Detecting Lies, Study Finds
25 Artificial Intelligence Can Now Judge Books by Their Covers, Determine Genre at a Glance
26 Huge, Extraordinary Snowballs Found on Russian Beach
27 Zika Update: Promising Army-Developed Zika Vaccine Enters Clinical Trials
28 Amazing Discovery: Huge Magmatic Lake Found Below a Dormant Volcano
29 Amazing Discovery: Wireless Brain Implant Help Paralyzed Monkeys Walk Again
30 Trump's NASA to Focus on Deep-Space Activities, Abandoning Earth and Climate Science
31 New Theory of Gravity to Change Global Perspective on Physics
32 Massive Lake Hiding Under a Volcano Could Explain Secrets Behind an Eruption
33 Light Can Now Pass Through Opaque Materials
34 Scientists Trace Giggling, Ticklish Rats to Good Mood and 'Tickle Center' in the Brain
35 DEVOTES: Exploring High-Edge Tools for Marine Biodiversity Assessment
36 Potterheads Unite! This Invisibility Cloak for Photonic Chips is a 'Harry Potter' Fantasy Coming True (cf. 42)
37 Our Universe Might Rip Off; New Models Find Possible Trends of Space Behavior in the Future
38 Los Angles[sic]-Based Company Plans to Bring Back the Dead via AI Systems
39 Lucky Catch! Fishermen from Oman Discover Giant Rare Whale Vomit Worth $3 Million
40 Behold the Zeptosecond: Scientists Finally Record Atomic Event with Trillionth of a Billionth of a Second
41 The Machine Uprising: Robots Will Take Over Majority of Hard Labor Jobs, Says UN
42 Harry Potter Tech at Work: 'Invisibility Cloak' Developed for Processing Chips (cf. 36)
43 Interbreeding with Neanderthals, Denisovans Helped Ancient Human Ancestors to Survive Outside Africa
44 New Technology Turns Poo Sewage Sludge to Petroleum-Like Biocrude Oil
45 High Vitamin D Levels Linked to Better Long-Term Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients
46 World's Smallest Magnifying Glass Makes It Possible to See Bonds Between Atoms
47 The Future of Elections: Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Poll Results?
48 Planet Earth Could Be Aliens' Zoo: Living Creatures Out There Might Be Avoiding Humans
49 LOOK: World's Tiniest Magnifying Glass Lets You See Chemical Bonds Between Atoms
50 Russian Killer Robot: A Machine that Can Detect Humans and Kill Them Within Seconds
51 Volcanic Vista: A New Japanese Island Formed by a Volcano
52 Scientists Create Wireless Brain Implants that May Soon Help the Paralyzed to Walk
53 Global Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuels Remained Relatively Flat for 3 Consecutive Years
54 Google News: California Company Files Patent for Smart Contact Lenses
55 EM Drive 'Sci-Fi' Space Engine: Does it Really Violate the Laws of Physics?
56 1 to 2 Servings of Alcohol Daily May Help Slow the Decline of Good Cholesterol
57 BEWARE: Marijuana Users More Likely to Experience Temporary Weakening of Heart Muscles
58 China's 'Artificial Sun' Stays On for a Minute
59 A Quantum Era: Scientists Now Closer to Instantaneous Information Transfer Between Matter and Light
60 ALS Patients Can Now Play Games with First Brain Implant
61 Researchers Predict AI-based Search Engines Will Change the Face of Scientific Inquiry
62 Physicists Are 'Anxious' About Math Too, Studies Show
63 Missing Teenager Suspected to be Trying Out Bear Grylls' Survival Techniques
64 New Smartphone App Could Help in Early Autism Detection
65 Brexit Chancellor's Autumn Address Worries Scientists
66 ALERT: Severe Constipation Linked to Increased Risk of Kidney Disease
67 Life on Mars May Still Be Difficult at the Moment, Study Suggests
68 What Could Have Caused the Quakes in South America, New Zealand, and Italy?
69 Scientists Develop First Bionic Eyes that Provide Enhanced Vision, Can View the Electromagnetic Spectrum
70 New Technology Can Detect Your Dishonesty Online
71 Scientists Finally Develop Smart Clothing from 'Back to the Future'
72 Tesla Now Close to Global Autopilot Systems with 1.3B Miles of Data
73 New York-Based Company First to Make Furniture Out of Commercial, Self-Assembling Fungi
74 Norway Introduces Self-Driving Grocery Cars for Cheap Delivery
75 Yes to Mars, No to Earth? The Fate of Our Home Planet Under a Trump Presidency
76 2 New Promising Antibiotics Found in Human Microbiome
77 Good News: Scientists Develop Antibiotics to Treat Alzheimer's
78 New Experimental Drug Outperforms Standard Therapy in Advanced Kidney Cancer
79 A Glass of Red Wine Before Smoking Could Reduce Short-Term Negative Effects of Tobacco
80 ALERT: Fracking Linked to Chemical Disruption of Nearby Drinking Wells
81 NASA Stresses Importance of Earth Science Amidst Concerns on Trump's Space Policy
82 US Ecotourists and Soldiers at Highest Risk of Leishmaniasis Infection
83 Newly Discovered Species of Miniaturized Tropical Salamanders Found Extinct
84 Millimeter Wave: Scientists Work on Tech Faster than Wi-Fi for Virtual Reality
85 Self-Sustaining Zombie Robots Will Depend on Organic Material to Survive
86 NVIDIA to Create First AI Framework to Assist Cancer Research
87 Climate Change Update: Expert Says Carbon is an Asset, NOT a Liability
88 Trump's NASA Transition Team Moving, New Admin to Appoint New NASA Chief?
89 WARNING: E-Cigarettes Equally Damaging to Gums, Teeth as Conventional Cigarettes
90 China Responds to Donald Trump's Climate Change Hoax Allegations
91 House Charmain Backs Pence-Led National Space Council, Supports Trump's Space Policy
92 Study: Gay Adoptive Parents as Capable as Traditional Heterosexual Parents in Raising Children
93 Climate Change May Counteract Cooling Effect of Powerful Volcanic Eruptions
94 69 Million People Exposed to 'Killer Haze' During Wildfire in Indonesia
95 Leave No Stone Unturned: Scientists Use Electromagnetic Technology to Discover What Lies Beneath Yellowstone
96 Stephen Hawking Warns Earth's Days Are Numbered, Will Not Last More than 1000 Years
97 Study: Pigs Are Either Optimists or Pessimists with Occasional Mood Swings
98 Scientists Reveal Mechanism Behind 'Marine Methane Paradox'
99 Bigelow Aerospace Founder to Trump: Doubling NASA Funding Is Good for the Nation
100 ALERT: Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Risk of Deadly Lung Cancer
101 ALERT: Number of Children Exposed to Highly Drug-Resistant Infections on the Rise
102 Paris Agreement to Push Through with or Without Trump
103 EU Uses Ariane 5 for the First Time to Launch Four More Galileo Satellites
104 Scientists Develop Gel that Can Stop Uncontrolled Bleeding Immediately
105 This Long-Acting Pill Can Release Daily Doses of Medicine for a Month
106 James Dyson Awardee Makes Foldable Paper Bike Helmet
107 Researchers Develop New AI Algorithm that Can Learn Simply by Human Instruction
108 Robots Are Taking Over Humans, Can Learn Faster than Programmed
109 Scientists Discover Roundest Object in the Universe
110 This Engine Generates Electricity Using Waste Hot Water