File Title
1 Childhood infections provide lifelong protection against flu viruses from animals
2 Molecular signature for aggressive brain tumor uncovered
3 Birth year dictates immunity to different flu strains
4 Human leprosy found in British red squirrels
5 Study of international cystic fibrosis centers highlights spread of aggressive bacteria
6 Rats are ticklish when their mood is right
7 Your birth year predicts your odds if flu pandemic were to strike
8 DNA-based Zika vaccine showed protection from infection, brain damage and death
9 Rotting away: Getting at the evolutionary roots of wood decay
10 Smokers far more likely to develop abdominal aortic aneurysms
11 Catching a tumor in a spider's web
12 Study links optimal asthma control with reduced health-care costs
13 New technique could increase success of infertility treatment
14 Seroprevalence and disease burden of chagas disease in south Texas
15 Multi-drug resistant infection spreading globally among cystic fibrosis patients
16 Red squirrels stricken by medieval strain of leprosy, study shows
17 Study uncovers link between constipation and kidney disease
18 Zebrafish spark imagination for science careers in cash-strapped public schools
19 Drug resistance mutations also enhance growth in malaria parasite
20 When fish come to school, kids get hooked on science
21 Tests show BioEYES increases science understanding and positive attitudes
22 Self-healing materials for semi-dry conditions
23 Stable quantum bits can be made from complex molecules
24 Dinosaurs' rise was 'more gradual,' new fossil evidence suggests
25 Neanderthal inheritance helped humans adapt to life outside of Africa
26 Insect vector feeding recognized by machine learning
27 Probiotics improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients
28 Plant's POEM: 'No need to fertilize, for increase in seed size'
29 Pest control: Wicked weeds may be agricultural angels
30 Scientists develop tissue-engineered model of human lung and trachea
31 Surgery for back pain reduces problems with sex life-related pain
32 Crowd workers help robot keep conversation fresh
33 Immune cells may facilitate tumor growth by forming primitive vascular channels
34 Before a cure, a crusade to stop lung cancer from spreading
35 Exclusive: Biotechnology leaders surveyed about impact of Trump presidency
36 Pneumonitis from ingesting fuel: Doctors treating refugees notice severe illness
37 Research finds new approach for quantifying nitrate discharge from groundwater to streams
38 Keeping our balance--a tale of two systems
39 UTA studies physical, mental states for focusing attention, exercising self-control
40 Anesthesia changes neuronal choreography
41 Fun, comfort with exercise helps young people with conditions like autism and ADHD remain active
42 New maps created by Stanford scientists reveal safe locations for wastewater injection
43 New discovery paves way for pancreatic cancer treatment
44 Smartphone app for early autism detection being developed by UB undergrad
45 Protozoan parasite increases risk of colitis, study reveals
46 Plants modulate accumulation of metabolites at organ level
47 Using pectin to advance neuron-like electronic systems
48 New findings about the honey bee infecting deformed wing virus
49 Children with feeding tubes benefit most from multidisciplinary care
50 Magnetic Resonance Imaging to predict the salt content of Iberian ham
51 A new type of convection is proven in granular gases
52 Even physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics
53 Antibody drug conjugates have shown clinical efficacy with acceptable toxicity
54 The effect of exercise on vascular function and stiffness in type 2 diabetes
55 Victims of childhood bullying more likely to be overweight as young adults
56 Study examines effectiveness of probation program
57 Primitive reward-driven behaviors may bias the information people choose to sample
58 Genomic tools to combat the spread of the invasive Asian longhorned beetle
59 Skin bacteria could protect against disease
60 Development of a wearable medical device for type 2 diabetes
61 Pneumonia rates linked to hospital ventilators have not dropped
62 Pesticide exposures can cause changes in oral microbiome
63 Skipping breakfast and not enough sleep can make children overweight
64 Ventilator-associated pneumonia rates remain stable, substantial
65 Pain sensors specialized for specific sensations
66 Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars
67 What does it take to make a memory? Study says new proteins
68 New findings show promise for treatment of Graves' disease and other ocular disorders
69 Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently, Stanford study finds
70 Odds of having asthma 53 percent higher in food deserts
71 Teens with asthma almost twice as likely to smoke as their healthy counterparts
72 Many doctors still don't know facts about penicillin allergy
73 School staff know more than they think they do about treating anaphylaxis
74 When and how to introduce peanut-containing foods to reduce allergy risk
75 College students with food allergies find big challenges in staying safe
76 Access to asthma meds, plus flu vaccines, keep kids with asthma healthy
77 Bystander CPR improves survival, neurological outcomes in US children
78 CPR training less common among older adults, who may be at highest risk of sudden cardiac arrest
79 CPR from bystanders associated with better outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in pediatrics
80 Mayo Clinic research sheds light on why some rheumatoid arthritis patients respond poorly to biologics
81 Behavioral intervention reduces anxiety, depression among adults impaired by psychological distress
82 Allopurinol does not increase chronic kidney disease risk in gout patients
83 Men and women show sex-specific improvements after hip replacement
84 Staying on dmards through surgery does not increase post-op infection risk
85 First-line therapy with rituximab may lower mortality risk in RA patients with lung conditions
86 Myocardial inflammation elevated in RA patients
87 Wnt inhibitor may ease pain, and improve function and cartilage loss in knee OA
88 Rheumatology practices differ widely on meeting quality measures for patient care
89 Most people with knee OA meet physical function level to walk recommended 6,000 steps a day
90 Too many patients with inflammatory joint diseases undermanaged for cardiovascular risk
91 Three gene sets could predict response to rheumatoid arthritis therapies
92 Statins may lower mortality risk in ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis patients
93 Cardiovascular event risk of RA patients comparable to type-2 diabetes over 15-year period
94 More coordinated care between physicians may improve lipid screenings in RA patients
95 Monocyte gene expression signatures predict how ra patients respond to anti-TNF therapy
96 Urate-lowering therapy helps chronic kidney disease patients improve organ function
97 Gut bacteria may be a trigger for antiphospholipid syndrome
98 Combination of NSAIDs and TNF-inhibitors shows benefit for ankylosing spondylitis
99 Race, ethnicity and education levels linked to delays accessing lupus specialty care
100 Women & long-term axial spondyloarthropathy patients at higher risk for manifestations
101 New funding strategies & graduate education needed to fill rheumatology workforce gaps
102 TNF inhibitors don't appear to increase malignancy risk in juvenile arthritis patients
103 Children need conventional CPR; black and Hispanic children more likely to get Hands-Only
104 CPR skills low among older adults
105 Use of statins before cardiac arrest may aid survival afterwards
106 Frequent simulation-based training may improve CPR proficiency among hospital staff
107 'Back to the Future' inspires solar nanotech-powered clothing
108 Heat shock regulator controlled by on/off switch and phosphorylation
109 13-country precision trial looks at cardiovascular effects of anti-inflammatory drug use
110 Women with congenital heart disease have better shot at healthy pregnancies