File Title
1 Researchers combat antimicrobial resistance using smartphones
2 Big data technique shrinks data sets while preserving their fundamental mathematical relationships
3 Artificial intelligence creeps into daily life
4 Yahoo reveals new hack, this time a billion-plus users (Update 3)
5 Computers can take social media data and make marketing personas
6 Amazon completes its first drone delivery, in England (Update)
7 Electronic 'hairy skin' could give robots a more human sense of touch
8 Uber self-driving cars hit the streets of San Francisco
9 Google's self-driving car project gets a new name: Waymo (Update)
10 Government to require cars be able to talk to each other
11 Engineers integrate internal robotic tactile sensors
12 Lending a hand: Student 3-D prints functional, affordable prosthetic
13 Using super-slow motion movie, scientists pin down the workings of a key proton pump
14 Solvent-free, catalyst-free way to produce alkali metal hydrides
15 Study reveals surprising new properties for hybrid organic-inorganic materials
16 New record set for world's most heat resistant material
17 Know thy enemy: Kill MRSA with tailored chemistry
18 Inside the world of cell signaling: A G-protein breakthrough
19 Chemistry research breakthrough could improve nuclear waste recycling technologies
20 'Glue' that makes plant cell walls strong could hold the key to wooden skyscrapers
21 Novel technique helps ID elusive molecules
22 'Watershed' discovery reveals plants' medicinal secrets
23 Scientists discover new natural source of potent anti-cancer drugs
24 Scientists bear witness to birth of an ice cloud
25 Synthesizing a five-membered ring nitrogen compound
26 Researchers find ultra-thin solution to primary obstacle in solid-state battery development
27 Rudolph's antlers inspire next generation of unbreakable materials
28 Detection system reads biomolecules in barcoded microgels
29 New approach to water splitting could improve hydrogen production
30 Scientists boost catalytic activity for key chemical reaction in fuel cells
31 Researchers study promising solar cell materials--with laser focus
32 Team uses stem cells to study earliest stages of amniotic sac formation
33 Search on for drug to tame 'hyperactive' zinc transporter and lower type 2 diabetes risk
34 Method devised that allows a ketoreductase enzyme to catalyze non-natural reactions
35 Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials
36 Tuberculosis virulence factor identified, may be target for new drug
37 Researchers create new way to trap dangerous gases
38 Researchers capture video of false killer whale's encounter with longline
39 Jujube genome study sheds light on fruit tree's domestication
40 Mass insect migrations in UK skies
41 Researchers publish reference genome of gulf pipefish
42 Evolution of ideas: Scientists to decode genetic story of Newton's apple
43 Bigger brains outsmart harsh climates
44 How plants adjust photosynthesis in response to fluctuating light intensities
45 The unique visual systems of deep sea fish
46 Temperature drives biodiversity
47 Research reveals codes that control protein expression
48 Firefly gift-giving: Composition of 'nuptial gifts' revealed, shedding light on postmating sexual selection
49 Really big brains can evolve only if constraints on energy intake are lifted
50 Live cell imaging using a smartphone
51 Molecular Velcro boosts microalgae's potential in biofuel, industrial applications
52 Fish sperm race for reproductive success
53 Magnetic force pulls baby reef fish back home
54 Variation in butterfly eggs is driven by female promiscuity
55 Human interactions with dolphins proving to be dangerous to the marine animals
56 Direct transfer of learned behavior via cell fusion in non-neural organisms
57 Researchers crack genetic code determining leaf shape in cotton
58 RNA pathway plays key role in health, lifespan, fly study shows
59 Salamanders brave miles of threatening terrain for the right sex partner
60 Sex evolved to help future generations fight infection, scientists show
61 Mechanism of successful horizontal gene transfer between divergent organisms explained
62 Sex cells evolved to pass on quality mitochondria
63 Biologists use fossils to pinpoint when mammal and dinosaur ancestors became athletes
64 These dinosaurs lost their teeth as they grew up
65 Best of Last Year--The top articles of 2016
66 Astrophotography as a gateway to science
67 Lab experiment demonstrates form of musical evolution
68 Does 'publication bias' affect the 'canonization' of facts in science?
69 New prehistoric bird species discovered
70 Earliest evidence discovered of plants cooked in ancient pottery
71 What makes influential science? Telling a good story
72 Internet use in class tied to lower test scores: study
73 Raw foodies: Europe's earliest humans did not use fire
74 Coastal cave site was a must-see tourist destination for Neanderthals for over 100,000 years
75 Ancient human ancestor was one tall dude, his footprints say
76 Studies of vulnerable populations get a 'bootstrapped' boost from statisticians
77 Environmental messages that promote a return to a positive past found to be more effective in convincing conservatives
78 Forensic technique reveals sex of prehistoric hand stencil artists
79 Applying the '80/20 rule' to social costs: Adults with the most costly problems could be spotted in preschool
80 Sexual harassment common among middle school children, study finds
81 Digitally reconstructed skull and face may reveal Robert the Bruce, king-hero of the Scots
82 Mobile money access lifted two percent of Kenyan households out of poverty: study
83 Report proposes standards for sharing data and code used in computational studies
84 Scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun: study
85 Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail
86 Fossilized evidence of a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammal forerunner
87 Archeologist claims to have found proof that Hebrew was the first written alphabet
88 Plastics compound BPS alters mouse moms' behavior and brain regions
89 MyCode study finds familia hypercholesterolemia is under diagnosed, under treated
90 Heart-related deaths spike at Christmas
91 Here's why you don't feel jet-lagged when you run a fever
92 A stem cell strategy for boosting testosterone levels tested in rodents
93 Controlling the body clock
94 Scientists discover concussion biomarker
95 Exercise may be real medicine for Parkinson's disease
96 Direct-to-brain chemo better than systemic drugs when immunotherapy is to follow
97 For kids, poverty means psychological deficits as adults
98 Human genome sequences linked to health data will change clinical medicine
99 Researchers identify process cells use to destroy damaged organelles, with links to diseases
100 Function of protein that helps control breathing explored
101 Deadly sleeping sickness set to be eliminated in six years
102 Overweight affects DNA methylation
103 Gene test could pinpoint patients sensitive to new type of cancer drug
104 Scientists show how drug binds with 'hidden pocket' on flu virus
105 Scientists accelerate immune response to tuberculosis in mice
106 Hidden hearing loss revealed
107 Research may lead to new treatments to prevent preterm birth
108 Obesity-associated protein could be linked to leukemia development
109 Study potentially explains vulnerability of young cancer patients to treatment toxicities
110 Researchers use mathematics to explain treatment resistance