File Title
1 Competitive males are a blessing and a curse, study reveals
2 Study finds following a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce genetic heart attack risk
3 Low growth in global carbon emissions continues for third successive year
4 New study finds cardiovascular rehabilitation helps reduce risk of death in depressed heart patients
5 Study finds large decrease in coronary heart disease in US
6 USPSTF issues recommendations regarding use of statins for the prevention of cardiovascular disease
7 Two differing medications used during heart procedure are both safe and effective, study finds
8 Catheter ablations reduce risks of stroke in heart patients with stroke history, study finds
9 Study reveals role of spleen in prolonged anxiety after stress
10 New peripheral artery disease guidelines emphasize medical therapy and structured exercise
11 Cardiovascular health linked to cellular aging
12 Physically fit adults have lower statin-induced diabetes risk
13 Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help lower blood pressure in young, healthy adults
14 Most Americans consume too much sodium, not enough potassium
15 Moderate alcohol intake may slow good cholesterol's decline
16 Most smartphone healthy diet applications fall short of recommended guidelines
17 Elderly heart attack survivors rarely filled prescription smoking cessation medications
18 Smoking a pack or more a day increases diabetes risks among blacks
19 Children born by cesarean section may have a greater risk of obesity
20 Drug therapy, LVAD helps severe heart failure patients recover function
21 Inherited taste perceptions may explain why some people eat too much salt
22 Sugary drink sales drop nearly 20 percent after multi-faceted campaign
23 Marijuana use may be linked to temporarily weakened heart muscle
24 Hearing with your eyes--a Western style of speech perception
25 Congenital virus in children with cerebral palsy more common than thought
26 UH Cancer Center researcher finds new driver of an aggressive form of brain cancer
27 Footing the bill for a 'silent' sickness
28 Call for global action to stamp out illegal timber trade
29 Wind and solar energy projects could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural Minnesota
30 Improving pain care through implementation of the Stepped Care Model for Pain Management
31 Buying experiences makes you more grateful, generous
32 Cholesterol lowering drugs cut risk of a first heart attack or stroke
33 Study finds less gloomy outlook for subtropical rainfall
34 Taking the pulse of underwater forests
35 Half of hospitalized atrial fibrillation patients don't receive critical medications
36 Study shows bilingual lupus support and education program has positive impact
37 Survey finds patients with RA their doctors not always on the same page
38 Mississippi River could leave farmland stranded
39 NIH-led effort examines use of big data for infectious disease surveillance
40 Research finds that antibiotic may help in treatment of alcohol use disorder
41 Researchers use acoustic waves to move fluids at the nanoscale
42 NASA finds unusual origins of high-energy electrons
43 TSRI scientists discover how protein senses touch
44 Biologists give bacteria thermostat controls
45 York U researchers find 'sweet' solution to kill E. coli in drinking water
46 General surgery residents prefer flexible work hours for patient care, education
47 Soy protein-based seed coating acts as biostimulant
48 SLU geologists discover how a tectonic plate sank
49 Different strokes for different folks
50 Researchers report new thermoelectric material with high power factors
51 Atomic beltway could solve problems of cosmic gravity
52 Study reports progress in preventing bleeding in atrial fibrillation
53 Mayo researchers identify biomarker to speed diagnosis in brain and spinal cord inflammation
54 Companies pushing 'toddler milk' need oversight, experts warn
55 Does WeChat use make people feel better?
56 Attention, bosses: Why angry employees are bad for business
57 Ability to recognize and recall odors may identify those at risk for Alzheimer's disease
58 Gene deletion allows cancer cells to thrive when migrating within the brain
59 Ensuring medical care is consistent with patient goals
60 Trash that pop can, trash yourself
61 Slow motion waves of jumping genes in the human genome
62 Research shows nerve growth protein controls blood sugar
63 Graphene plasmons reach the infrared
64 Battery cars a better choice for reducing emissions than fuel cells, Stanford study finds
65 Researchers have a better way to predict flight delays
66 Researchers propose noninvasive method to detect bone marrow cancer
67 Mathematical algorithms calculate social behavior
68 Researchers find a better way to save eyesight in third-world countries
69 Risk-taking behaviors tied to racial disparities in HIV in gay communities
70 Cellular 'cannibalism' may be fundamental to development across evolution
71 Canadian and European boreal forests differ but neither is immune to climate change
72 Virginia Tech, CytImmune Sciences create therapy that curbs toxic chemotherapy effects
73 Heater-cooler devices blamed for global Mycobacterium chimaera outbreak
74 Confidence influences eyewitness memory of crimes
75 2-D material a brittle surprise
76 Underwater Stone Age settlement mapped out
77 An innovative active platform for wireless damage monitoring of concrete structures
78 Novel reaction microscope scheme targets biologically relevant molecules
79 Tiny super magnets could be the future of drug delivery
80 Solid-phase extraction of ibuprofen from pharmaceuticals
81 Not without my microbiome
82 Endocrine cells in the brain influence the optimization of behavior
83 Long-term use of opioid patches common among persons with Alzheimer's disease
84 Oxidative stress induces senescence in cultured RPE cell
85 Which genes are crucial for the energy metabolism of Archaea?
86 Study reveals 82 percent of the core ecological processes are now affected by climate change
87 Fetal movement proved to be essential for neuron development in rats
88 Researchers found mathematical structure that was thought not to exist
89 Mild cognitive impairment patients take about 3 medications for concomittant diseases
90 How visual attention selects important information
91 Green-screen keying method cuts time, boosts quality in film compositing
92 Light detector with record-high sensitivity to revolutionize imaging
93 First observations of tongue deformation of plasma based upon the Artsimovich Prediction
94 The power of expectation can restrain hyper-emotional memories in the brain
95 Immune cells identified as the culprit linking hypertension and dementia
96 New way to make low-cost solar cell technology
97 Numenta brings brain theory to machine learning
98 Injectable biologic therapy dramatically reduces triglycerides
99 Study: Compound suggests pain treatment without opioid or medical marijuana side effects
100 X-ray laser gets first real-time snapshots of a chemical flipping a biological switch
101 Study finds limited sign of soil adaptation to climate warming
102 Study supports road map to saving lives through cardiac rehabilitation participation
103 Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring device for people with diabetes in development
104 Cheaper, more effective cleanup of abandoned oil and gas wells
105 Retinitis pigmentosa may be treated by reprogramming sugar metabolism
106 Stronger gun laws tied to decreased firearm homicides
107 The Lancet: Global experts launch Lancet Countdown in response to climate change health crisis
108 Homicide rates rise after introduction of 'Stand Your Ground' self-defense law
109 Red is good--the brain uses color to help us choose what to eat
110 Brain training can help in fight against dementia: Meta-analysis