File Title
1 Using Data Science to Return People to the Labor Force
2 Jersey Was a Must-See Tourist Destination for Neanderthals for Over 100,000 Years
3 Holy Batcave! Personal Sighting Leads UT's Dinets to New Data on Spectral Bat
4 New Diamond Harder than Ring Bling
5 ALMA Finds Compelling Evidence for Pair of Infant Planets Around Young Star
6 Public Willing to Pay to Reduce Toxic Algae--but Maybe Not Enough
7 A New Light on Stellar Death
8 New Study Doubles the Estimate of Bird Species in the World
9 At the Edge of a Cognitive Space
10 New Robot Has a Human Touch
11 Study Shows Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Affect Water Chemistry from Gas Wells
12 It's Basic: Alternative Fuel Cell Technology Reduces Cost
13 Sawdust Reinvented into Super Sponge for Oil Spills
14 Type of Psychotherapy Matters in Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
15 Sub-Saharan Africa Won't Have Enough Grain in 2050--Even if Farmers Max Out Yields
16 Faster (Cheaper) Method for Making Big Bioactive Ring Molecules
17 'Rewired' Cells Show Promise for Targeted Cancer Therapy
18 Energy Cascades in Quasicrystals Trigger an Avalanche of Discovery
19 Earthquake Faults Are Smarter than We Usually Think
20 Teen Use of Any Illicit Drug Other than Marijuana at New Low, Same True for Alcohol
21 Study: Warming Global Temperatures May Not Affect Carbon Stored Deep in Northern Peatlands
22 Study First to Demonstrate Role of Parkin Gene in Eye Lens Free Radical Formation and Cell Survival
23 Johns Hopkins APL, Navy Demonstrate High-Speed, Autonomous Surface Patrol Capability
24 Prof. Develops Model to Mesh Farming, Ecosystems
25 U-M Researchers Map New Zealand Landslides with Satellites, Drones, Helicopters, Hiking Boots
26 Capturing Clouds for LASSO Leads to New Radar Techniques
27 NMU Seeks to Increase Indigenous Women in STEM
28 Laboratory-on-a-Chip Technique Simplifies Detection of Cancer DNA Biomarkers
29 DHS S&T Transition to Practice Program Transitions Eighth Cybersecurity Technology for Commercialization
30 Laser R&D Focuses on Next-Gen. Particle Collider
31 Eat and Be Eaten: Invasive Scavengers in Hawaii Alter Island Nutrient Cycle
32 'Western' Maternal Diet Appears to Raise Obesity Risk in Offspring
33 WCS Campaign to Stop Nigeria's Superhighway Delivers More than 100,000 Petition Signatures to Nigerian Ambassador
34 Breakup of Supercontinent Pangea Cooled Mantle and Thinned Crust
35 Studies of Vulnerable Populations Get a 'Bootstrapped' Boost from Statisticians
36 First Detection of Boron on the Surface of Mars
37 Turfgrass Research Focuses on Irrigation Efficiency, Drought Tolerance
38 Water: Finding the Normal Within the Weird
39 Improving Catalysis Science with Synchrotrons
40 University of Minnesota Research Shows that People Can Control a Robotic Arm with Only Their Minds
41 International Collaboration Receives Grant to Advance Improvements in Cassava Harvests and Nutrition for Smallholder Families in Sub-Saharan Africa
42 Celebrity Chefs Have Poor Food Safety Practices
43 N/A
44 Against the Tide: A Fish Adapting Quickly to Lethal Levels of Pollution
45 Researchers Create New Way to Trap Dangerous Gases
46 Penn State Receives Funding to Demonstrate Low-Carbon Footprint Path
47 Rain Out, Research In
48 Smart Pitching: UAB Engineer Investigates Dead Arms and the Rise of the Teenage Tommy John Surgery
49 UF/IFAS Scientists: Commercially Grown Strawberries Are Not Genetically Engineered
50 Insectivorous Long-Fingered Bats May also Be Capable of Catching Fish, Should the Opportunity Arise
51 How Soil Moisture Can Help Predict Power Outages Caused by Hurricanes
52 Masters of Crystallization
53 FAU to Receive Millions from U.S. Department of Transportation to Improve Florida's and the Nation's Mobility of People and Goods
54 Gonzaga Engineering Students' Research Helps Advance Cars of Future
55 The University of Texas at El Paso Partners with Watershed for Innovative Engineering Class
56 Exciting New Creatures Discovered on Ocean Floor
57 Capturing the Energy of Slow Motion
58 Researchers to Begin $1.5 Million Project for Manufacturing Industry
59 UI Readies for Cassini Finale
60 Lunar Sonic Booms
61 Couch Potatoes Take Note: If You Want to Stick to an Exercise Plan, Try High-Intensity Workouts
62 Hard-Working Soil Provides Year-Round Gifts
63 Fast Track Control Accelerates Switching of Quantum Bits
64 Study: Warming Could Slow Upslope Migration of Trees
65 UT Southwestern Scientists Invent New Way to See Proteins in Motion
66 Ceres: Water Ice in Eternal Polar Night
67 When Horses Are in Trouble They Ask Humans for Help
68 Supercomputer Simulations Confirm Observations of 2015 India/Pakistan Heat Waves
69 Microlensing Study Suggests Most Common Outer Planets Likely Neptune-Mass
70 Astronomers Discover Dark Past of Planet-Eating 'Death Star'
71 Scientists Develop a Path Toward Improved High-Energy Accelerators
72 Research Offers Multiple Lessons
73 Ceres: Water Ice in Eternal Polar Night
74 New Finding Reveals Battle Behind Gene Expression
75 New Graphene-Based System Could Help Us 'See' Electrical Signaling in Heart and Nerve Cells
76 International Conference on Eating Disorders Will Embrace Diverse Perspectives in Treatment, Prevention and Research
77 There's an "Ome" for That
78 Scientists Boost Catalytic Activity for Key Chemical Reaction in Fuel Cells
79 The Hidden Side of Sulfur
80 Blood Flow Modeling Sparks Passion for Biomedical Engineering
81 What Makes Influential Science? Telling a Good Story
82 Bai Jiu: Chinese Moonshine Has High Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Levels
83 CSU Channel Islands Biologist Discovers Naturally Occurring Molecules that May Have Munched Up Methane After Aliso Canyon, CA Gas Leak
84 Many Muons: Imaging the Underground with Help from the Cosmos
85 Space Telescope Science Institute to Host Data from World's Largest Digital Sky Survey [cf. 90]
86 Early Life Social Stress Has Long-Term Impact on Brain Networks in Rats
87 New Approach to Water Splitting Could Improve Hydrogen Production
88 New Technology Coordinates Drones in Team Missions
89 Twelve UB Research Projects that Caught the World's Attention in 2016
90 Astronomers Release Largest Digital Survey of the Visible Universe [cf. 85]
91 New Stem Cell Delivery Approach Regenerates Dental Pulp-Like Tissue in a Rodent Model
92 Detection System Reads Biomolecules in Barcoded Microgels
93 Arctic Lakes Thawing Earlier Each Year
94 New Leaf Study Sheds Light on 'Shady' Past
95 ALPHA Shines Light on Antimatter Question
96 Barramundi Populations at Risk from Acid Oceans
97 The Case of the Missing Diamonds
98 Democratizing the Space Race with Nanosatellite Technology
99 Metformin Reverses Metabolic Memory in a Diabetes Model
100 New Prehistoric Bird Species Discovered
101 First Use of Graphene to Detect Cancer Cells
102 A Tectonic Shift in Predicting Earthquakes, Volcanic Hazards
103 Investing in Fisheries Management Improves Fish Populations
104 Cool Image: Adding Color to the Gray World of Electron Microscopy
105 WCS Spearheads Conservation Science for U.S. Jaguar Recovery Plan
106 Study Finds Dietary Sugar Guidelines Are Based on Low Quality Evidence
107 UW Researcher Pursues Synthetic 'Scaffolds' for Muscle Regeneration
108 LJI Researchers Strengthen the Case for Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus
109 Laser Pulses Help Scientists Tease Apart Complex Electron Interactions
110 Researchers Model How 'Publication Bias' Does--and Doesn't--Affect the 'Canonization' of Facts in Science