File Title
1 Monell Center Receives Funding to Develop Technologies to Improve Taste of Lifesaving Drugs
2 For the First Time, Scientists Catch Water Molecules Passing the Proton Baton
3 URI Professor Arun Shukla Helps Military Create Bomb-Resistant Materials
4 Climate Change Will Drive Stronger, Smaller Storms in U.S., New Modeling Approach Forecasts
5 Physics Tomorrow
6 Exploring the Fate of the Earth's Storehouse of Carbon
7 Birmingham and Indian Scientists Meet to Investigate Air Pollution Causes
8 PPPL and Max Planck Physicists Confirm the Precision of Magnetic Fields in the Most Advanced Stellarator in the World
9 Exotic Insulator May Hold Clue to Key Mystery of Modern Physics
10 Cooling Technique Helps Researchers "Target" a Major Component for a New Collider
11 What Makes Your Voice Yours?
12 Fast, Efficient Sperm Tails Inspire Nanobiotechnology
13 Evaluation of Scientific Rigor in Animal Research
14 New Tool Uses UV Light to Control Inflammation
15 Research Points to Orb2 as a Physical Substrate for Memory Strength, Retention
16 New Study Reveals Relationships Between Chemicals Found on Comets
17 Biomarker May Predict Which Formerly Treated Cancer Patients Will Develop Highly Fatal Form of Leukemia
18 A Bacterial Aphrodisiac, Amyloids Protecting Dormant Eggs and Zika's Cellular Damage Among Top Honor Cell Biology Picks at ASCB 2016
19 Baby Boomers on Dope: Recreational Marijuana Use Is on the Rise Among Adults Over 50
20 Three New ASCB Celldance Video Awards Take You Inside Living Cells
21 UF/IFAS Citizen Scientists Find Microplastics Have Big Presence in Coastal Waters
22 Drones Could Be Key Piece of Future Thunderstorm Prediction Process
23 'Spooky' Sightings in Crystal Point to Extremely Rare Quantum Spin Liquid
24 Babies' First Words Can Be Predicted Based on Visual Attention, IU Study Finds
25 New Study of Water-Saving Plants Advances Efforts to Develop Drought-Resistant Crops
26 Malaria Mystery: Researchers Find Overwhelming Evidence of Malaria's Existence 2,000 Years Ago at the Height of the Roman Empire
27 Students Create Innovative Prototypes at Cal State LA Biohack
28 Female Lemurs with Color Vision Provide Advantages for Their Group
29 New LED Display Lights Help Improve Taste of Milk, Virginia Tech Researchers Find
30 Is Your Favorite Ballplayer Hitting When It Matters, or Just Padding His Stats?
31 Nivolumab with Chemotherapy Improves Response, Survival in AML Study Patients
32 Simple Processing Technique Could Cut Cost of Organic PV and Wearable Electronics
33 Virginia Tech Geoscientists Size-Up Early Dinosaurs, Find Surprising Variation
34 Plug in for Renewable Energy
35 No Peeking: Humans Play Computer Game Using Only Direct Brain Stimulation
36 Resilience: A Small, Quiet Word with Huge Alcohol Use Disorder Implications
37 Cancer Research Institute and Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation Announce Partnership to Fund Cancer Immunotherapy Research in Ultra-Rare Liver Cancer
38 Bacteria Produce Aphrodisiac that Sets Off Protozoan Mating Swarm
39 Robotic Bridge Inspection, Preservation Is Focus of New Transportation Center
40 Iowa State Scientist Uses Clam Shells to Help Build 1,000-Year Record of Ocean Climate
41 Ban on Triclosan Shows Need for New Chemicals to Demonstrate Efficacy and Safety
42 NDSU Researcher Awarded $1.89 Million Grant for Alzheimer's Study
43 Global Habitat Loss Still Rampant Across Much of the Earth
44 Improving the Resolution of Lithography
45 Days of Record-Breaking Heat Ahead
46 Predicting Unpredictability: Information Theory Offers New Way to Read Ice Cores
47 Put People at the Center of Conservation, New Study Advises
48 In a National First, UCI Injects Renewable Hydrogen into Campus Power Supply
49 Bacterial Mechanism Converts Nitrogen to Greenhouse Gas
50 Second-Generation Stars Identified, Giving Clues About Their Predecessors
51 Wild Horse Overpopulation Is Causing Environmental Damage
52 Are Barley Sprouts Good for Dairy Cattle?
53 Queen's University Belfast Expert Leading 4 million euros Bid to Reduce Impact of Chemicals on Long-Term Health
54 Uncovering the Secrets of Water and Ice as Materials
55 Blocks of Ice Demonstrate Levitated and Directed Motion
56 TET Proteins Drive Early Neurogenesis
57 Critical Zone, Critical Research
58 Saturn's Bulging Core Implies Moons Younger than Thought
59 Scientists Shed New Light on How the Brain Processes & Maintains What We Don't See
60 Greenland on Thin Ice?
61 East Greenland Ice Sheet Has Responded to Climate Change Over the Last 7.5 Million Years
62 New Studies Take a Second Look at Coral Bleaching Culprit
63 Closing the Carbon Loop
64 Sandia Labs, Singapore Join Forces to Develop Energy Storage
65 Scientists Improve Predictions of How Temperature Affects the Survival of Fish Embryos
66 Scientists Track Chemical and Structural Evolution of Catalytic Nanoparticles in 3D
67 Microorganisms Isolated in Cave Helps Researchers Understand the Origins of Antibiotic Resistance
68 New Study Traces the Origins of Marsupials in N. America, Find Mammals During Age of Dinosaurs Packed a Powerful Bite
69 Weather Radar Helps Researchers Track Bird Flu
70 Jefferson Lab-NVIDIA Collaboration Uses Titan's GPUs to Boost Subatomic Particle Research
71 DHS S&T and Israeli Partners Call for Proposals on Advanced First Responder Technologies
72 Observing Crystallization at the Molecular Level for the First Time
73 Hunting the Wild Fava
74 Will Earth Still Exist 5 Billion Years from Now?
75 Magnetic Reconnection Research Sheds Light on Explosive Phenomena in Astrophysics and Fusion Experiments
76 Fossilized Evidence of a Tumor in a 255-Million-Year-Old Mammal Forerunner
77 Producing Healthier Piglets by Meeting Pregnant Sows' Nutritional Needs
78 How to Make a Motor Neuron
79 Smallpox, Once Thought an Ancient Disease, May Have Emerged in More Recent Times, Raising Questions About Its Role in History
80 Amber Specimen Offers Rare Glimpse of Feathered Dinosaur Tail
81 Researchers Peer into Atom-Sized Tunnels in Hunt for Better Battery
82 The Irresistible Resistome: How Infant Diapers Might Help Combat Antibiotic Resistance (Sort of)
83 Scientists Determine How Much Damage Memory Devices Can Take in Mass Transit Accidents
84 Climate Change Is Already Causing Widespread Local Extinction in Plant and Animal Species
85 Pioneering Nanotechnology Captures Energy from People
86 'Hyper-Starburst' Galaxy Churns Out Stars, Clues to Universe's Evolution
87 Prof. Steve WaiChing Sun Wins Air Force's Young Investigator Program Award
88 Trapdoor spiders disappearing from Australian landscape
89 Researchers: Climate Change Likely Caused Deadly 2016 Avalanche in Tibet
90 UF/IFAS Extension Program Has Five Tips for Fresh, Healthy Holiday Eating
91 Sand Absorbs High-Speed Ballistic Impact Better than Steel: NUS Study
92 How the Fed Joined the Fight Against Climate Change: Financial Expert Comments
93 Wind Turbines May Have Beneficial Effects for Crops, According to Iowa State University Research
94 Image-Guided Biopsy Identifies Patients Who Achieve Pathologic Complete Response After Neoadjuvant Therapy
95 Neutrons Identify Key Ingredients of the Quantum Spin Liquid Recipe
96 Hubble Catches a Transformation in the Virgo Constellation
97 Beans and Peas Increase Fullness More than Meat
98 Older Women with Breast Cancer Report Better Cosmetic Satisfaction with Less Radiation, Less Surgery
99 Yale Linguists Explore the Evolution of Color in New Study
100 Ancient Enzyme Morphed Shape to Carry Out New Functions in Humans
101 A Peaceable Risk and Resilience Revolution Is Happening in San Diego
102 Lending a Hand: Student 3D Prints Functional, Affordable Prosthetic
103 Martian Mountains, Manmade Earthquake Detection and More from the U at AGU
104 Cow Gene Study Shows Why Most Clones Fail
105 Liver-Transplant Patients Can Benefit from Screening by an Addiction Specialist
106 Mountain Glaciers Are Showing Some of the Strongest Responses to Climate Change
107 NAU Scientist Pioneers Novel Ways to Study Endangered Baleen Whales
108 Researchers' Discovery of New Verbal Working Memory Architecture Has Implications for Artificial Intelligence
109 Gulf of Mexico Alliance to Participate in National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration
110 How Hearing Loss Can Change the Way Nerve Cells Are Wired