File Title
1 World's Oldest Wild Breeding Bird Is Expecting Her 41st Chick
2 Extinction-Level Superflares May Blast Earth's Nearest Exoplanet Proxima b
3 New Test Could Improve Diagnosis of Rare, Fatal Brain Disorder
4 Santa's Reindeer Feel the Heat as Numbers Shrink Worldwide
5 Underwater Hebrew Tablet Reveals Biblical-Era Ruler of Judea
6 Hat-Shaped Spider Named for Magical Object in 'Harry Potter'
7 Could a Limestone Sunshade Cool the Planet?
8 Rudolph Is Shrinking: Climate Change Is Starving Santa's Reindeer
9 Forget Selfie Sticks: This Drone Captures Photos and Videos in Midair
10 Leading Causes of Death in US Vary Greatly by Region
11 What Is Consciousness? Physicists Look for Answers
12 Older but Wiser: Why Risky Behavior Declines with Age
13 Excavations of Greek 'Village' Reveal Ancient Metropolis
14 Syrian Refugees Flee from War...and into Risky Earthquake Areas
15 Rick Perry Tapped to Run Energy Agency He Vowed to Kill
16 Sounding the Alarm: Comets Pose Threat to Earth, Too
17 Teen Use of Many Drugs Drops to Record Lows
18 Ice Watch: Satellites Reveal How Glaciers Creep and Crawl
19 'Pokemon Go' Got Players Moving for 6 Weeks...Then Fizzled
20 Asparagus Pee? Why Only Some People Smell It
21 Reference: Facts About Pangolins
22 Hundreds of Scientists Rally to Protect Climate Science
23 'Lucy' Species May Have Been Polygynous
24 Giant Megalodon Shark Teeth May Have Inspired Mayan Monster Myths
25 Mysterious 'Crater' in Antarctica Has Ominous Cause
26 2016 'Arctic Report Card' Gives Grim Evaluation
27 Tiny Starfish Larva Mesmerizes in Award-Winning Video
28 'Slow Motion' Earthquake Put New Zealand at Risk for Another Temblor
29 62-Foot Wave Off Iceland Smashes World Record
30 Jingle Bytes? Artificial Intelligence Writes a Christmas Song
31 Real, Fake or Natural? Why Sweetener Type May Not Matter for Diet
32 Alan Thicke's Death: How Do Heart Attacks Kill So Fast?
33 Is Climate Change Shrinking Glaciers? Likelihood Is 99 Percent
34 Cold War-Era Satellites Spy on Himalayan Glaciers
35 New Sea-Level Rise Projection Raises Threat to World's Coasts
36 Atacama Desert May Have Been Marshland When First Settlers Arrived
37 Do Hair and Nails Keep Growing After a Person Dies?
38 Polar Vortex: The Chilly Science of an Arctic Blast
39 For Goodness' Sake? Santa Delivers for Both Naughty and Nice Kids, Study Finds
40 Here's What Caused the New York City 'Zombie' Outbreak
41 Imaging Advance May Soon Show Unborn Babies in 3D
42 Earth's Biggest Diamonds May Form in Strange 'Metal Pools'
43 Glowworms Spit Out Urine Ingredient to Make Webs Sticky
44 Aging May Be Reversible: Researchers Rejuvenate Older Mice
45 Denying Abortion Access May Harm Women's Mental Health
46 'Mic'd Up' Underwater Volcano Offers Unique Glimpse of Submarine Eruptions
47 What Does the Department of Energy Do, Really?
48 Water Ice Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres, Hidden in Permanent Shadow
49 Isaac Newton's Book Auctioned for Record-Setting $3.7 Million
50 How Researchers Tapped into Brain Activity to Boost People's Confidence
51 Reference: Who Invented the Traffic Light?
52 Hairy Crab and Other Bizarre Creatures Found at Deep-Sea 'Smoker'
53 Mysterious Metallic Sound in the Mariana Trench Finally Identified
54 How to Build a Death Star
55 Zap! 'Petrified Lightning' Could Reveal the Shocking Heat of the Strikes
56 Winter Outlook 2017: What's the Forecast for Your Region?
57 'Very Dangerous' Powdered Gloves Banned for Doctors
58 IBM's Watson Turns Its Computer Brain to NASA Research
59 Hundreds of Historic Texts Hidden in ISIS-Occupied Monastery
60 New Flying Robots Take Cues from Airborne Animals
61 Newfound Plant Named for Music Legend Jimi Hendrix
62 Could an Earthquake 'Invisibility Cloak' Shield Buildings from Damage?
63 'Nightmare' Superbug May Have Spread Outside Hospitals
64 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
65 How to Search for Life on Mars
66 Anxiety May Give Dogs Gray Hair
67 Your Giving Brain: Are Humans 'Hardwired' for Generosity?
68 Marijuana Use on the Rise Among Pregnant Women
69 If an Asteroid Hits the Ocean, Does It Make a Tsunami? (Probably Not)
70 Molten 'Jet Stream' Discovered Deep Inside Earth
71 Dozens Dead in Siberia from Drinking Bath Oil: How Methanol Kills
72 Why Do Kids Believe in Santa Claus?
73 Patients Treated by Female Docs Have Lower Risk of Death
74 Space Junk Solution? Japan Would Use a Tether to Nab Debris & Destroy It
75 Are Mars' Dark Streaks Really Evidence of Liquid Water?
76 Europe's Galileo satellites herald new era for Earth science
77 Solar System's biggest asteroid is an ancient ocean world
78 Pitch-aware marmosets provide new model for human hearing
79 Satellite system tracks glaciers' flow in real time
80 Boost your career prospects in 2017 [links to Nature's best career articles 2016]
81 Nature's 10 [Ten people who mattered this year]
82 US drug approvals plummet in 2016
83 Ephemeral antimatter atoms pinned down in milestone laser test
84 Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a grant
85 World Health Organization rethinks its response to disease outbreaks
86 Swiss survey highlights potential flaws in animal studies
87 US Earth scientists plan for uncertain future under Trump
88 Why humans develop sex cells as embryos--but corals don't
89 Wolf transplant could reset iconic island study
90 Sequence reveals genes behind bizarre sea-horse traits
91 Place your bets for a white Christmas
92 Raise the importance of retirement policy
93 How Woody Guthrie can help us fight for science
94 Make better, safer biomaterials
95 Take the long view [making research more relevant]
96 Researchers Take First Look into the "Eye" of Majoranas
97 Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Cancer Research Institute Launch Collaboration on Cancer Neoantigens
98 The Wistar Institute Awarded Nearly $9 Million to Advance Synthetic DNA Antibody-Based Therapy to Protect Against Zika Virus
99 Feathered Fathers and Mothers Have Diverse Parenting Arrangements, According to Research in Nature
100 Bethlehem Star May Not Be a Star After All
101 Building from the Ground Up
102 FAU's Brain Institute in Jupiter Designated a 'Nikon Center of Excellence'
103 A Cleaner, More Efficient Car? FSU Professor Designs New Material to Better Store Hydrogen Fuel
104 Scripps Florida Scientists Identify Novel Compound to Alleviate Pain and Itch
105 A Friend of a Friend Is...a Dense Network
106 Fertilized Egg Cells Trigger and Monitor Loss of Sperm's Epigenetic Memory
107 Study Shows Many Lakes Getting Murkier, but Gives Hope for Improvement
108 Study Finds Hearing "Meaningful" Sounds Decreases Performance on Cognitive Tasks
109 Increasing Tornado Outbreaks--Is Climate Change Responsible?
110 Houston Methodist Receives Award for Implantable HIV Drug Delivery Device