File Title
1 NASA to Push Through Earth Science Missions Amid Potential Budget Cuts
2 Simple Tips to Be the Best Gift-Giver this Holiday Season, According to Science
3 ALERT: Repeated Yo-Yo Dieting May Only Lead to More Weight Gain
4 Global Warming Impact: Climate Change Elicited Different Response Across Ice Age Vertebrate Species
5 Depression, Suicidal Ideation Remain a Big Problem in Medical Schools
6 Who Sits on the Board Behind Google DeepMind? No One Still Knows
7 China Overtakes Japan as the New Leader of Science and Technology
8 Google DeepMind Publicly Releases AI Training Platform
9 Scientists Develop New Telescope Chip that Can Spy on Alien Life, ExoPlanets
10 Around 50 Percent of Humans Easily Believe in False Memory, Fake Facts
11 Gummy Bears with Unusual Ingredient Sent Over a Dozen Students to Hospital
12 Men Tend to Overeat During Social Gatherings to Show Off
13 Saturn's Moons Could Be Younger than Previously Thought
14 More than Meets the Eye: New Study Reveals Benefits of Dust Storms on Marine Life
15 Beta Glucans in Cereals: The New Cholesterol-Lowering, Heart Disease Cure?
16 Bird in Protective Goggles Creates Vortex to Aid Flight Research
17 Goodbye Infertility: Common Cancer Drug Triggers Egg Development!
18 Evidence of Earth's Slower Spin Found in Ancient Tablets
19 How Do We Retain Memories? Scientists Discover 'Blocking' Process When Waking
20 New Risk Index Shows Promising Results in Predicting Dementia in Older Adults
21 Newly Discovered Protein Helps Protect Body from Intestinal Bacteria
22 WARNING: Too Much Alcohol During Adolescence Could Alter Brain Development
23 Nitrogen in Ancient Rocks Could Detect Signs of Early Alien Life on Mars
24 Scientists Invent Leaping Robot for Search and Rescue During Disasters
25 How a Mummified Child in Lithuania Could Rewrite the History of Small Pox
26 Ancient Sun-Like Star Provides Insight on Earth's Death 5 Billion Years from Now
27 Bacterium Found 1,000 Feet Underground Showed Resistance to 18 Different Antibiotics
28 Low-Calorie Sweetener Sans the Tooth Decay! Experts Develop Cheap, Sustainable Way to Make Polyalcohols
29 Warning: Bacteria in Uncooked Chicken Poses Risk for Guillain-Barre Syndrome, New Study Shows
30 GeoCARB: NASA Rolls Out Second Earth Venture Mission
31 LOOK: Mystery Images Made with Commercial Inkjet Printers
32 Cryogenic Science Can Help Improve Renewable Energy, Scientists Say
33 Human Motions Could Soon Power Smartphones, Wearable Devices
34 Bye, Hair Loss! Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Could Now Preserve Their Hair
35 The Gentle Bot: Researchers Develop Robot with 'Human Touch'
36 Couch Potato No More: Nanogenerator Harvests Can Let You Power LCD Screens by Just Swiping
37 How Eating Legumes Could Help You Lose Weight
38 RNA Modification Plays Crucial Role in Brain Function, Scientists Find
39 Extraterrestrial Expose: Vatican to Reveal Its Best-Kept Alien Secrets Soon?
40 Gene-Editing Technology for Free? MIT, Harvard, UC in Heated Debate to Privatize CRISPR
41 If Humans Evolved from Primates, Why Can't Monkeys Talk?
42 Amazing Discovery: Smallpox Affected Humans More Recently than Previously Thought
43 Amazing Discovery: First 'Well-Preserved' Feathery Dinosaur Tail Found in Amber
44 ALERT: Mysterious Lake in East Antarctica Could Promote Ice Shelf Collapse
45 Astronomers Mistaken Supermassive Black Hole Munching a Star as the Brightest Supernova Ever Found
46 ALERT: Over 120 Small Quakes Near Mount St. Helens Signal Future Volcanic Eruption
47 Heavenly Fight for Spotlight: December Supermoon to Outshine Geminid Meteor Shower
48 Robots Are Starting to Learn How to Use Motor Skills on Their Own
49 LOOK: Charge Your Phone with a Touch of a Finger
50 Microsoft Speeds Up Deep Learning Training from Weeks to Minutes
51 A Solid Win for Space: Senate Unanimously Approves NASA Transition Authorization Act
52 Ancient Rats May Have Eaten Dinosaurs, Scientists Say
53 Biofuel at Its Best: Oil from Recycled Tyres Offers Same Engine Performance for Less Emissions
54 WARNING: Several Products Taken Off the Shelf Due to Contaminated Milk Powder
55 Comets Could Be More Dangerous than Previously Thought
56 Amazing Discovery: 2,500-Year-Old City Uncovered in Greece
57 Scientists Uncover Mystery Behind the 1952 Killer Fog in London
58 UC Irvine Implements New Way to Store and Use Surplus Sustainable Energy
59 LOOK: A Robot Hand with a Human Touch
60 Strange 'Cylindrical Cloud' Found in the Skies of Japan
61 New CRISPR 'Off-Switch' Provides Greater Control on Gene Editing Method
62 Earth Unprepared for Surprise Asteroid Hit
63 Scientists Scramble to Save Climate Data from 'Disappearing' During Trump Administration
64 General Relativity Standard Model Is Breaking Down, Black Hole Data Reveals
65 LOOK: A Mineral that Is Harder than Diamond
66 The Evolution of Color: Why Is Orange Orange and the Origins of Color Names
67 Rocket Lab Says Electron Launch Vehicle All Set for Test Flights in 2017
68 'Vampire' Bodies Found in Poland
69 WATCH: Japanese 'White Stork' Successfully Captured, Installed at the International Space Station [Video]
70 Triple Threat: Americans Dying from Drugs, Alcohol, Mental Disorders at an All Time High
71 This Non-Invasive Brain Cap Allows People to Control a Robotic Arm with Their Minds
72 ALERT: Large Submarine Landslide on Great Bahama Bank Could Increase Tsunami Risk in Florida, Cuba
73 Baleen Whale Calls from Mariana Trench, Experts Say It Sounds like 'Star Wars'
74 Denying Women Access to Abortion More Harmful to Their Mental Health than Having Actual Abortion, Study Finds
75 NASA and 3 Major Universities Reveal Amazing Discoveries About Earth's Ionosphere
76 Narcoleptic Drug, the Next Best Weight-Loss Pill to Curb Food Addiction, Research Says
77 Fat Is Bad: Doctors Discover More Proof that Fat May Fuel Cancer Spread
78 Hominin Playboys: Ancient Footprints in Tanzania Reveal Austrolopithecus Afarensis was Polygynous
79 Aye, Sight! New Treatment Can Give Legally Blind Perfect Vision!
80 Amazing Discovery: ALMA Observes Formation of New Solar System 450 Light-Years Away
81 Einstein's Theory of Relativity Explains How Santa Can Fit in Chimneys, Deliver Gifts Without a Trace
82 JUST IN: Babies with 3 Biological Parents the Hope of Mankind's Future?
83 Edit Earth Literally: Aerosol and Solar Geoengineering to Solve Ozone Damage
84 The Land of UFO Mystery: The Weirdest Alien Encounters by the People of Roswell
85 Gene Editing: CRISPR Human Trials in US Due to Start
86 Our Ancient Ancestor May Have Been Polygynous, Studies Show
87 Was the speed of light faster at the beginning of the universe?
88 Bacteria resistant to antibiotic of last resort found in US piggery
89 Four-legged fossils help fill gap in evolutionary history
90 Human misuse of antibiotics puts chimpanzees at superbug risk
91 Solar panels have paid their energy debt (or are very close to it)
92 Earth's spin is slowing, but not as much as it should
93 Old clams give up ocean climate secrets
94 First vaccine for chronic gum disease
95 Flashing light clears toxic brain protein in mice with Alzheimer's
96 Saturn's moons are recent companions, but they're drifting away
97 How a tiny genetic typo helped grow our big brain
98 Hitting the right notes makes zebra finches feel good
99 Silly putty makes seriously state-of-the-art sensors
100 Strange meteorites hint at young Jupiter's travels
101 New theory of 'dark gravity' passes first test, but Einstein's still on top
102 Supermassive black hole spotted tearing star to shreds: study
103 Cloudy with a chance of crystals: is this weather on a giant exoplanet?
104 The truth about 'man flu'--why viruses may go easier on women
105 How breast cancer spreads before tumours can be detected
106 Wild bats instinctively catch fish--and even improve with practice
107 Sticky glowworm traps are spiked with urine
108 Lampreys suck at swimming, but it helps them move faster
109 Jupiter's ammonia plumes run deep, Juno finds
110 Underwater volcano eruption predicted months in advance
111 Dwarf planet Ceres is flush with water