File Title
1 Fresh look at old data shows the sun is surprisingly sluggish
2 Machine learning lets computer create melodies to fit any lyrics
3 Vaping by US high schoolers has increased by 900 percent
4 Exclusive: Mexico clinic plans 20 'three-parent' babies in 2017
5 Monkeys should be able to talk just like us--so why don't they?
6 Rare Arabian leopards forced out by frankincense harvesters
7 Cracking Arrival-like alien languages is gaming's new frontier
8 Mystery Antarctic circle means ice is melting from surface down
9 First exoplanet weather report shows clouds of ruby and sapphire
10 Can we really predict who will cost society the most money?
11 Wikipedia 'facts' depend on which language you read them in
12 Future air conditioning could work by beaming heat into space
13 Viruses may have evolved to hit men hard but go easy on women
14 First evidence that wild mammals benefit from bigger brains
15 Oldest early human footprints suggest males had several 'wives'
16 Amazon makes its first Prime Air drone delivery to a customer
17 Antibacterial products may help bacteria beat antibiotics
18 Gene editing starts to save lives as human trials get under way
19 Augmented reality set to overtake VR as new apps go live
20 The 12 biggest and best science stories of 2016
21 End of species extinctions is in sight as we bring animals back
22 Cassini's grand finale will see orbiter plunge into Saturn
23 First babies from menopausal mothers' own eggs may be born soon
24 We will soon be able to read minds and share our thoughts
25 First babies from menopausal mothers' own eggs may be born soon
26 N/A
27 LIGO should more than double its gravitational wave haul in 2017
28 Antibiotic resistance will hit a terrible tipping point in 2017
29 People prepare to fight their governments on climate change
30 DeepMind's AI wants to beat us at video game StarCraft next
31 Cave glow-worms vomit long sticky urine threads to catch prey
32 Augmented reality set to overtake VR as new apps go live
33 N/A
34 MIT Successfully Freezes Water at Normal Boiling Point
35 Researchers Map Out Damage of the Worst Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef Ever Recorded
36 Amazing Discovery: Medicine-Making Microbes Found in Dirt Beneath New York City
37 No Brexit in Space: Britain Backs ESA, Rejects MP's Call for a Homegrown Space Program
38 Moderate Coffee Consumption Linked to Reduced Risk of Age-Related Cognitive Decline
39 This Newly Developed Compound Could Slow Down Progression of Cancer
40 Staying in Space Might Be Bad for Humans After All, Here's Why
41 Many-Interacting Worlds Theory May Prove that Parallel Universes Are Real and Interacting!
42 What's for Dinner? Crunchy Honey Bee Larvae and Pupae Are on the Menu!
43 The Original Carrot Color: Orange or Purple?
44 Elon Musk's SpaceX Plans to Provide 200x Better Internet Globally
45 We Are One Step Closer to 'Living Computers' with 'Human Brains,' Scientists Say
46 'Hungry' Bacteria Can Harvest Energy in Sewage, Research Finds
47 Don't Sweat It! Stick-on Sweat Monitor Tells You When to Hydrate
48 Mars or Your Eyes? Astronauts Could Go Blind, Rapid Visual Decline Explained in New Study
49 Is Football Dangerous? Study Warns Head Injuries from One Football Season Can Alter Normal Brain Functions
50 Scientists Discover Evidence of Ancient Life on Earth Before Oxygen Existed
51 ALERT: Over-Obsessing Over Your Child's Grade Might be Detrimental to Their Well-Being
52 These Tiny Glowing Crystals Could Detect Toxins, Clean Contaminated Drinking Water
53 NASA Decommissions Ocean Wind Monitoring System Aboard ISS
54 NASA's Laser-Imaging Tech Could Aid in Studying Earth's Ancient Fossils
55 Time Travel Is Actually Possible with Parallel Dimensions, Say Physicists
56 Bye, Chernobyl! Nuclear Waste Powered Diamond Batteries that Could Last a Lifetime
57 Taking Certain Epilepsy Drugs During Pregnancy Linked to Higher Risk of Birth Defect
58 Scientists Urge Trump to Hire a 'Competent' Science Adviser
59 How to Win NASA's $30,000 'Space Poop' Challenge
60 Here's the Real Reason Why Adults like Adult Coloring Books
61 Cloned Dogs with Enhanced Abilities to Help Russian Police in Siberia
62 New Artificial Intelligence System Can Predict the Future in Frames via 2M Videos
63 Antarctica Could Collapse in 100 Years, Scientists Say
64 Tech Blackout from Gigantic Solar Storm Predicted for 2020
65 Africa's First Step to the Space Race Starts in 2017
66 Robot Toddlers Show Scientists a Child's Learning Process
67 Scientists Create First 'Water-Wave Laser' that Can Be Used in New Drug Therapies
68 Game Changer: Scientists Develop New Technique to Test Antibiotic Efficiency
69 ADHD Drug Amphetamine Can Improve Endurance, New Study Says
70 Human Ancestor 'Lucy' Mostly Climbed Trees than Walked
71 Human Embryo Experiment Makes 3-Parent IVF Safer, Sets Stage for Human Trials
72 Ice Balloons: NASA Begins Antarctica Balloon Flight Campaign
73 Over 50 Trillion Kilograms of Carbon Will Be Released from Soil if Climate Change Doesn't Stop
74 Ecstacy Could Become the New Face of PTSD Treatments
75 Zika Update: Virus Linked to Permanent Eye Damage in Infants
76 Astronomers Identify Smallest Asteroid Ever Characterized in Detail
77 Party Drug No More? How Ecstacy Could Be the New Cure for PTSD
78 Want Faster Electronics? Researchers Use Light in Transistors
79 Dronebusters: Drone Gun Can Take Down Drones with Radio Waves
80 Bacteria Causing Aging Found? Scientists Believe Aging Should Be Classified as a Disease
81 A Single Dose of this Magic Shroom Could Reduce Depression, Anxiety in Terminal Patients
82 North Carolina Protects Its Native Venus Flytrap Against Poachers
83 Nestle to Cut Down Sugar Contents of Chocolates Using 'Hollow' Sugar
84 Baby Memories Can Return When Triggered, Study Says
85 Got Bad Memories? Don't Sleep on Them, Scientists Suggest
86 Different Speeds of Light? Scientists Observe Wacky Behavior of Neutron Star
87 New CRISPR Experiment Corrects Clotting in Mice
88 Study Suggests Religion Activates Reward Centers Similar to Food, Sex
89 Trump to Shut Down NASA Earth Science; What Will Happen to the Planet?
90 New 'Sex Drive Device' Experiment Proves that Brain Stimulation Affects Sexual Arousal
91 Man-Made Shooting Stars? This Japanese Invention is the Newest Form of Science Research
92 This Experimental Therapy Allegedly Cured Cancer Patient
93 7th Row of Periodic Table Deemed Obsolete, 4 New Elements Officially Added
94 Feel the Burn: Sanders Questions Misleading Climate Change Tweet of House Science Committee
95 Scientists Identify a Way to Turn Off Asthma Attacks
96 Just Keep Swimming! Speedy Sperm Tails Boost Nanobiotechnology
97 History Unlocked: Mysterious Mummified Legs Belonged to Queen Nefertari, Scientists Confirm
98 The Universe Is Starting to Die, Scientists Say
99 Bacteria Living in the Gut Could be Responsible for Parkinson's Disease
100 Patients Treated for Cancer More Likely to Develop Highly Fatal Form of Leukemia
101 Eating a Handful of Nuts Every Day Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer
102 'Dark Matter' of Memory to Unlock Secrets to Learning, Brain Disorders, Study Says
103 People with Cataracts More Likely to Experience Depression
104 Climate Change Could Increase the Risk of Extreme Rainfall
105 Ready for Space Travel? $10,000 Lunar Vacations Will Be Possible in 10 Years
106 New LED Lights Could Help Milk Taste Better
107 Occasional Smoking Could Still Result to Earlier Death, Study Suggests
108 To Wax or Not to Wax? Pubic Hair Grooming Increases Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections Dramatically
109 This Futuristic Motorcycle Can Power an Entire Home
110 This Is the Reason Why Our Skin Does Not Leak