File Title
1 Happy salmon swim bette
2 Improving child-teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers' stress levels
3 Nomads no more, leatherback turtles find permanent coastal home
4 Sea ice hit record lows in November
5 Scientists improve predictions of how temperature affects the survival of fish embryos
6 Put people at the center of conservation, new study advises
7 Ice age vertebrates had mixed responses to climate change
8 Controlling gene activity in human development
9 What makes a neuron a neuron?
10 Predicting unpredictability: Information theory offers new way to read ice cores
11 Global habitat loss still rampant across much of the Earth
12 Hispanic adults with diabetes could benefit from peer support interventions
13 How to turn white fat brown
14 Uterine microbiota play a key role in implantation and pregnancy success in in vitro fertilization
15 Side effects of leukemia drug can be safely reduced by halving dose
16 High renewable electricity growth continued in 2015
17 Iowa State scientist uses clam shells to help build 1,000-year record of ocean climate
18 Ban on triclosan shows need for new chemicals to demonstrate efficacy and safety
19 How should patients be monitored for prostate cancer after a negative biopsy?
20 Risk for misuse of opioids and stimulants: What does employment status have to do with it?
21 Want to give a good gift? Think past the 'big reveal'
22 Assassins on the rise: A new species and a new tribe of endemic South African robber flies
23 Scientists learn more about how motors maneuver our cells' roadways
24 Unlocking a liver receptor puzzle
25 CTCA invited to international forum to present findings from multiple lung cancer studies
26 Critical genes unravelled to understand human diseases and support drug discovery
27 Research providing promising new treatments for melanoma
28 Work-life laws privilege brothel and community interests
29 Unique strain of lactic acid bacteria in Buryat milk is found
30 GeroScope--a computer method to beat aging
31 Belgian scientists show NLRP2 protein's role in maintaining fertility later in life
32 Body composition may affect older women's risk of urinary incontinence
33 Obesity: Tiny fat-burning molecule might help fight giant problem
34 Researchers compare biodiversity trends with the stock market
35 Game theory can help protect against terrorist attacks
36 Speed data for the brain's navigation system
37 The balancing act: An enzyme that links endocytosis to membrane recycling
38 Protein that promotes 'cell-suicide' could revolutionize eye cancer treatment
39 What happens in the cell nucleus after fertilization
40 East Asian dust deposition impacts on marine biological productivity
41 Researchers discover a new gatekeeper controlling T cell release into the bloodstream
42 Additions to standard multiple myeloma therapy do not appear to yield additional benefit
43 New data shed light on potential advantages of pacritinib for patients with myelofibrosis
44 Cancer drug ibrutinib found helpful in treating graft versus host disease after transplant
45 IKZF1 gene mutations found to increase hereditary risk for ALL in children
46 First multicenter trial; CAR T-cell immunotherapy effective for lymphoma
47 Improving the resolution of lithography
48 Brain blocks new memory formation on waking to safeguard consolidation of existing memories
49 Study: Hospital nutrition program shortens patient stays and reduces readmissions
50 Taking back control of an autonomous car affects human steering behavior
51 New system developed that can switch on immune cells to attack cancer cells
52 Study examines victim cooperation in cases of intimate partner sexual assault
53 Scientific breakthrough reveals unprecedented alternative to battery power storage
54 Reason why farm kids develop fewer allergies explained
55 Social eating leads to overeating, especially among men
56 New link discovered between class of rogue autoantibodies and poor health outcomes
57 Two-year study finds no evidence that cleaner cookstoves reduces pneumonia in children
58 New application of existing drug offers personalized therapy for lung cancer
59 Higher death rates associated with routine handoffs of hospital patients
60 Federal report recommends teaching self-regulation in schools
61 Stanford patient is first infant to receive lifesaving drug for neurodegenerative disease
62 Prevalence of disability among students in US medical schools
63 Use of recommended strategies to improve resident shift handoffs in internal medicine residency programs
64 End-of-rotation resident transition in care and risk of death among hospitalized patients
65 Study finds high rate of depression, suicidal ideation among medical students
66 Study finds new treatment for spinal muscular atrophy safe for infants
67 Doctors need to develop broader skill of empathy
68 The Lancet: Experimental drug for spinal muscular atrophy shows promising early results, prompting phase 3 clinical trial
69 Identifying age measurements distorted by fossil fuel emissions
70 An amino acid controls plants' breath
71 Cancer's deadly toll grows in less developed countries as new cases increase globally
72 Study: Autism brain response theory a dead end
73 US public largely unaware that cigarette smoke much more harmful than additives
74 School shootings less likely in states with background checks on gun purchases
75 Longest-living animal gives up ocean climate secrets
76 Wall-jumping robot is most vertically agile ever built
77 Missing 1-2 hours of sleep doubles crash risk
78 Growing mosquito populations linked to urbanization and DDT's slow decay
79 Study of wild plants contribute to understanding of high risks associated with a warming climate
80 Children's early math knowledge related to later achievement
81 Arts programming may help lower stress in economically disadvantaged preschoolers
82 Preschool programs found to benefit low-income Latino children
83 Study finds key mechanism important for sex determination in vertebrates
84 How the tuberculosis vaccine may protect against other diseases
85 Tibetan Mastiff gained high altitude adaptation after domestication by wolf interbreeding
86 Direct link between REM sleep loss and the desire for sugary and fatty foods discovered
87 Bacteria produce aphrodisiac that sets off protozoan mating swarm
88 Clinical implications of cancer genomics--a special issue of PLOS Medicine
89 Black-hole fireworks win big in multimillion-dollar science prizes
90 Sacking of prominent geoscientist rocks community
91 Help wanted: Canada begins search for chief science adviser
92 Researchers baffled by nationalist surge
93 Parkour robot bounces off walls to gain height
94 CRISPR heavyweights battle in US patent court
95 Mexico proposal to ban human-embryo research would stifle science
96 North America's oldest mummy returned to US tribe after genome sequencing
97 What DNA reveals about St. Helena's freed slaves
98 Stopgap spending bill leaves US scientists in limbo
99 Military research, arXiv's overhaul and four new element names
100 Greenland once lost nearly all its ice--and could again
101 Fat fuels cancer's spread in mice
102 Trump's pick for environment agency chief sued government over climate rules
103 Controversial impact factor gets a heavyweight rival
104 Does it matter if Donald Trump has a science adviser?
105 Fingernail absolves lead poisoning in death of Arctic explorer
106 Graphene-spiked Silly Putty picks up human pulse
107 Italian scientists won't miss departing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
108 LIGO black hole echoes hint at general-relativity breakdown
109 Brexit by the numbers: the fear of brain drain
110 Reform regulations to make pet clinical trials easier