File Title
1 Conservation effort spreads seeds of destruction across the Midwest
2 Critical zone, critical research
3 Fishy Caribbean 'juveniles' to be recognized as a new species, the Hourglass basslet
4 Why keep the raw data?
5 Disruption of the body's internal clock causes disruption of metabolic processes
6 Researchers combine MERS and rabies viruses to create innovative 2-for-1 vaccine
7 Mayo Clinic research helps refine role of gene variants in breast cancer risk
8 Two genetic mutations discovered in subset of acute myeloid leukemia
9 Ecologists publish research on soil's potential to increase the Earth's CO2
10 Enzyme that digests vitamin A also may regulate testosterone levels
11 New studies take a second look at coral bleaching culprit
12 When neurons are 'born' impacts olfactory behavior in mice
13 Closing the carbon loop
14 Could a seawater battery help end our dependence on lithium?
15 TET proteins drive early neurogenesis
16 Do thoughts of death change our shopping habits?
17 Blocks of ice demonstrate levitated and directed motion
18 Study explores companies' strategies in expanding globally
19 Half of people believe fake facts
20 Toward opioid vaccines that can help prevent overdose fatalities
21 Tumor cells are dependent on fat to start metastasis
22 Uncovering the secrets of water and ice as materials
23 Partnership at a distance: Deep-frozen helium molecules
24 Substance present in ayahuasca brew stimulates generation of human neural cells
25 Cheaper and more sustainable sweeteners
26 Supportive care for cancer patients remains inadequate
27 Beware: Children can passively 'smoke' marijuana, too
28 'Pulling' bacteria out of blood
29 Helping children achieve more in school
30 Scientists develop exciting new option for targeted cancer therapy
31 Fighting contaminated land with help from the humble fruit
32 Miraculous proliferation
33 Follow-up by trained nurses helps myocardial infarction patients
34 Major urinary proteins do not allow kin recognition in male mice
35 Public urged to be more body vigilant in fight against cancer, new study finds
36 Safety in darkness
37 Plants engineered to express a fruit fly gene may help clean up environmental pollutant
38 Molecular switches researched in detail
39 Targeted preventive measures for hip fracture are needed for persons with Alzheimer's disease
40 Applicability of dynamic facilitation theory to binary hard disk systems
41 Early life stressors adversely influence brain development
42 New moms moving toward the bottle
43 Atlas of the RNA universe takes shape
44 Perceived long-term job insecurity puts pressure on older workers
45 Nearly one in five young Ontario adults shows problematic use of electronic devices
46 Brain metastasis persists despite improved targeted treatment for HER2 breast cancer
47 Genetic alterations more common in tumors of older patients with metastatic breast cancer
48 New study shows targeted therapy needed for breast cancer with brain metastases
49 Study shows blood products unaffected by drone trips
50 Chemical mosquito controls ineffective in Zika fight
51 Images of faraway galaxies shed new light on dark matter
52 Yoga reduces blood pressure in patients with prehypertension
53 Novel test enables earlier detection of Merkel cell carcinoma, Fred Hutch scientists say
54 Stamping technique creates tiny circuits with electronic ink
55 Greenland on thin ice?
56 Most of Greenland ice melted to bedrock in recent geologic past, says study
57 Stem cell-based test predicts leukemia patients' response to therapy to tailor treatment
58 What comes before new-onset major depressive disorder in kids, teens?
59 Carbon monoxide 'scavenger' offers potential antidote to silent killer
60 Pitt-developed molecule could be first antidote for carbon monoxide poisoning
61 Patients wait 4 months before seeking cancer diagnosis
62 Unique visual stimulation may be new treatment for Alzheimer's
63 New study identifies possible predictor for women's longevity
64 Dad's exposure to phthalates in plastics may affect embryonic development
65 Dark matter may be smoother than expected
66 Dietary magnesium associated with reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes
67 One specific gene explains many diseases
68 Cellular immunotherapy targets a common human cancer mutation
69 Optimism may reduce risk of dying prematurely among women
70 Some breast cancer patients on neoadjuvant chemo may avoid axillary lymph node dissection
71 Personalized cancer vaccine is associated with promising outcomes for patients with AML
72 Modest increases in high blood pressure linked to death; heart failure
73 Patients with acute coronary syndrome at increased risk of suicide
74 MAO is a possible Alzheimer's disease biomarker
75 Baby teethers soothe, but many contain low levels of BPA
76 Diabetes drug slows experimental Parkinson's progression, human trials to begin next year
77 Brain activity may predict risk of falls in older adults
78 N/A
79 West African HIV-2 prevalence associated with lower historical male circumcision rates
80 Imaging links structural brain changes and cognitive decline in Parkinson's
81 Heart disease protein linked to brain damage
82 Knowing one's place in a social hierarchy
83 Migrating birds pile up along Great Lakes' shores
84 Deep brain stimulation may not boost memory
85 Foraging differences let closely related seabirds coexist
86 The secret slimming effect of sweet potato waste
87 Scientists shed new light on how the brain processes & maintains what we don't see
88 Can bird feeders do more harm than good?
89 Global habitat loss still rampant across much of the Earth
90 MRI scans detect 'brain rust' in schizophrenia
91 Radiation that knocks electrons out and down, one after another
92 Gut feelings: How the microbiome may affect mental illness and interact with treatment
93 How our immune system targets TB
94 Healthy weight only protects women from hot flashes during the early stages of menopause
95 UTHealth scientists discover way of developing test for Parkinson's disease diagnosis
96 ANU invention to inspire new night-vision specs
97 Blood-brain barrier on a chip sheds new light on 'silent killer'
98 Illinois researchers discover hot hydrogen atoms in Earth's upper atmosphere
99 Rhythm of breathing affects memory and fear
100 Raising the curtain on cerebral malaria's deadly agents
101 Transforming plant cells from generalists to specialists
102 Second-generation stars identified, giving clues about their predecessors
103 Three rule-of-law issues threaten Mexico's energy reform
104 Researchers find new biomarker for brain cancer prognosis
105 UTMB researchers find how Ebola disables the immune system
106 New material could lead to erasable and rewriteable optical chips
107 The role of spirituality in treating postpartum depression in mothers of color
108 Hulking hurricanes: Seeking greater accuracy in predicting storm strength
109 Some bats develop resistance to devastating fungal disease
110 Bacterial mechanism converts nitrogen to greenhouse gas