File Title
1 Scientists track restoration of communication in minimally conscious patient
2 Survey: Wait times for voters in 2016 election improved in several key states
3 Localized immunotherapy new possibility to treat bladder cancer
4 Further improvement of qubit lifetime for quantum computers
5 Collaboration between media and medical journals often leads to misinformation and hysteria
6 Protection against Zika just as important during winter
7 How miniature predators get their favorite soil bacteria
8 Keeping electric car design on the right road
9 Anxiety measure for children with autism proven reliable
10 New tool to help predict dementia risk in older people
11 Jefferson Lab-NVIDIA collaboration uses Titan's to boost subatomic particle research
12 Metaphoring the police: It's all about the right choice of word
13 Uncertainties related to climate engineering limit its use in curbing climate change
14 Drug use strong predictor for postpartum mental health problems
15 Review examines rates and predictors of recurrence following surgery for Crohn's disease
16 ABIVAX reports on ABX464 as HIV functional cure and treatment for inflammatory diseases
17 Higher BMI in adolescence may affect cognitive function in midlife
18 EEG reveals information essential to users
19 GPs not dissatisfied with performance related pay, study finds
20 Researchers find the incident commander in the brain's defense system
21 Electron highway inside crystal
22 Search engines 'could help young people find best mental health resources'
23 Newly discovered bacteria-binding protein in the intestine
24 New biomarker is higher in suicide attempters and associated with stress response
25 UNIST engineers thermoelectric material in paintable liquid form
26 Honeybee memories: Another piece of the Alzheimer's puzzle?
27 Role of protein in pancreatic secretion suggests potential method for treating diabetes
28 Heavy alcohol use changes adolescents' brain
29 Jumping water striders know how to avoid breaking of the water surface
30 Going with the flow: Facile synthesis of a complex biologically active oligopeptide
31 Every grain of sand: Method efficiently renders massive assemblies of granular materials
32 Insomnia prevalent in patients with asthma
33 Copeptin levels associated with renal and cardiac disease in type 1 diabetes patients
34 New study finds mammals during age of dinosaurs packed a powerful bite
35 High altitudes hamper hummingbirds' ability to manoeuvre: UBC research
36 Who needs a body? Not these larvae, which are basically swimming heads
37 Mobile money access lifted 2 percent of Kenyan households out of poverty, finds new study
38 WSU study finds people willing to pay more for new biofuels
39 Scientists reveal 'safety catch' within all dividing cells
40 New study shows contact lens therapy effective in slowing myopia progression in children
41 Will Earth still exist 5 billion years from now?
42 Oxygen can wake up dormant bacteria for antibiotic attacks
43 Scientists unlock genetic code of diseased lung cells to find new treatments for IPF
44 Artificial beta cells
45 Contraception influences sexual desire in committed relationships
46 A nano-roundabout for light
47 Pets offer valuable support for owners with mental health problems
48 Antidepressant effects of ketamine
49 DNA methylation biomarker for prostate cancer shows promise for accurately determining patient risk
50 Scientists examine bacterium found 1,000 feet underground
51 Tumor found in a 255-million-year-old mammalian ancestor
52 Study examines potential effect of regular marijuana use on vision
53 Study shows new treatment strategy in head & neck cancer not better than current standard
54 Fossilized evidence of a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammal forerunner
55 Blood-borne HPV antibodies indicate head, neck cancer prognosis
56 Tracking breast cancer cell genetics reveals longer potential treatment window
57 Vaping robots measure e-cig vapor delivered to lung cells in the lab
58 New test to identify obese women at high risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy
59 Dipole orientation: New dimension in super-resolution microscopy
60 Report proposes standards for sharing data and code used in computational studies
61 Against the tide: A fish adapts quickly to lethal levels of pollution
62 Amateur astronomer helps uncover secrets of unique pulsar binary system
63 Graphene-infused silly putty detects human respiration, spider footsteps
64 Brain neurons help keep track of time
65 Mobile money improves economic well-being in Kenya
66 Scientists track chemical and structural evolution of catalytic nanoparticles in 3-D
67 People with traumatic brain injury approximately 2.5 times more likely to be incarcerated
68 More complications, less satisfaction in breast cancer patients who get radiation, implants
69 Researchers create hidden images with commercial inkjet printers
70 State of the art sensors made from graphene and children's toy silly putty
71 The song of silence
72 Radiation therapy may increase complications in breast cancer patients receiving implants
73 Healthy diet may help kidney disease patients live longer
74 Study furthers research on protein involved in kidney disease
75 Smallpox, once thought an ancient disease, may have emerged in more recent times
76 Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail
77 Valuable Caribbean spiny lobsters get their food from an unexpected source
78 Child mummy offers revised history of smallpox
79 Why cryptophyte algae are really good at harvesting light
80 How to make a motor neuron
81 Researchers question lifelong immunity to toxoplasmosis
82 Transplanted interneurons can help reduce fear in mice
83 Genetic variant determines if stallions become carriers of equine arteritis virus
84 Control of emerging Ebola infections could be aided by new monitoring method
85 How turtles and crocodiles lost parietal eye and differing color vision adaptations
86 New method helps compare cholera vaccine costs
87 Fast test can monitor drug resistance in hookworms
88 Neurons that control judgment of time discovered in the mouse brain
89 Unraveling the secrets of cluster crystallization
90 Climate change is already causing widespread local extinction in plant and animal species
91 Optical probes overcome light scattering in deep-brain imaging, says Neurophotonics report
92 Scientists can now better diagnose diseases with multiple genetic causes
93 Patients receiving CD for atraumatic headache in ER less likely to return within 30 days
94 Machine learning enables predictive modeling of 2-D materials
95 Study proposes new protocol for treatment of thalassemia
96 Sleep apnea can contribute to recurring pulmonary embolism
97 Decoding cement's shape promises greener concrete
98 How your parenting tactics influence your teen's problem behaviors
99 ASHG supports Genetic Privacy Provisions in 21st Century Cures Act
100 Common insecticides are riskier than thought to predatory insects
101 East Greenland ice sheet has responded to climate change over the last 7.5 million
102 High-resolution brain scans could improve concussion detection
103 Despite evolutionary inexperience, northern sockeye manage heat stress
104 Mount Sinai researchers find signs of secondhand marijuana smoke exposure in children
105 New approach may open up speech recognition to more languages
106 Researchers reveal 3-D structure of cell's inflammation sensor and its inhibitors
107 New discovery may lead to the development of super premium gasoline
108 Saturn's bulging core implies moons younger than thought
109 Novel label-free microscopy enables dynamic, high-resolution imaging of cell interactions
110 Intimate and social relationships important for older adults in assisted living, study finds