File Title
1 Perfect star: Astronomers find roundest object in the universe
2 Astronomers find another nearby 'super-Earth'
3 Small alpine insects offer early global warming warning signs
4 Scientists test optical clock technology in space, a first
5 Russia reignites plans to visit Venus
6 Lightning adds missing info to storm forecasts
7 Archaeologists find hidden structure inside Kukulkan pyramid
8 Genomic analysis explains how corals survive environmental catastrophe
9 Evidence suggests impact craters were cradles for early life
10 Breakthrough may pave way for safer radioactive waste cleanup
11 Diaphragm may have evolved 50 million years earlier than previously thought
12 Scientists find way to turn waste gas into biofuel
13 Precut salad promotes salmonella growth: Study
14 Proteins help cells migrate to developing tissues
15 Genomic analysis highlights history of domesticated corn
16 Soyuz rocket docks with International Space Station, delivering three astronauts
17 Study: DNA accounts for only half the material in a chromosome
18 Orphaned kangaroo joeys drink from surrogate mother's bottle belt
19 Scientists explain why the surface of ice is wet
20 Surprising carbon sink: Cement absorbs, stores greenhouse gas
21 Ancient eggs serve as earliest evidence of turkey domestication
22 Study reveals the unique surface structures on a cat's tongue
23 130 million-year-old bird fossil yields keratin, melanosomes
24 Solar homes could get batteries from glowing dye
25 Record-breaking faint satellite galaxy orbiting Milky Way
26 Trouble sleeping tied to higher risk for irregular heartbeat
27 Mosquitoes can spread Zika, Chikungunya at the same time
28 'Locked-in' ALS patient communicates after receiving brain implant
29 Hospitalizations for heart failure on the rise in U.S.
30 ADHD diagnoses in preschoolers curbed under new guidelines
31 Childhood stress may raise risk for high blood pressure later
32 Migraine and stroke risk linked again
33 Fewer than 1 in 5 U.S. adults have CPR training
34 Twice-a-year shot may lower cholesterol
35 Exercise good for cancer patients during, after treatment
36 Some Ebola infections may be symptomless
37 Prices of generic heart failure drugs vary widely
38 Drinking alcohol may increase risk for prostate cancer
39 Zika virus can survive on hard surfaces for hours, researchers say
40 High blood pressure rates worldwide have doubled since 1975
41 Sense of smell may indicate Alzheimer's risk
42 Women at greater risk for Zika infection: Study
43 Device shows promise against heart failure
44 Many atrial fibrillation patients missing out on blood thinners
45 ATM keypads covered in bacteria
46 Nearly 1 in 4 see surprise bills after ER visit
47 Surgeon General: Addiction affects more Americans than cancer
48 U.S. kids getting more drug-resistant infections
49 Skin patch might someday track your health
50 'Yo-yo dieting' hard on older women's hearts: Study
51 High-dollar prescribers proliferate in Medicare's drug program
52 Kids can beat 'complex' pneumonia without IV antibiotics: Study
53 Intarosa approved for post-menopausal pain during sex
54 Public health campaign cut consumption of sugary drinks
55 Low blood sugar linked to hospital patients' risk of death
56 Pessimism may take toll on the heart
57 CDC reveals top 5 causes of death
58 Physical therapy may not be necessary after ankle sprain, study says
59 Protein, probiotics in diet appear to help control blood sugar, scientists say
60 Smoking may hinder kidney disease drugs
61 Cohesive neighborhoods boost teens' mental well-being
62 FDA: Permanent birth control has pros, cons to consider
63 'Superbug' common among N.C. hog workers, study says
64 Depressed women less likely to get best breast cancer care: Study
65 E-cigarettes not good to gums, study finds
66 New technique keeps donor lungs viable longer: Study
67 Lupus care delayed among minorities, less educated
68 WHO declares Zika virus no longer international public health emergency
69 Income falls after a child's cancer diagnosis
70 U.S. hospitals cut catheter infection rates in half: Review
71 Snack ads make preschoolers snack more: Study
72 Teens who play 'choking game' alone have more suicidal thoughts
73 U.S. dementia rates declining, study finds
74 Thiazide blood pressure meds may lower risk of fracture
75 Irregular heartbeat drug combo may raise bleeding risk
76 New fetal views in 3D
77 Retail health clinics don't curb ER visits, study finds
78 Sexist views could harm men's health: Study
79 Troubled preschoolers not getting effective treatment: Report
80 Clinical trial suggests occupational therapy slows Alzheimer's decline
81 Life expectancy increasing, but women still outlive men across the board
82 U.S. healthcare spending up 5 percent in 2015
83 Back pain surgery benefit: Better sex
84 PM signals 2 billion pounds a year science funding increase
85 Conservationists herald bag tax impact on beach rubbish
86 NHS using Google technology to treat patients
87 Ginkgo 'living fossil' genome decoded
88 Council ponders workplace parking levy
89 Olive killer disease arrives on Mallorca
90 Satellite to help planes avoid turbulence
91 Climate talks: 'Save us' from global warming, US urged
92 Obama bans new oil drilling in Arctic Ocean
93 Academics 'must not be used as Brexit pawns'
94 World's poorest countries to aim for 100% green energy
95 Asteroid strike made 'instant Himalayas'
96 Mayan 'nesting doll pyramid' discovered in Mexico
97 Danes identify Aalborg bishop's 300-year-old poo
98 Germany wakes up to the issue of waste with reusable coffee cups
99 Science fact: Sci-fi inventions that became reality
100 Trump: The best thing ever for climate change?
101 Malware is making ATMs 'spit cash'
102 Porn sites could be blocked by ISPs under new UK rules
103 Online shoppers 'face disruption' from EU payment plans
104 Government pledges faster broadband funds
105 British insurers: 'Give us driverless car data'
106 Banned Uber drivers can now appeal in New York
107 Virtual reality video simulates drink driving car crash
108 Barclays tests smartphone cash withdrawals
109 Apple to swap 'faulty' iPhone 6S batteries
110 BT faces 4G Ofcom auction challenge