File Title
1 High-intensity statins linked to better survival rates of cardiovascular patients
2 DNA sequencing determines lymphoma origin, prognosis, Stanford researchers say
3 Who has the better memory--men or women?
4 Researchers restore leg movement in primates using wireless neural interface
5 Can safety netting improve cancer detection in patients with vague symptoms?
6 Visitors to countryside not attracted by conservation importance
7 Sculpting solar systems
8 Study links shorter sleep and sugar-sweetened drink consumption
9 Remote sensing data reveals hundreds more species at risk of extinction
10 Making artificial 'cells' move like real cells (video)
11 Will unanticipated genetic mutations lead to subsequent disease?
12 Rising CO2 threatens coral and people who use reefs
13 Growth in SNAP retailers followed enrollment spike during recession
14 Why do seabirds eat plastic? The answer stinks
15 New study points to a possible cause of many preterm births
16 Narwhal echolocation beams may be the most directional of any species
17 Increased smartphone screen-time associated with lower sleep quality
18 Coral reefs and their communities may be severely affected by rising CO2 levels
19 CT scans reveal birds' built-in air conditioners
20 Arthritis drug boosts effectiveness of antidepressant medication, Loyola study finds
21 Cosmic whistle packs a surprisingly energetic punch
22 Molecular structure in Zika virus leads to potentially disease-causing RNAs
23 Ready for launch: CU Boulder instrument suite to assess space weather
24 Nature already dramatically impacted by climate change, study reveals
25 Breakthrough in the quantum transfer of information between matter and light
26 Scientists come up with light-driven motors to power nanorobots of the future
27 Stanford solar physicist finds new way to study the inner workings of the sun
28 UCR researchers discover new method to dissipate heat in electronic devices
29 Getting doctors and nurses to work together at patient bedsides
30 Australian continent shifts with the seasons, study finds
31 $384,961.42 for a house? When precise bids work and when they backfire
32 Predators can drive increase in virus populations, new study shows
33 Mirroring a drop in emissions, mercury in tuna also declines
34 Repeatedly thinking about work-family conflict linked to health problems
35 'Exceptional' nanosensor architecture based on exceptional points
36 UM researchers document ancient and methane-derived carbon in stoneflies
37 Smartphones offer promise in better gauging rural life, researchers find
38 How ACOs are trying to improve patients' health by addressing nonmedical needs
39 New eye pressure test could prevent vision loss in older adults
40 Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance
41 The kids are alright: Youth are civically engaged, despite income inequality
42 Study: Climate change already dramatically disrupting all elements of nature
43 Precaution and governance of emerging technologies
44 Brain scans could help predict response to psychotherapy for anxiety and depression
45 Sponge on a string test could replace endoscopies
46 A funnel on mars could be a place to look for life
47 Water, water--the two types of liquid water
48 The Super-Kamiokande detector awaits neutrinos from a supernova
49 Study: UChicago's CommunityRx intervention helps patients find community resources
50 The self-driving microscope
51 Researchers discover new material to improve de-icing
52 Huperzine A provides seizure protection in genetic epilepsy models
53 Researchers use fruit flies to understand how body responds to harmful, cold stimuli
54 Moffitt researchers predict melanoma responses through mathematical modeling
55 N.C. children in rural counties, high poverty schools face obesity risk
56 Hunt for Huntington's cause yields clues
57 IUPUI maps genome of black blow fly; may benefit human health, advance pest management
58 With a little help from my friend
59 Sensor for blood flow discovered in blood vessels
60 A new behavioural variant in wild chimpanzees: Algae fishing in Bakoun, Guinea
61 International engineering team develop self-powered mobile polymers
62 Plant-species hotspot maps identify priority conservation areas of tropical Africa
63 Fatty liver disease contributes to cardiovascular disease and vice versa
64 Johns Hopkins researcher advance treatment of tuberculosis by targeting new enzyme
65 Safe fog
66 Exotic property of salty solutions discovered
67 Cone or flask? The shape that detects confinement
68 A study warns of Spanish children's overexposure to 'junk food' ads on TV
69 International team of researchers put single molecules in super-fridge
70 Cannabinoids induce memory loss through the decrease in energy of the neurons
71 Plant-species hotspot maps identify priority conservation areas of tropical Africa
72 Study demonstrates potential support for ban on microbeads in cosmetics
73 Splash-free urinals? Scientists investigate new 'splash avoidance' technique
74 Scientists reveal how a common virus triggers blood cancer
75 Two paths at once: Watching the buildup of quantum superpositions
76 First random laser made of paper-based ceramics
77 Sex-related differences in brain may influence substance abuse in adolescents with bipolar disorder
78 The peculiarities of the huge equatorial jet stream in Saturn's atmosphere are revealed
79 Climate, human influence conspired in Lake Urmia's decline
80 Possible reason for carcinogenicity of silica dust found
81 Scientists have 'scared away' microparticles with laser light
82 Preservation of monuments: Pinpointed repair reduces costs
83 Student well-being is greater in classrooms with higher emotional intelligence
84 Characteristics of cloud-to-ground and intracloud lightning in Beijing metropolitan region
85 Male athletes more likely to choke under pressure--Ben-Gurion U. study
86 On the job: Is it better to fit in or stand out?
87 Simulations show swirling rings, whirlpool-like structure in subatomic 'soup'
88 Veterans served by nation's community health centers increased by 43 percent
89 Deep dive into NMDA receptor variation and link to epilepsy, ID
90 Higher vitamin D levels associated with better outcomes in breast cancer survivors
91 The Lancet: Global progress on reducing child deaths largely due to fewer cases of pneumonia, diarrhoea, death during birth, malaria and measles
92 World's smallest magnifying glass makes it possible to see chemical bonds between atoms
93 Higher iron levels are associated with an increased risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women, raising questions about iron supplementation recommendations
94 HIV test performed on USB stick
95 Climate change ripples through life on Earth
96 Die another day: How the immune system keeps 'traitor cells' in lockdown
97 Thawing ice makes the Alps grow
98 Hazardous chemicals discovered in flavored e-cigarette vapor
99 Zika virus can cause severe damage to retina in infants
100 Is vitamin D level in blood at breast cancer diagnosis associated with survival?
101 Evaluating safety, effects of vaginal testosterone cream, estradiol vaginal ring
102 iPad game effective in treating common eye condition in children
103 Dinosaur discovery casts light on final flurry of animals' evolution
104 Red squirrels in the British Isles are infected with leprosy bacteria
105 Researchers' Sudoku strategy democratizes powerful tool for genetics research
106 Production of seedless fruits an underestimated tool for improving food security
107 Animal study registries: Understanding the pros and cons
108 Criteria for funding and promotion lead to bad science
109 Woodland destruction by beetles is facilitated by their unique genetics
110 Scientists create heart cells better, faster, stronger