File Title
1 Taking back control of an autonomous car affects human steering behavior
2 Solar panels repay their energy 'debt': study
3 Samsung prevails over Apple in $399 million patent appeal (Update 2)
4 System lets users design and fabricate drones with a wide range of shapes and structures
5 Humans play computer game using only direct brain stimulation
6 Cars without drivers scoot around Nissan plant, towing cars
7 Apple reveals autonomous vehicle ambitions
8 Thomas Edison's lab door key, lightbulbs up for auction
9 UChicago startup turns renewable energy into natural gas
10 How the brain recognizes faces: Machine-learning system spontaneously reproduces aspects of human neurology
11 Computer learns to recognize sounds by watching video
12 Suggestions for you: A better, faster recommendation algorithm
13 Android malware steals million Google accounts: researchers
14 After split from US, internet gatekeeper is 'grassroots'
15 'Diamond-age' of power generation as nuclear batteries developed
16 Toyota says new technology means longer battery life
17 Aviation enhancements, better biosensors could result from new sensor technology
18 How to protect your laptop--even when it's asleep
19 Gov't wants phone makers to lock out most apps for drivers
20 Prototype smart cane could transform lives of the blind and visually impaired
21 Chemical trickery corrals 'hyperactive' metal-oxide cluster
22 Why cryptophyte algae are really good at harvesting light
23 Water soluble gold nanoparticle supraspheres can hold 2 million guest molecules
24 Scientists track chemical and structural evolution of catalytic nanoparticles in 3-D
25 Oxygen can wake up dormant bacteria for antibiotic attacks
26 Scientists develop 'programmable' cement particles to attain enhanced properties
27 Researchers reveal 3-D structure of cell's inflammation sensor and its inhibitors
28 New discovery may lead to the development of super premium gasoline
29 Closing the carbon loop: Team identifies new catalyst that advances capture, conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide
30 Using magnets instead of antibiotics as a new treatment method for blood infection
31 Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics
32 Rotary molecular motor controls self-assembly and handedness of double-stranded helicates
33 Diabetes missing link discovered
34 New method improves stability, extends shelf life of protein drugs
35 Novel catalysts improve path to more sustainable plastics production
36 Fast, efficient sperm tails inspire nanobiotechnology
37 Research reveals potential for 50-fold increase in catalyst mass activity
38 A watershed moment in understanding how H2O conducts electricity
39 Controlling chain conformations to enhance electronic devices
40 Biodegradable polymers made by chemical vapor deposition
41 New findings boost promise of molybdenum sulfide for hydrogen catalysis
42 New technique could speed drug development
43 Scientists develop an artificial dog nose that mimics the 'active sniffing' of dogs
44 Solving mysteries of how water works
45 New process produces hydrogen at much lower temperature
46 Protein disrupts infectious biofilms
47 Evolution in action: A fish adapts quickly to lethal levels of pollution
48 The song of silence
49 An anti-CRISPR for gene editing
50 Scientists reveal 'safety catch' within all dividing cells
51 Who needs a body? Not these larvae, which are basically swimming heads
52 High altitudes hamper hummingbirds' ability to manoeuvre
53 Study of human migration could help understand cancer metastasis
54 Common insecticides are riskier than thought to predatory insects
55 Atlas of the RNA universe takes shape
56 Gene "bookmarking" regulates the fate of stem cells
57 Fight over revolutionary genetic advance goes to court in US
58 Polar bear numbers to plunge a third as sea ice melts: study
59 Study finds key mechanism important for sex determination in vertebrates
60 Transforming plant cells from generalists to specialists
61 Some bats develop resistance to devastating fungal disease
62 What makes a neuron a neuron? Study finds clues in RNA-binding proteins in brain cells
63 Scientists learn more about how motors maneuver our cells' roadways
64 Critical genes unravelled to understand human diseases and support drug discovery
65 Male Manogea porracea spiders found to care for young
66 Smart plants learn new habits
67 Time constraints and the competition determine a hunter's decision to shoot
68 Growing mosquito populations linked to urbanization and DDT's slow decay
69 Birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research
70 Powerful new technique reveals the mechanical environment of cells in their natural habitat, the living embryo
71 Mobile money access lifted two percent of Kenyan households out of poverty: study
72 Report proposes standards for sharing data and code used in computational studies
73 Scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun: study
74 Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail
75 Fossilized evidence of a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammal forerunner
76 Archeologist claims to have found proof that Hebrew was the first written alphabet
77 Researchers say school kids can do safe and simple biological experiments over the internet
78 New study finds mammals during age of dinosaurs packed a powerful bite
79 Egyptian mummies virtually unwrapped in Australia
80 Fossils of early tetrapods unearthed in Scotland
81 Development of new techniques makes it possible to date Australian Aboriginal rock art
82 Asian countries dominate, science teaching criticised in survey
83 Prehistoric plant remains highlight diverse origins of cereal domestication
84 Secrets of the paleo diet: Discovery reveals plant-based menu of prehistoric man
85 Geoscientists size-up early dinosaurs, find surprising variation
86 Fish fossils reveal how tails evolved
87 Researchers find overwhelming evidence of malaria's existence 2,000 years ago
88 Mummified remains identified as Egyptian Queen Nefertari
89 Evaluation of scientific rigor in animal research
90 One day, many ideas: Future of Mind 2016 illuminates NYC (Part 1)
91 Scientists discover new material from Sutton Hoo ship burial
92 Black Death 'plague pit' discovered at 14th-century monastery hospital
93 Scientists find new conclusions for how sauropod claws were used
94 Human ancestor 'Lucy' was a tree climber, new evidence suggests
95 Analysis of Iron Age ceramics suggests complex pattern of Eastern Mediterranean trade
96 Personality traits and psychiatric disorders linked to specific genomic locations
97 Illusion reveals that the brain fills in peripheral vision
98 Artificial beta cells
99 Tracking breast cancer cell genetics reveals longer potential treatment window
100 Neurons that control judgment of time discovered in the mouse brain
101 Scientists develop new drug screening tool for dystonia
102 Researchers identify potentially druggable mutant p53 proteins that promote cancer growth
103 Smallpox, once thought an ancient disease, may have emerged in more recent times
104 Scientists track restoration of communication in minimally conscious patient
105 Could regular pot smoking harm vision?
106 Transplanted interneurons can help reduce fear in mice
107 Immune system's 'workaround' may explain heart disease in psoriasis patients
108 Scientists discover first 'off-switches' for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing
109 Researchers find DNA mutation that led to change in function of gene in humans that sparked larger neocortex
110 Honeybee memories: Another piece of the Alzheimer's puzzle?