File Title
1 HIV Update: A USB Stick that Diagnoses in Just 30 Minutes? No, this Is Not a Hoax
2 Cannabis Tips: Top 5 Cannabis Strain that Can Help Ease Insomnia and Other Sleeping Disorders
3 West Nile Virus Deadlier than Expected, Scientists Suggest
4 World Diabetes Day: Here Is What You Need to Know About this Condition
5 Scientists Implant 'Computer-Brain Interface' in ALS Patients to Enable Them to Communicate
6 5 Tips to Avoid Diabetes While Getting Pregnant, Experts Advise
7 Siblings Are Responsible for the Child's Bad Behavior More than Genetics, Parenting or Friends, New Study Says
8 Cannabis News: Researchers Identified Cannabinoid Receptor that Can Ease Chronic Pain Without the 'High'
9 Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya Viruses in One Mosquito Bite?
10 NVIDIA's New AI Project to Help Cancer Treatment with Government Support; Decade's Worth Research Done in 5 Years
11 Stress-Induced Changes in Maternal Stomach Can Negatively Affect Future Offsprings for Life
12 Drinking Beer Can Help Prevent Stroke and Heart Disease
13 Women Who Conceive Babies in Winter Have Higher Risk of Developing Gestational Diabetes
14 Heartburn Medications Can Increase Risk of Stroke, Study Claims
15 Patients Using Blood Thinners for Atrial Fibrillation Have Higher Chance of Developing Dementia
16 Photobombing Cancer: New Treatment Bursts Tumor Cells, Spares Healthy Ones
17 Omega-3 Supplements Improve Muscle Function in Older Women When Paired with Exercise
18 Children Born to Mothers with Rheumatoid Arthritis May Have Increased Risk of Developing Epilepsy
19 CRISPR Is Back at the Medical Scene; First Patient Is Being Treated Using the Technique
20 Terminally Ill Girl's Wish to Freeze Body Approved by Court
21 Exposure to Allergens During Pregnancy Raises Risk for Autism, ADHD
22 Results Are in: Americans Cannot Quit Sugar
23 Recurring Breast Cancer: Scientists Figure Out Why
24 Study Found Link Between Improvement of Sleeping and Walking Among Lung Cancer Patients
25 Children Who Eat Too Many Fatty Foods Would Likely Have a Risk of Developing Mental Problems
26 17 Jobs that Create an[d] Exacerbate Depression
27 Reducing Salt in the Diet May Protect the Heart and Kidneys of Patients with Kidney Disease
28 Researchers Found Connections Between Women Age of Last Pregnancy and Mental Sharpness Post Menopause
29 Hormone Therapy Can Help Improve Bone Health in Menopausal Women
30 Researchers Found that Eating Walnuts Can Improve Young Men's Mood
31 Zika No Longer World Health Emergency, WHO Declares
32 Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in the US: First Ever Trial to Fight Zika Approved
33 Why Women 'Fat Talk,' According to Study
34 Is Eating Rice Healthy for People with Diabetes?
35 Stem Cell Technology: Scientists Generate Human Intestinal Tissue with Functioning Nerves
36 Migraine Sufferers with Visual Symptoms, Taking Estrogen May Be More at Risk of Stroke, Study Claims
37 Vape No More: Safe or Toxic?
38 Pessimistic People Should Consider Looking at the Bright Side of Things: Here Is Why
39 Not Getting Enough Sleep May Increase Your Risk of Developing Chronic Kidney Disease
40 Suffering from Arthritis? An Exocet Thumb Implant Shows Promise in Pain Relief
41 Selena Gomez's AMA Speech: Why Does Depression Haunt Young Adults?
42 The Best and Worst Drinks for Diabetics
43 Biological Weapon from Russia Has Been Decoded--Research
44 Marijuana News: Denver Releases New Law; Is it Good News or Bad News?
45 Scientists Create Blood from Skin Cells
46 Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast Will Make You Smarter, Japanese Scientist Claims
47 How to Keep Yourself from Acquiring Type 2 Diabetes
48 How Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous: E-Cigarette Explodes Inside Vaper's Pants
49 Undergoing Surgery May Increase Risk of Developing Guillain-Barre Syndrome
50 Cannabis News: Lifestyle Screening for Veterans on Medical Marijuana Raises Concern on Stigma
51 Essential Oils that Could Ease the Symptoms of Asthma and Prevent Asthma Attacks
52 Europe's Air Pollution Causes Around 467,000 Premature Deaths a Year, EEA Warns
53 Red Wine Can Neutralize the Short-Term Negative Effect of Cigarette Smoking--Research
54 Food Coma: Why Do We Feel Sleepy After a Meal?
55 Group of Pediatricians Urges Government to Protect Young People When Recreational Marijuana Is Legalized
56 Cannabis News: How Marijuana Reacts in the Brain's Motor Skills and Coordination; Study
57 New Online Calculator Tries to Predict the Chances of Having a Baby After IVF
58 Consuming a Glass of Wine Everyday Can Reduce Risk of Stroke, Study Claims
59 Scientists Reformulate HIV Vaccine, Major Trial in South Africa Strikes Hope
60 Prolonged and Recurring Jet Lag Connected to Elevated Risks of Liver Cancer
61 Energy Drinks Are Not as Harmless as You Think; the Step-By-Step Guide to Find Out Why
62 Stricter Measures for Poultry Farms as H5N6 Cases Continue to Rise in South Korea
63 Health Alert: Air Pollution Carries Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Study Reveals
64 Thunderstorm Asthma Claims Six Lives; Three Battling for Life in Melbourne
65 Oral Cancer Cases Soar by 68% Due to Smoking, Drinking and Unhealthy Diet
66 Antiseptic from World War 1 Holds the Key to Treat Superbugs
67 Scurvy Comeback: A Long-Forgotten Disease Has Resurfaced
68 Thunderstorm Asthma: What You Need to Know About the Deadly Disease
69 Parents, Be Aware: Researchers Found Link Between Watching Porn and Harmful Sexual Behavior in Young Teens
70 Low-Cost, Wearable 'Lab on the Skin' Patch Monitors Health Through Sweat
71 Alcoholism Cure: Gene that Limits Desire to Drink Alcohol Finally Found
72 Preventing Hypertension, Diabetes in Mid-Life Can Significantly Lower Risk of Heart Failure
73 Your Brain on God: Religious Experiences Trigger Brain's Reward System like Drugs
74 Practice Can Protect the Memory Against Stress, Study Claims
75 Coffee Consumption May Save You from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
76 Blood Test Could Predict if You'll Die in the Next 5 Years
77 Morning Boner or Penile Erection Is Generally Accepted; It Is Linked with Heart Health
78 Cannabis News: Marijuana Use Affects Alzheimer's Danger Zones, According to Study
79 Culprit Behind Post Dieting Weight Regain Revealed
80 Multi-Peptide Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Trial Kicks Off
81 Use of Prescribed Pain Relievers Has Significant Difference Among Patients with and Without Alzheimer's Disease
82 Tobacco Companies Lost Legal Battle Against the Government
83 Psychopaths May Feel Regret but Still Lack Remorse, New Study Says
84 Children Exposed to Tobacco Smoke Can Be Linked to Multiple Behavioral Problems
85 Drinking a Glass of White Wine a Day Raises Risk of Skin Cancer, Study Claims
86 Party Drug No More? FDA Approves Trial of Ecstasy to Treat PTSD
87 Magic Mushrooms: Researchers Claim Remarkable Results for Depression, Anxiety
88 Researchers May Have Found a Way to Detect Brain Damage
89 Aussie Students Took Down Martin Shkreli by Recreating His Controversial $750 Drug for Just $2
90 Just One Dose of this Magic Mushroom Drug Eases Depression Among Cancer Patients
91 UK Approves 'Three-Parent' IVF Treatments to Start in 2017
92 Even Healthy Women Should Take Breast Cancer Pills
93 MDMA News: Will Ectasy Be Made Legal by 2021?
94 Science Backs Up Old Saying, 'Never Go to Bed Angry'
95 Regular Penile-Vaginal Sexual Intercourse (PVI) Can Boost Memory in Females, Who Knew?
96 Decrease in Bone Density May Be an Early Sign of Alzheimer's Disease
97 Jesus Heals: Woman Survives Ectopic Miscarriage After an Encounter with Christ
98 Patients who choose doctors with low office visit prices save hundreds of dollars per year
99 New 'printone' tool allows users to create 3-D printed wind instruments in any shape or form
100 Researchers study sea spray to improve hurricane intensity forecasting
101 3-D printed kidney phantoms aid nuclear medicine dosing calibration
102 Media Availability: NIH researchers identify new genetic links to body fat distribution
103 New LED display lights help improve taste of milk, Virginia Tech researchers find
104 Article: Clinicians should address needs of family caregivers of persons with dementia
105 Political left, right both inspired by utopian hopes
106 Simple processing technique could cut cost of organic PV and wearable electronics
107 When permafrost melts, what happens to all that stored carbon?
108 Snow data from satellites improves temperature predictions, UT researchers show
109 Brains of people with autism spectrum disorder share similar molecular abnormalities
110 Using the force