File Title
1 NASA on the hunt for space poop geniuses
2 Orion Crew Module Adapter Lifted in Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
3 Flying observatory expanding new frontiers in the solar system and beyond
4 NASA, U.S. Navy Practice Orion Recovery Procedures
5 Russia space center to work with US on spaceflight biomed issues
6 NavCube could support an X-ray communication test in space
7 Nordic entrepreneurial spirit boosted by space
8 ESA looks at how to catch a space entrepreneur
9 Citizens' space debate: the main findings and the future
10 Two-year extensions confirmed for ESA's science missions
11 Shared vision and goals for the future of Europe in space
12 NASA X-57 simulator prepares pilots, engineers for flight of electric X-plane
13 U.S. Air Force C-130 flies with Rolls-Royce T56 engine upgrade
14 Blues skies thinking to improve aircraft safety
15 Bolivia may purchase Brazilian Super Tucanos
16 Aviation enhancements, better biosensors could result from new sensor technology
17 Canada to order 18 Boeing Super Hornet fighter jets
18 Spain receives first Airbus A400M transport
19 State Dept approves dual Gulf deals for F18 and F15 jets
20 Chilean defense ministry signs agreement with Airbus
21 BAE Systems to modernize U.S. Air Force's F-15 fleet
22 RUAG Australia selected for F-35 sustainment work
23 French court green-lights controversial Nantes airport
24 Thales announces major investment in next generation aircraft communications technology
25 'Morphing' wing offers new twist on plane flight and manufacturing
26 Russia's UEC, China's SBW discuss joint gas turbine engine project
27 Boeing gets $478 million F-15 electronic warfare system contract
28 Lockheed delivers Super Galaxy to U.S. Air Force Reserve Command
29 Fighting from above: the air war on IS
30 Russian Helicopters to sell three helicopters to Chinese company
31 MH370 plunged rapidly, not ready for landing: new report
32 Boeing, Airbus trade barbs as China competition heats up
33 Nitrogen in ancient rocks a sign of early life
34 Diaphragm much older than expected
35 Mutation that triggered multicellular life altered protein flexibility
36 Oregon team says life in Earth's soils may be older than believed
37 Researchers explore gigantic volcanic eruptions that led to mass extinctions
38 Dinosaur discovery casts light on final flurry of animals' evolution
39 Toothed turtles stuck around longer than scientists thought
40 Symbiotic relationship crucial to reef survival dates to the Triassic
41 Did Early Earth Spin on Its Side
42 Chemical analysis demonstrates communal nesting in dinosaurs
43 Fossilized dinosaur brain tissue identified for the first time
44 Scientists trace plant hormone pathway back 450 million years
45 Early fossil fish from China shows where our jaws came from
46 Fast driver spotted on evolutionary tracks
47 A new 'king'--New, gigantic, ancient armored fish discovered
48 Was the secret spice in primal gene soup a thickener?
49 Research to answer a 'crushing' evolutionary question
50 How evolution has equipped our hands with 5 fingers
51 Bizarre new species of extinct reptile shows dinosaurs copied body, skull
52 Study reveals new extinct species of giant shark
53 Ancient eggshell protein to help scientists study evolutionary history
54 Ancient arthropod ancestor had mouth like penis worm
55 Giant algal bloom explains the White Cliffs of Dover
56 Did meteorites bring life's phosphorus to Earth?
57 Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago
58 Cassini Makes First Ring-Grazing Plunge
59 NASA awards contract for refueling mission spacecraft
60 The SpaceDataHighway is Open for Traffic
61 NASA microthrusters achieve success on ESA's LISA Pathfinder
62 Lockheed Martin Advances Modernization of Current GPS Ground Control System for USAF
63 High-Precision System for Real-Time Navigation Data of GLONASS Ready for Service
64 Launch of new Galileo navigation quartet
65 How NASA and John Deere Helped Tractors Drive Themselves
66 Flying the fantastic four
67 Russian Space Agency May Launch Up to 4 Glonass Navigation Satellites Next Year
68 Swarm reveals why satellites lose track
69 Satellites to spot drones and guide cyclists
70 No GPS, no problem: Next-generation navigation
71 Australia's coordinates out by more than 1.5 metres: scientist
72 US Air Force awards Lockheed Martin $395 million Contract for two GPS 3 satellites
73 Snow data from satellites improves temperature predictions
74 New study describes 200 million years of geological evolution
75 Researchers find biggest exposed fault on Earth
76 Fault curvature may control where big quakes occur
77 Scientists reconstruct formation of the southern Appalachians
78 Scientists shed light on the climate-changing desert dust fertilizing our oceans
79 Construction of practical quantum computers radically simplified
80 Spray-printed crystals to move forward organic electronic applications
81 Making spintronic neurons sing in unison
82 Tracking the flow of quantum information
83 Researchers discover new method to dissipate heat in electronic devices
84 Scientists develop a semiconductor nanocomposite material that moves in response to light
85 Future information technologies: Magnetic monopoles
86 Researchers use novel materials to build smallest transistor
87 Atomic sandwiches could make computers 100X greener
88 More stable qubits in perfectly normal silicon
89 Scientists build world's smallest transistor
90 Rice University researchers say 2-D boron may be best for flexible electronics
91 New protein bridges chemical divide for 'seamless' bioelectronics devices
92 Semiconducting inorganic double helix
93 One-pot synthesis towards sulfur-based organic semiconductors
94 Delivering a power punch
95 Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries
96 Battery cars a better choice for reducing emissions than fuel cells
97 Salty batteries
98 Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps
99 High-storage sodium ion batteries
100 What's the silent danger lurking in our rechargeable devices?
101 New method increases energy density in lithium batteries
102 A window into battery life for next-gen lithium cells
103 One-time pollutant may become valued product to aid wind, solar energy
104 New 3D design for mobile microbatteries
105 Spacecraft 'Nuclear Batteries' Could Get a Boost from New Materials
106 Shape matters when light meets atom
107 A watershed moment in understanding how H2O conducts electricity
108 Understanding the way liquid spreads through paper
109 Ames Laboratory scientists create first intermetallic double salt with platinum
110 Birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research, Stanford study shows