File Title
1 Dogs Remember Even the Stupid Things We Do
2 Privileged Pigs Are More Optimistic
3 Crocodile Mummy Kept Dozens of Baby Crocs Under Wraps
4 Coconut Crab's Pinch Is Strongest in the World
5 Tiny 'Black Magic' Satellite Packs Origami-Like Radar Dish
6 Good Cognition in Older Women Linked to Pregnancy History
7 How Top Swimmers Can Go Faster: It's All in the Fingers
8 Hair Ball! How Cats' Tongues Get Them So Clean
9 Sweat Detectors? Tiny Sensors Use Perspiration to Track Health
10 Stranded Whale Euthanized in Long Island Bay
11 How to Talk to Kids About Divorce
12 Remains of 5,000-Year-Old Egyptian City Unearthed
13 Nesting Doll Pyramid: Ancient Mayan Structure Found Inside Chichen Itza
14 Why Your Balance Gets Worse After 40
15 New HIV Vaccine Study Starts in South Africa
16 Reference: Facts About Selenium
17 Reference: Terracotta Warriors: An Army for the Afterlife
18 Calf Bones Bolster Evidence Plymouth Settlement Was Pilgrims' First
19 Stash of Water May Be Lurking Deep Beneath Earth's Surface
20 New Pyramid in Antarctica? Not Quite, Say Geologists
21 Surprise! Life Thrives Under Ice-Covered Lakes
22 Does Bath Salt Drug 'Flakka' Really Turn You into a Zombie?
23 Is the Secret to Old Age Raw Eggs?
24 Gatlinburg Burning: How a Tennessee Wildfire Spread So Fast
25 Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Collapse Within 100 Years, Study Finds
26 Spiritual Mind: What a Religious Experience Looks like in the Brain
27 Pooping in a Spacesuit Is as Complicated as It Sounds
28 Reference: The Nile: Longest River in the World
29 Lookin' Good, Mars! ExoMars' First High-Res Photos Are Incredible
30 Stashed Cash: Rare Ming Dynasty Banknote Found Inside Chinese Sculpture
31 Ancient Americans Mutilated Corpses in Funeral Rituals
32 For Ants, a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss...It's Communication
33 Ravenous 14-Foot Python Caught with 3 Deer in Its Gut
34 Skip this Added Expense on Your Next Sun-Filled Vacation
35 Why Americans' Cholesterol Levels Are Improving
36 Good Sports: Longer Lives Linked to Swimming, Racquetball
37 US to Restrict Imports of Egyptian Artifacts
38 This All-Women Vertical Skydiving Formation Just Set a World Record
39 Is the Smartphone Ruining Your Relationship?
40 Royal 7th-Century Ship Burial Holds Rare 'Tar' Substance
41 Captain Cook's Notes Describe Now-Vanishing Arctic Ice Wall
42 1st Evidence of Strange Quantum Effect Possibly Seen in Empty Space
43 Glowing Molecules Could Reveal Skin Cancer, Without a Biopsy
44 Scientists Pinpoint How to Calm Oklahoma's Human-Made Quakes
45 Testosterone Use May Increase Blood-Clot Risk Temporarily
46 Reference: Getting Clean: The Science of Soap
47 What's the Real Potential of Fusion Energy?
48 Underwater Stone Age Site Was Fisherman's Paradise
49 The Mysterious Sex Lives of Hawaii's Endangered Yellow-Faced Bees
50 New American Divide: Organic Food and GMOs Spur Disagreement
51 'Magic Mushrooms' Compound May Treat Depression in Cancer Patients
52 4 New Superheavy Elements Have Official Names
53 2.5-Billion-Year-Old Fossils Predate Earth's Oxygen
54 US Military Develops 'Multi-Object Kill Vehicle' to Blast Enemy Nukes
55 Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Shrinking
56 Could Dinosaurs Fly?
57 Mystery Mummy Legs Belonged to Egyptian Queen Nefertari
58 Russian Space Cargo Ship Destroyed in Failed Launch, Debris Burns Up
59 How Drinking Too Much Water Put One Woman's Life in Danger
60 Bodybuilder Injects Coconut Oil, Damages Arm Muscle
61 Reference: Facts About Iridium
62 Reference: Facts About Nihonium (Element 113)
63 Reference: Facts About Moscovium (Element 115)
64 Reference: Facts About Tennessine (Element 117)
65 Reference: Facts About Oganesson (Element 118)
66 1,000-Year-Old Viking Toolbox Found at Mysterious Danish Fortress
67 Herbal Tea Error Leads to ER Visit
68 Why Aspartame May Prevent Weight Loss
69 Bipedal Human Ancestor 'Lucy' Was a Tree Climber, Too
70 Doting Daddy Spiders Do the Housekeeping
71 Here Are the States with the Lowest & Highest Diabetes Rates
72 Diabetes in America: Full List of State Rankings
73 Book Excerpt: 'Are Numbers Real?' (US 2016)
74 Stellar 'Circle of Life' Captured in New NASA Photo
75 Stolen Mummy Hand Makes Its Way Home
76 Tornado Cluster Sizes Skyrocket, and No One Knows Why
77 Lack of Sun in Teen Years Linked to Nearsightedness Later On
78 In Rare Disorder, Woman's Immune System Attacks Her Own Brain
79 UK scientists excited by surprise 2-billion pound government windfall
80 Failed Alzheimer's trial does not kill leading theory of disease
81 Living cells bind silicon and carbon for the first time
82 Stat-checking software stirs up psychology
83 Weaponized antibodies use new tricks to fight cancer
84 Speedy Antarctic drills start hunt for Earth's oldest ice
85 Science Europe lobby group hit by sudden exodus
86 Trump's pick for US health secretary has pushed to cut science spending
87 Experimental treatments aim to prevent brain damage in babies
88 Tracking the Trump transition, agency by agency
89 Can old computers bring Palestinians and Israelis together?
90 Metabolomics: Small molecules, single cells
91 UK moves closer to allowing 'three-parent' babies
92 Big biology projects warm up to preprints
93 Deforestation spikes in Brazilian Amazon
94 Battle over US overtime pay rules leaves many postdocs in limbo
95 US health-reform legislation clears big hurdle
96 How to trump group-think in a post-truth world
97 Europe's first Mars rover gets funding--despite crash of test craft
98 Academia must resist political confirmation bias
99 Post-publication criticism is crucial, but should be constructive
100 Researchers serve up suggestions to reduce food waste
101 Post-truth: a guide for the perplexed
102 A new global research agenda for food
103 Fix food metrics
104 Increased UVB exposure associated with reduced risk of nearsightedness, particularly in teens, young
105 Learning makes animals intelligent
106 New insights into skin cells could explain why our skin doesn't leak
107 Gut microbes promote motor deficits in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease
108 Climate cycles may explain how running water carved Mars' surface features
109 Tangled threads weave through cosmic oddity
110 'Ghost imaging' with atoms demonstrated