File Title
1 Use your words: Written prisoner interactions predict whether they'll clean up their acts
2 Findings show significant progress against HIV epidemic in Africa; 90/90/90 goals in reach
3 The tree of life has its roots in Jena
4 Proposed biosimilar drug shows potential as breast cancer treatment
5 First structural map of cystic fibrosis protein sheds light on how mutations cause disease
6 How it takes just 6 seconds to hack a credit card
7 CRISPR editing in pancreatic cells reduced cell death and increased insulin secretion
8 Multiple sclerosis: Newly discovered signal mechanism causes T cells to turn pathogenic
9 Correlates of overweight and obesity among adolescents with bipolar disorder in the National Comorbidity Survey--Adolescent Supplement
10 Can creativity beat death? New study suggests creatives worry less about dying
11 Protective barrier inside chromosomes helps to keep cells healthy
12 New computational model provides a tool for improving the production of valuable drugs
13 Images of suffering in international politics
14 Metabolite that promotes cancer cell transformation and colorectal cancer spread identified
15 Researchers take first look into the 'eye' of Majoranas
16 Perovskite solar cells hit new world efficiency record
17 Making graphene using laser-induced phase separation
18 IPM's ring study results published in New England Journal of Medicine
19 2016-2017 Airline Food Study
20 Detailed images of NMDA receptors help explain how zinc and a drug affect their function
21 Complications of type 2 diabetes affect quality of life, care can lead to diabetes burnout
22 Predation on pollinating insects shaped the evolution of the orchid mantis
23 A watershed moment in understanding how H2O conducts electricity
24 Increasing tornado outbreaks--is climate change responsible?
25 New form of autism found
26 The Lancet: Augmented reality and serious gaming may help relieve
27 Study examines association of asbestos exposure, mesothelioma in Eastern China
28 Attempted suicide rates and risk groups essentially unchanged, new study shows
29 Increased UVB exposure associated with reduced risk of nearsightedness, particularly in teens, young
30 The first analysis of Ewing's sarcoma methyloma opens doors to new treatments
31 Phantom movements in augmented reality helps patients with intractable phantom limb pain
32 Vietnam war veteran develops rare cancer after exposure to Agent Orange
33 Concerns over bodybuilders injecting natural oils
34 Not much evidence behind advice to 'drink plenty of fluids' when unwell
35 Mix-up over homemade herbal tea puts woman in life-threatening condition
36 New process produces hydrogen at much lower temperature
37 Embryonic cluster galaxy immersed in giant cloud of cold gas
38 Study of thousands of operations finds overlapping surgeries are safe for Mayo Clinic patients
39 Study reveals new role for Hippo pathway in suppressing cancer immunity
40 Breakthrough in diabetes research: Cells produce insulin upon artemisinin treatment
41 Alcohol intake associated with increased risk of melanoma
42 Advanced soft tissue sarcomas respond to new drug GDC-0575 combined with gemcitabine
43 A drug that inhibits the Notch signalling process is active in a range of advanced cancers
44 New chemistry of life
45 Being part of a community group could protect you from cognitive decline
46 Patients with cancer history experiencing severe heart attacks benefit from cardiac care
47 How Zika infects the growing brain
48 Dabigatran superior to warfarin when anticoagulation is resumed after bleeding
49 Women dissatisfied with long process to diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome
50 Buck Institute study provides neuronal mechanism for the benefits of fasting
51 US public divided over food science
52 Scientists report that bismuth is superconducting
53 Modifying a live virus in a vaccine to be just strong enough
54 Efficient catalysts key to turning water into fuel
55 Improving the mechanical properties of polymer gels through molecular design
56 UCLA astronomers watch star clusters spewing out dust
57 Less division of labor in the brains of people with autism
58 ANU demonstrates 'ghost imaging' with atoms
59 Suggestions for you: A better, faster recommendation algorithm
60 People matter
61 Parkinson's disease and cognitive decline: A genetic connection revealed
62 Loss of soil carbon due to climate change will be 'huge'
63 Mount Sinai surgeons remove thyroid gland through hidden incision underneath the lip
64 XROMM, an influential 3-D, X-ray technology for biomechanics, gains new capabilities
65 GW researcher develops mouse model for studying development of visual cortex
66 Geographers provide new insight into commuter megaregions of the US
67 Risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes affected by PCSK9 and HMGCR genetic variations
68 Human ancestor 'Lucy' was a tree climber, new evidence suggests
69 Does metabolic syndrome affect cognitive abilities?
70 Physics, photosynthesis and solar cells
71 Gluten-free diet may not reduce intestinal damage in all children with celiac disease
72 It's a bird... It's a plane... It's the tiniest asteroid!
73 Study shows thinning of brain tissue remains in college football players
74 Post M&A's layoffs moderated, corporate takeovers cut when labor protections strengthened
75 After concussion, rest may not always be the best medicine, experts say
76 I get by with help from my friends: Maintaining immune cells in head and neck cancer
77 New strategy may drop cancer's guard
78 Sellers 3.5 times more influential than buyers in driving e-commerce platform growth
79 Permafrost loss changes Yukon River chemistry with global implications
80 Corneal collagen cross-linking for keratoconus: Now data provide hint of benefit
81 Preschoolers' expectations shape how they interpret speech
82 Princeton-led team finds new method to improve predictions
83 Cyclic change within magma reservoirs affects the explosivity of volcanic eruptions
84 Standing up may unmask cognitive deficits in patients with Parkinson's
85 Penn scientists use CRISPR for first time to correct clotting in newborn and adult mice
86 Community college student success may be improved by 1-stop social services, study finds
87 New research: Feeling bad has academic benefits
88 Tai Chi proves feasible and beneficial for vets with PTSD
89 College students' use of private loans drops by half
90 World first MRI study sheds light on heart damage during kidney dialysis
91 Better understanding phagocytes
92 Study finds recipes with hand-washing, temperature reminders improve food safety
93 Authoritarian regimes use rhetoric to legitimize their power
94 How to ensure the safety of cosmetics
95 Drug delivery modification sidesteps allergic responses
96 Controlled electron pulses
97 Mimicking bug eyes could brighten reflective signs and clothes
98 Online group therapy may be effective treatment for bulimia nervosa
99 Mystery of biological plastic synthesis machinery unveiled
100 Flu forecasts successful on neighborhood level
101 Study examines effect of privacy controls on Facebook behavior
102 Benefits of daily aspirin outweigh risk to stomach
103 Vapors from some flavored e-liquids contain high levels of aldehydes
104 Going against the grain--nitrogen turns out to be hypersociable!
105 Urine test for fatigue could help prevent accidents
106 Zika and glaucoma linked for first time in new study
107 A receptor discovered for progranulin
108 Vital vaccine could 'reduce burden' of dengue disease in hardest-hit regions
109 Overlooked elements of language and literature play a key role
110 Prescribing of baclofen for alcohol dependence 'should be reconsidered'