File Title
1 How Heart-Healthy Is Your City? Full Rankings of 190 US Cities
2 Heart-Healthy Cities: These Spots Have the Least Heart Attacks
3 Astronauts' Back Pain Has Surprising Cause
4 Prescription Testosterone Gets New Warning
5 Want More Self-Control? Be Less Selfish, Brain Studies Suggest
6 Getting in Character: The Psychology Behind Cosplay
7 Preserving Fright: Haunted Houses Recorded in Virtual Reality
8 Halloween Fright: The Unusual Sex Lives of Dark Fishing Spiders
9 Huge Magma Chamber Created Enormous Dome in Central Andes
10 Red Spider Nebula Haunts Deep Space in Hubble Photo
11 How One of the Oldest Oak Trees in the US Was Killed
12 HIV's 'Patient Zero' Wrongly Blamed for AIDS Epidemic
13 Men's Resting Heart Rates May Be Linked with Their Mental Health
14 Humans May Have Hunted Cave Lions to Extinction
15 'Alien Megastructure' Star Targeted by $100 Million SETI Search
16 Ancient Hebrew Papyrus Seized from Looters, but Is It Authentic?
17 Americans Took 144 Billion Steps in a Month Just to Catch Pokemon
18 Encoded Bling: Diamonds Could Store Huge Amounts of Data
19 Why Kids Feel the Loss of a Pet So Deeply
20 Two Strong Earthquakes Rattle Central Italy
21 Reference: Facts About Calcium
22 Reference: Who Are the Assyrians?
23 Brain-Machine Tech Helps Relieve Mysterious 'Phantom Limb Pain'
24 Robo Beer Run: Self-Driving Truck Delivers Budweiser
25 Revenge Killings: Irreverent Burials Suggest Ancient Blood Feuds
26 New Particle May Hide in Old Atom-Smasher Data
27 Original Emoji Will Go on Display at Museum of Modern Art
28 Ancient Battle Left 'Sea Monster' with Tooth Stuck in Its Face
29 First-Ever Dinosaur Brain Tissue Found
30 Solar Storm Lit Up Parts of Northern US with Auroras
31 Hairy Liaisons: Ancient Chimps and Bonobos Hooked Up
32 Male Birth Control Shots Lower Pregnancy Odds, but Have Side Effects
33 Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Can Hitch a Ride on Hospital Scrubs
34 Man's Death from 'Heartland Virus' Shows Wide-Ranging Effects on the Body
35 Jesus' Tomb Opened for First Time in Centuries
36 This Is the Best View Yet of Europe's Mars Lander Crash Site
37 Reference: Facts About Woolly Mammoths
38 Ancient Bird Coughed Up 'Fishy' Pellet 120 Million Years Ago
39 'Ghost Fishing' Kills Long After the Gear Is Lost
40 Potty Training an Infant: Is It Effective?
41 World's Largest Marine Sanctuary Created Off Antarctica
42 Brain-Infecting Parasite May Be More Common in NY than Experts Thought
43 Marijuana Legalization 2016: A Voter Guide
44 Mistaken Identity? Debate Over Ancient 4-Legged Snake Heats Up
45 Weird 'Gravity' Waves Above Antarctica Caused by Ice Vibrations
46 Shiny! NASA Shares a New Icy Arctic View
47 Snowy 'Veins' of Siberia Captured in Haunting Image from Space
48 Book Excerpt: 'Einstein's Greatest Mistake: A Biography' (US 2016)
49 Deadly Measles Complication More Common than Doctors Thought
50 Scary Science: How Your Body Responds to Fear
51 Mouse Brain Visualized in Stunning 3D Detail
52 3,800-Year-Old 'Tableau' of Egyptian Boats Discovered
53 'Aliens?!' How the News Will Spread in a Digital Age
54 295-Million-Year-Old Frog Relative Immaculately Preserved in Fossil
55 Bomb-Sniffing Bionic Plants Could Look for Pollution
56 Naval Special Warfare Trainees Face Tiny Enemy: Bacteria
57 NIST unveils forensic technique to measure mechanical properties of evidence
58 Combined training may prevent falls associated with Parkinson's and other disorders
59 Losing its cool: Will ice melt heat up naval operations in Arctic Ocean?
60 Scientists prove how genetics change behavior by studying worms' foraging strategies
61 Nuclear CSI: Noninvasive procedure could identify criminal nuclear activity
62 New instrument could search for signatures of life on Mars
63 Creating a slippery slope on the surface of medical implants
64 Study raises concerns about timely follow-up to positive mammogram for the uninsured
65 Orthopaedic surgeons use new patient-focused measures to assess outcomes
66 Research review confirms positive school climates can narrow achievement gaps
67 NREL researchers discover how a bacterium, Clostridium thermocellum, utilizes both CO2 and cellulose
68 Women without insurance more likely to experience delays in receiving follow-up mammograms
69 Short RNA molecules mapped in single cell
70 New tech uses electricity to track water, ID potential problems in concrete
71 Simple food additive slows E. coli poisoning
72 York U research: Healthy living linked to higher brain function, delay of dementia
73 Nanomaterials for neurology: State-of-the-art
74 Carbon levy could limit impact of climate change, study suggests
75 Enhancement in rate of photocatalysis upon catalyst recycling
76 NUS scientists discover the 'switch' that makes breast cancer cells aggressive
77 Structural deficits may explain mood-independent cognitive difficulties in bipolar disorder
78 Being fit protects against health risks caused by stress at work
79 Special issue of Future Oncology explores the field of prostate cancer imaging
80 Being fit protects against health risks caused by stress at work
81 Factors promoting growth of cryoconite granule formation and glacial/ice sheet melting
82 Diabetes study finds that cutting nerves to the kidneys improves insulin resistance
83 HybPiper: A bioinformatic pipeline for processing target-enrichment data
84 Beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid, inhibits nicotine-linked lung cancer development in mice
85 Could targeting a gene linked to microcephaly lead to a better brain cancer treatment?
86 New survey shows obesity ties cancer as top health threat
87 Food supply--not 'live fast, die young' mentality--makes male crickets chirpy
88 New theory debunks consensus that math abilities are innate--Ben-Gurion University study
89 Using science to understand how ballot design impacts voter behavior
90 Strange behavior in the crowded cellular environment
91 One egg per day associated with 12 percent reduced risk of stroke
92 Confusing food labels place consumers with food allergy at risk
93 Genetic testing could help ID breast cancer pts at high risk of venous thromboembolism
94 No association found between Tdap vaccination during pregnancy and microcephaly, structural birth
95 Prescription of psychotropic medication after prison release linked to lower rate of violent reoffending
96 Mechanism of an effective MEK inhibitor identified
97 Combination therapy improved chemoresistance in ovarian cancer
98 Gene therapy for blistering skin disease appears to enhance healing in clinical trial
99 Is shotgun marriage dead?
100 Survey: Majority under 35 think e-cigs are safer, research studies aim to find out
101 Schizophrenic stem cells do not differentiate properly into neurons
102 Young adults' problem drinking may have lasting health effects
103 Closed captions, transcripts aid learning for almost all students
104 Fruits and vegetables may slow ALS
105 New model explains the moon's weird orbit
106 Low-oxygen environment leads to heart regeneration in mice, UTSW research shows
107 Risk factors for prostate cancer aren't what we think, SWOG study shows
108 Clouds are impeding global warming...for now
109 Web-based cognitive exercises improve memory and attention in cancer survivors
110 Less than half of cervical cancer patients receive standard-of-care treatment