File Title
1 White House Initiative Aims to Boost Private Innovation of Small Space Satellites
2 Smiling Planet! NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Jupiter's 'Smiley Face,' See It Here
3 NASA CONFIRMS European Mars Lander Schiaparelli's CRASH: What Does It Mean for Europe's Mars Mission?
4 Universe's Oldest Planet-Forming Disk Discovered
5 Aliens Visited Earth 250,000 Years Ago? New Findings Seem to Suggest
6 NASA to Start Fire in Space
7 Where Will People Live on Mars? Know What Elon Musk Has to Say About It
8 Could Pluto's 'Icy Heart' Explain Its Tilt, Geology and Behavior? Know About It Here
9 'Space Tug' Can Make Satellite Launches Cheaper, Experts Suggest
10 NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Captures Hundreds of Asteroids
11 Aliens Can Be Found After 11 Years? Rare Celestial Event to Make It Possible
12 The Mystery of Saturn's Changing Colors, What Is It?
13 Can a Nearby Gamma-Ray Burst or Supernovae Destroy the Earth? Know It Here
14 Do You Know How Many Stars Exist in the Universe?
15 Another US Satellite Just Broke in Space Orbit
16 Bacteria Sent in Space Could Be Potentially Infectious, Harmful
17 Elon Musk to Test 'Trickiest' Part of Mars Spacecraft
18 Does the Universe Have a Self Destruct Button that Could Destroy All Life?
19 Space Travel Affects Astronauts' Spine, Studies Say
20 NASA Celebrates 10 Years of Staring at the Sun
21 Mysterious Dark Energy May Not Exist in the Universe After All, Scientists Claim
22 SETI Searching for 'Alien Megastructure'
23 Solar Storms Blast the Planet Earth, Could Disrupt Power Grids
24 Space Aliens Signal: Scientists Beg to Disagree
25 Scientists Observe Star Triplets Being Born
26 Solar Storm 2016: Northern Lights Spectacle to Be Expected
27 Venus Formation: Everything You Need to Know About the Planet's Origin
28 The Quest for Intelligent Life Around the Weird Star Persists
29 Tiny Satellite Booms Back Images of Tiangong-2
30 Model for Mars Life: Iron-Loving Bacteria
31 Asteroid Miners Seeking Space Rock Plan
32 A Possibility: Proxima B an Ocean Planet
33 Footage of ExoMars Lander Revealed
34 Facebook Pages Falsely Depict 'Live' Clips from Space
35 Halloween Treat: NASA Spotted Pumpkin Stars in Space [Video]
36 How Did the Ringed Crater Formed on the Moon?
37 Alien Megastructure Star to Spill SETI Secrets, Learn About Them Here
38 Soyuz Space Capsule Lands Safely, Home After 115 Days
39 What Would Be Man's First Home Looks like on Mars? National Geographic Reveals
40 All Data from Pluto Finally Sent Back to Earth
41 Soyuz Space Capsule Finally Goes Back, Here's What You Need to Know About Its Journey
42 Mystery of Bull's Eye on the Moon Finally Solved
43 Pumpkin Stars Discovered in Time for Halloween
44 Virgin Galactic All Set to Begin Spaceship 2 Glide Flights
45 ISRO All Set to Launch 83 Satellites in a Single Rocket
46 Gigantic Chinese Telescope to Join Hunt for Extraterrestrials and Alien Megastructure
47 New 'SMASH' Model to Solve Five Biggest Mysteries of the Universe?
48 Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion UPDATE: SpaceX Finally Solves the Mystery
49 What It's like to Live in Space? [Video]
50 Moon's Mysterious Tilt Finally Explained
51 NASA's 'Intruder Alert' System Warns Earthlings of Asteroid Crashes
52 Why Are Venus and Uranus Spinning in the Wrong Direction?
53 Moon Helped Earth Turn Right-Side Up, Study Suggests
54 NASA to Study Surface of the Moon
55 Scientists Solve the Mystery of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune's Rings
56 The Thirty Meter Telescope Will Transfer to a Different Location Making Way to Hawaiians' Religious Belief
57 SpaceX's Plan to Fuel Rockets with Astronauts Aboard Raises Safety Concerns
58 The US Space Walk of Fame Museum Renamed
59 2017 to Witness Test of NASA's Aircraft Arrival Technology
60 Unraveling the Majestic 'Pillars of Destruction' in the Carina Nebula and the Causes [Video]
61 Dwarf Planets May Have Contributed to Saturn's Rings
62 Mauna Kea Telescope Besieged, Board Finds Plan B
63 NASA Spotted a Bizarre Shiny Object on Mars, What Is It?
64 Universe Expansion Is Accelerating but How Fast?
65 3D Print Your Own Mini Universe? Know How to Do It Here
66 NASA Develops Instrument to 'Sniff Out' Aliens on Mars, Here Is How
67 Comets Spurt Out Chemicals in Specific Ways
68 Rare Triple Star System Found by Scientists
69 NASA Finally Finishes Next-Gen. Telescope
70 NASA Advisors Worried Over Elon Musk's SpaceX Plans
71 Japan's H-II A Rocket Blasts Off with Weather Satellite 'Himawari-9'
72 NASA Wants Ideas for Commercial Lunar Lander Instruments
73 Solar Flare Burst Cracked the Earth's Magnetic Field, Caused Radio Blackouts?
74 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Watches Methane Clouds on Saturn's Moon, Titan [Video]
75 NASA-FEMA Plan Ahead in Case of Asteroid Impact
76 Galaxy Collision Produces Massive 'Eye'
77 Elon Musk Explains SpaceX Rocket Explosion: Launch May Resume Next Month
78 Space Laser All Set to Help Robot 'Sniff Out' Alien Life
79 Elusive Moons Could Be Lurking in Our Cosmic Neighborhood Undetected
80 Mysterious Green 'Airglow' Spotted Hanging Just Over Earth
81 New X-Ray Communication by NASA Can Send Data at Gigabits per Second Across Space
82 Fuel-Free Engine Works, According to Leaked Papers
83 NASA Astronaut Voted from Space
84 NASA MMS Breaks Guinness World Record
85 Check Out These New Space Habitation Systems for 'Journey to Mars' [Designed by Students]
86 How New Horizons forever changed our view of Pluto
87 Touchdown! Soyuz capsule returns international astronaut trio to Earth.
88 NASA's 'intruder alert' spots cosmic flyby
89 Cosmic jack-o'-lantern: NASA discovers giant 'pumpkin stars'
90 Did human activity trigger California earthquakes nearly 100 years ago?
91 How MIT researchers taught spinach to detect bombs
92 Jesus' Tomb opened: What did we learn so far?
93 Canary Islands, not Hawaii, possible future home of Thirty Meter Telescope
94 Alaska 'ice monster' video: What is swimming in the Chena River?
95 Did the moon help to tip Earth right-side up?
96 What will we learn from mammoth exhibit at Univ. of Michigan?
97 Michigan mammoth bones: Lessons about early North American settlers
98 Chimps rely on their friends to feel more relaxed, say scientists
99 Why NASA says it doesn't like the SpaceX fueling process
100 Why NASA says it can 'sniff' out life on Mars
101 How this 'Jacuzzi of Despair' formed beneath the Gulf of Mexico (+video)
102 Take a video tour of the International Space Station
103 Mount St. Helens has a cold stone heart
104 Countdown to Hubble's successor, James Webb Telescope, readies for launch
105 Humans first settled in Australia much earlier than previous estimates
106 Egg Rock: What we learned from an iron meteorite on Mars
107 Art of the earworm: Why some songs get stuck in your head
108 Calculating your role in melting Arctic sea ice: How the CO2 emissions add up.
109 With another rocket success, China solidifies place in space industry
110 What is that mysterious 'pinging sound' coming from the Arctic sea floor?