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1 Sixth Mass Extinction: Two-Thirds of the World's Wildlife Could Vanish by the End of the Decade, WWF Says
2 Air Pollution Results Tampered, Environment Officials from China Arrested
3 More Animals Will Fall into Endangered Category by 2020: WWF
4 Global Warming News: Antarctic Sea Declared as the World's Largest Marine Protected Area
5 World's First Ever Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Discovered
6 Global Warming Update: Southern Spain More likely to Become a Desert
7 Dogs' Life Can Be Extended by 15 More Months, Research Suggests
8 Tomb of Jesus Christ Recently Discovered, a Breakthrough in History
9 Great Barrier Reef Update: Scientists Are Formulating Techniques on How to Restore the Reef
10 An Amazing Bird, Common Swift, Can Fly for 10 Months on End Without Landing
11 24 Countries and European Union Create the World's Largest Marine Park, Ross Sea, in the Antarctica Ocean
12 Earthquake Devastates Medieval Churches and Sites in Italy
13 Deadly Salt Lake Underneath the Gulf of Mexico Discovered (Video)
14 China Unveils Its Newest Military Hardware, the J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet
15 Nanotechnology Breakthrough: 'Plant Nanobionics' Could Detect Explosives
16 Global Air Pollution: One Out of Seven Children Breathes Toxic Air, UNICEF Says
17 Shrinking of Arctic Ice Cap Captured by NASA (Video)
18 A Strange 'Ice Monster' Spotted in Alaska? (Video)
19 Ancient Water Underneath the Ground of Canada May Harbor 'Alien Life'
20 Mauna Kea Telescope Besieged, Board Finds Plan B
21 Air Pollution Must Be Resolved: ClientEarth Wins High Court Case Against Government
22 This New Map Will CHANGE the Way You See the World and It Is Accurate
23 Daylight Saving Time Is Coming to an End, Experts Study the Effect
24 Early Australians Used Ancient Rock in Flinders Ranges as Shelter, Ancient Tools and Artifacts Found
25 Presidential Nominees' Views on Global Warming
26 A 'Cursed' Medieval Well Once Believed to Be a Holy Well Unearthed in England
27 The Famous Four-Legged Snake a Marine Lizard? New Analysis Claims
28 Canadian Military Investigates Mysterious "Pinging" Sound from the Arctic Seafloor
29 A Rare 'Flasher' Frog that Sparks Its Bright Orange Groin Discovered in Australia (Video)
30 How a Zebrafish Could Repair Its Spinal Cord Completely After an Injury? Study Finds
31 Birds with Smaller Brains More Likely to Be Hunted
32 Thousands of Strange Yet Beautiful Giant Snowballs Spotted in Northwest Siberia (Video)
33 Smallest Yet Deadliest Organism in the Ocean Has Been Uncovered
34 A Massive Bronze Age City Unearthed in Northern Iraq
35 Arctic Sea Ice Has Been Destroyed by Humans
36 Locations Where People Pollute Is More Important than What People Pollute
37 'Dave': A Gigantic Earthworm Ever Found Yet Killed (Video)
38 The Mysterious Two-Headed Sharks Are Surprisingly Increasing in Number in the Oceans
39 Can Safe Painkillers Cause Hyperactivity Among Kids?
40 Global Handwashing Day: Awareness on Benefits of Handwashing Raised
41 Researchers Linked Marital Stress to Increased Risk of Obesity
42 Cannabidiol for Treating Epilepsy to Be Discussed in Next Ohama Science Cafe
43 Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Here for Real, Where to Buy?
44 Easier Exercise Hack: No Need to Make 10,000 Steps a Day to Be Fit
45 Obesity Can Put You at Risk for Liver Cancer, Type-2 Diabetes Doubles the Risk
46 Move Over Milk: Consuming Soy Protein-Rich Diet Early in Life Can Help Prevent Bone Loss in Adulthood
47 Scientists Induces Visual Hallucinations in Healthy People Without Using Drugs, Here's How
48 Gold Coast 'Zombie Drug': What's Behind the Mass Overdose?
49 Study Reveals, New Antibody Therapy Can Treat HIV
50 Monitoring Wild Birds' Migration Routes Could Provide Early Warning of Potential Bird Flu Outbreaks
51 Children in Foster Care Have a Higher Risk in Mental and Physical Health Problems: Research
52 Weight Loss Success Turns Newly Wednesday, Woman into Fitness Buff
53 Model Pens Open Letter to Makeup Artists, Makeup Lovers After Contracting Eye Infection
54 Artificial Sweetener Linked to Poor Pregnancy Chances? Study Explains
55 Brain Tumor Cells Will Shrink, Die Without Cholesterol, Study Finds
56 Assisted Reproduction Has Lower Birth Defect Risk for Older Mothers: Study
57 Shakespeare's Play Help Children with Autism Improve Their Social Skills
58 A Chemical, Coenzyme NAD+, Could Potentially Delay the Aging Process, Study Reveals
59 Gigantism in Ireland from Ancient Gene, Scientists Reveal
60 Fruit-Rich Diet May Cut the Age-Related Macular Degeneration
61 Top Food Tweets: Do People's Favorites Contain Healthy Items?
62 From Learning to Personality: How Does Insufficient Sleep Affect the Brain?
63 Bad Relationship During Pregnancy Can Increase the Risk of Infection in Both Mother and Child
64 Election Tips: Does Election Cause You Stress? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Ease the Election Anxiety
65 Caffeine Does Not Cause Irregular Heartbeats in Heart Failure, Study Claims
66 Certain Careers Can Kill: High-Stress Jobs, Decision-Making Freedom Key Factors
67 Depression May Be Treated by Anti-inflammatory Drug, Will this Be a Medical Breakthrough?
68 Hypertension Medications May Cause Depression, Other Mood Disorders
69 Facial Expressions Differ Universally; New Study Shows
70 Long Forgotten Research Suggests a Secondary Bacterium behind Lyme disease
71 Science Explains Why Tomatoes Should Never Be Stored in the Fridge
72 The Effect of Marijuana on Sleeping Habits; Will It Be Good News or Bad News?
73 Crab Shells Have Healing Properties
74 Neuroscientists Identify Two Neuron Populations that Encode Happy or Fearful Memories
75 Beauty Trick and Breast Cancer Testing: Australian Scientist Makes Chance Discovery from Beauty Routine
76 Tiny Lifestyle Changes Can Result in Major Weight Loss: Experts
77 Appetite Control Cells Has Been Identified, Will this Cure Obesity?
78 Decision-Making in Children: Kids Learn Rules of Thumb with Time
79 Migraine Attacks May Be Triggered by Bacteria in Your Mouth, Experts Explain How
80 Singapore Closes Zika Area as Virus Dwindles
81 Exercise May Help People with Memory Problems; Will this Cure Alzheimer's Disease?
82 STDs at an All-Time High, CDC Reports
83 Poor Sleeping Habits Can Affect Men's Fertility, Lesser Chance to Impregnate; Study Shows
84 Menopause News: Hot Flashes Linked with a Genetic Variant
85 Protein Associated with Alzheimer's Disease also a Key Player in Schizophrenia; How Are the Two Diseases Related?
86 The Placebo Effect: Fake Pills Identified as Back Pain Relief
87 Heart Failure Not as Life Threatening as Heart Attack: Experts
88 Different Factors Contribute to Growing Incidence of Mental Health Illnesses
89 Healthy Living Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer, Scientists Say
90 Childhood Cancer Survivors with Poor Diet at Risk of Chronic Illness
91 Husband's Consent Not Necessary for Abortion
92 Gold Nano Particles May Help to Treat Pancreatic Cancer
93 Your Brain, Not Your Ears May Be Causing Your Hearing Impairment
94 WHO Labelled Infertility as Disability; Pushing the Right of Equal Pregnancy for All Gender
95 N/A
96 Clots Are Suspected to Be the Cause of Fainting in Elders
97 Ghost Pepper Challenge: How Did this Eating Contest Nearly Kill a Participant?
98 Save the Bones: How Can One Prevent Osteoporosis or Bone Loss?
99 Taurine Found in Red Bull Can Improve Symptoms of Psychosis; Is this Recommended?
100 Whole Foods Detroit Probed for Hepatitis A
101 CDC Recommends Only Two Vaccines and Not Three Are Needed for HPV in Pre-Teens
102 Researchers Found the THC Receptor in the Brain; Responsible for Psychoactive Effect
103 Opiate Painkiller Dependence Myth Debunked: Painkillers Prescribed After Major Injury Do Not Lead to Long-Term Use
104 Marvelous Invention--New Smartphone Laboratory to Detect Cancer
105 The Boy Who Can't Be Hugged: Mom Cries as Son with Autism Bonds with Service Dog
106 Scientists Discover Depression's Physical Source, Believe It Can Lead to Potential Treatment Advances
107 Levels of Stress Hormone in Hair May Affect IVF Success in Women
108 Diabetes Warning: Twice the Amount of Soft Drinks Consumed, Twice the Risk of Diabetes
109 Common Cold Medicine Can Stop the Spread of Cancer
110 Watch Out for the Hidden Venomous Snake in Grass