File Title
1 Invasive Insects Cost the World Billions Per Year
2 Extensive Deep Coral Reefs in Hawaii Harbor Unique Species and High Coral Cover
3 Biology Researcher Part of Team Looking at Fatal, Spreading Bat Disease
4 Simulations Show How to Turn Graphene's Defects into Assets
5 Vaccine May Help Diseases in Animals, People Meet Their Match
6 Tufts Engineer Honored with NIH New Innovator Award for Research on Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Disorders
7 Engineering Researchers Explore New Concept to Reduce Traffic Congestion
8 Pyroelectric Peptide Microtubes Turn Heat to Electric Currents
9 Japanese Researchers Find New Classes of Electron Orbits
10 Measuring the Flowing Forces and Bending on Aquatic Plants
11 In Its First Decade, Rotavirus Vaccination Has Saved Thousands of Children
12 Bat Signals--$2.5M, Four Year Study Launched to Fight Bat-Decimating Disease
13 Study: Protein Linked to High Risk of Alzheimer's Can Be Removed from Brain Without Hindering Learning, Memory
14 Peccaries of MesoAmerica Now Highly Threatened, Warn Experts
15 Problem-Solving Spreads Both Socially and Culturally in Bumblebees
16 TSRI Scientists Receive Two New Grants to Explore 'Click Chemistry' Applications
17 Research Resolves a Debate Over 'Killer Electrons' in Space
18 2016 and 1998 in Near Tie for Hottest Year
19 Desert, City Overlap Explored in Phoenix
20 UW Professor Emeritus David J. Thouless wins Nobel Prize in physics for exploring exotic states of matter
21 Case of Earth's Missing Continental Crust Solved: It Sank
22 Novel Mechanism to Steer Cell Identities Gives Clue on How Organisms Develop
23 New Discoveries Offer Critical Information for Improving Crop Yield
24 Tidy farms, healthy streams
25 $4.6 Million NSF Grant Will Help Missouri-Led Team Study Grafting as a Way to Adapt Crops to Climate Change
26 American Chemical Society's President Comments on Award of 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
27 Electrons in Graphene Behave like Light, Only Better
28 Trees "Eventually Pay Back Environmental Debt," UF/IFAS Researcher Says
29 National Cancer Institute Awards Major Contract to Southern Research
30 Frontline PARP Inhibitor Shrinks Tumors in BRCA-Positive Breast Patients
31 Heparin Derived from Cattle Is Equivalent to Heparin from Pigs, Study Finds
32 Rapid Spread of Dog Disease Can Be Stopped with Diligent Infection Control
33 Got Eczema? It May Just Be Bad Evolutionary Luck, Study Finds
34 $4 million Grant Funds New UW RAPID Facility to Investigate Natural Disasters Worldwide
35 Atlantic Ocean's Slowdown Tied to Changes in the Southern Hemisphere
36 Study Reveals How Seabirds Dive Safely at High Speeds
37 New Institute Seeks Solutions to Major Infrastructure Challenges
38 Working to Prevent Solar Flare Impacts on Earth's Electric Grid
39 White House to Recognize Florida Aquaculture Scientist as Sustainable Seafood Champ
40 UT Southwestern Contribution Increases by Tenfold the Mouse Mutation Resources of One Type Available to Researchers Worldwide
41 Study Finds Fiji's Fishing Communities Struggling in Wake of Cyclone Winston
42 Beer Eases Final Moments for Euthanized Invertebrates, Study Finds
43 $4.6 Million NSF Grant Will Help Missouri-Led Team Study Grafting as a Way to Adapt Crops to Climate Change
44 Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking Increase Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use among Youths
45 Alcoholism Worsens Insomnia, but There Is Hope
46 UChicago Site of Radiocarbon Dating Discovery Named Historic Landmark
47 Symposium Promotes Versatile, Vital Pulse Crops
48 Decoding of Tarsier Genome Reveals Ties to Humans
49 Planning, Preparation Help Ease Stress of Powerful Storm
50 UF/IFAS Avocado Irrigation App Should Save Money, Water
51 UNH Researchers Discover Effect of Rare Solar Wind on Earth's Radiation Belts
52 New UAH Lab Seeks Answers to Particle, Cloud Mysteries
53 AIP Congratulates its 2016 Science Writing Award Winners
54 Researchers Discover How Selenium Is Incorporated into Proteins
55 Spring Starting Earlier in U.S. National Parks, Study Finds
56 As the Climate Warms, We Are 'Primed' for Worse Storms than Sandy
57 U of S Researcher Aims to Save Endangered Cranes
58 Wisconsin Arboretum Offers Rare Refuge for Vanishing Bumblebee
59 Iowa State Researchers Fabricate Microfibers for Single-Cell Studies, Tissue Engineering
60 As the Climate Warms, We Are 'Primed' for Worse Storms than Sandy
61 U of S Researcher Aims to Save Endangered Cranes
62 Wisconsin Arboretum Offers Rare Refuge for Vanishing Bumblebee
63 Hubble Detects Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting from Star
64 BC Investment Unlocks National Initiative to Accelerate Discovery and Innovation
65 Human Neurons Continue to Migrate After Birth, Research Finds
66 Pseudomonas Aeruginosa--the Molecular Tools of a Bacterial Survivor
67 NIH to Recognize 12 Champions of Environmental Health Research
68 Cheap Shale Gas--Not EPA Air-Quality Rules--Has Pushed Decline in Coal-Generated Electricity, New Study Confirms
69 Apes Understand that Some Things Are All in Your Head
70 Study Supports Do Not Sell Voluntary Waiting Period for Gun Sales to Reduce Suicide
71 The Milky Way Project: Help Scientists Explore our Home Galaxy
72 Ultimate Sacrifice: Spider's Post-Sex Cannibalism AIDS Offspring
73 UT Southwestern Researchers Find Novel Function for Old Protein in Work that Could Lead to New Ways to Protect Brain from Stroke Damage
74 Professor, Graduate Student Unravel Mystery of Bacteria's Antibiotic Resistance
75 Astronomers Celebrate Inauguration of Green Bank Observatory
76 Sustainable Intensification Research Topic of Agronomy Symposium
77 Mars-Bound Astronauts Face Chronic Dementia Risk from Galactic Cosmic Ray Exposure
78 Snotty Gobble' Could Be Good Weed Controller
79 Tricks for Perfect Pumpkin Picking
80 Megadrought Risks in Southwest Soar as Atmosphere Warms
81 Was the Secret Spice in Primal Gene Soup a Thickener?
82 New Species of Ancient Texas Reptile Offers Clues to Evolution of Dinosaurs
83 Climate Change May Benefit Native Oysters, but There's a Catch
84 Multi-Million-Dollar Research Effort Aims to Cripple Cancer's Deadly Ability to Spread
85 LA BioMed Study Seeks to Improve Diabetic Eye Health
86 Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Ferry in San Francisco Bay Is Possible, Says Sandia Study
87 UF/IFAS-Based PINEMAP Project Earns National Award from USDA
88 This Little Amoeba Committed Grand Theft
89 Improving Outlook for Vibrant Fall Colors, Says Virginia Tech Tree Expert
90 Virginia Tech Chemistry Experts Provide Insight into What Causes Cell Phones to Catch Fire; Samsung Suspends Galaxy Note 7 Sales
91 Uncoventional Cell Division in the Caribbean Sea
92 Weighing Atoms with Electrons
93 UF/IFAS Researchers Find Biological Treatment for Cow Disease; Could Help Humans, Too
94 Trove of Alzheimer's Patients' Molecular, Clinical Data Available
95 IU Scientists Discover 'Supramolecule' that Could Help Reduce Nuclear, Agricultural Waste
96 Genome of Fiercely Protective Fonni's Dog Reflects Human History of Sardinia
97 Genomic Study of High School Students from Across Denmark Reveals Remarkable Genetic Homogeneity
98 Mapping Free-Fall Styles of Solid Objects Within Fluids
99 Synchronizing Optical Clocks to One Quadrillionth of a Second
100 Virus Carrying DNA of Black Widow Spider Toxin Discovered
101 Global Sustainability Projects Offer Hope for the Future
102 Morel Mushrooms Pop Up, Cluster Together After Wildfires
103 A Step Forward in Building Functional Human Tissues
104 President Obama's Vision to Send Americans to Mars Is Underfunded and Unsustainable
105 Achieving Ultra-Low Friction Without Oil Additives
106 UT Southwestern Researchers Amplify Regeneration of Spinal Nerve Cells
107 From Unknown to Beardog: Findings Rescue Fossils from "Trashbin" Genus
108 Temporary extinction reprieve for some frogs
109 How this Martian Moon Became the 'Death Star'
110 UF/IFAS Researchers Project Beetle Could Cause $17 Billion Damage to Loblolly Pine in South
111 Environmentally Friendly Invention May Save Soybean Industry Millions of Dollars Per Year