File Title
1 Scientists Find Link Between Tropical Storms and Decline of River Deltas
2 Expert: Approval of Artificial Pancreas Positive for Type 1 Diabetes Management
3 Sobering Data Drives Home Need to Expand Teen DUI Prevention Program
4 Science Shows Cheese Can Make Wine Taste Better
5 Study Finds New Way to Increase Antioxidant Levels in Coffee with Wine Production Waste
6 New Review Article Examines Mechanisms Behind the Functional Health Properties of Vinegar
7 Researchers Seek Science Behind Sand Mountain Tornadoes
8 Park Rangers, Gorillas Under Increasing Threat in DRC
9 First Pluto, Now this: Discovery of First Binary-Binary Calls Solar System Formation into Question
10 Pot's Hidden Price
11 WVU Astrophysicist Part of Team that Has Created Most Detailed Map of Milky Way
12 Exploding Smartphones: What's the Silent Danger Lurking in our Rechargeable Devices?
13 UNF Acquires Cutting-Edge GENI Rack Computing Resource
14 UF/IFAS Extension Offers 'Hands on, Holistic' Approach to Science of Cattle Reproduction
15 UAH Collaboration with NASA Has 'Changed the Textbooks'
16 New Research Verifies TASINs as Viable Target for Colon Cancer Therapies
17 Move Over, Solar: The Next Big Renewable Energy Source Could Be at Our Feet
18 Creating 3-D Hands to Keep Us Safe, Increase Security
19 Risk Analysis for Common Ground on Climate Loss and Damage
20 Agronomy, Crops and Soils Lectures Live Streamed
21 Study Finds Earliest Evidence in Fossil Record for Right-Handedness
22 A Moving Story of FHL2 and Forces
23 Curious Tilt of the Sun Traced to Undiscovered Planet
24 Would People Be Happier (and Healthier) if We Could Make Broccoli Taste like Chocolate?
25 UW Botanist Leads Petition to Give Venus Flytrap Endangered Species Protection
26 Measuring the Forces of Biology
27 Different Species Find Different Genetic Paths to Achieve Same Evolutionary Change
28 Cyber Attack on Netflix, Amazon and Twitter--Expert Says It's Only the Beginning
29 Fake IDs Are a Red Flag for Problem Behaviors
30 Researchers Discover Way to Induce Visual Hallucinations
31 Genetic Hallmarks of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Subtype Uncovered
32 Farming Bacteria to Boost Growth in the Oceans
33 Nano-Decoy Lures Human Influenza a Virus to Its Doom
34 Household Sustainability: Consuming Food, Energy, Water
35 ALMA Reveals the First Hot Core Found Outside the Milky Way
36 MIT Develops Nanosensors that Can Profile Tumors
37 Spitzer Finishes Its Frontier Fields Observations
38 Fermi Discovers a Luminous Gamma-Ray Binary
39 Rosetta's Final Descent Images of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
40 Hubble Telescope Views the Center of NGC 247
41 Drepanosaurus-- a Small Reptile with a Rearsome Finger
42 Researchers Identify a New Way to Suppress Lung Tumors
43 ESO Image of the Week--Spirals with a Tale to Tell
44 Harvard Astronomers Study of Four Elusive Binary Systems
45 Motion-Directed Microrobots Can Be Propelled [by] Light
46 Chandra Telescope Reveals Evidence for a "Wandering" Black Hole
47 Yale Engineers Develop a New Chip that Could Advance Quantum Technology
48 New Beaver-Inspired Wetsuits May Help Keep Surfers Warm
49 Scientists Predict the Next Global Dust Storm on Mars
50 ESO VISTA Telescope Reveals Hidden Stars in Messier 78
51 Astronomers Discover Density Waves in Protoplanetary Disk Surrounding Elias 2-27
52 Hubble Detects Plasma Ejections Shooting from V Hydrae
53 Hubble Image of the Week--Spiral Galaxy NGC 278
54 Astronomers Take First Step Toward Uncovering Nascent Galaxies in the Early Universe
55 New Research Shows Female Hippocampus Structure Changes in Sync with Hormones
56 N/A
57 Yale Researchers Reveal Genes Behind Aggressive Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers
58 MIT Physicists Simulate a Magnetar to Seek Dark Matter Particle
59 Ultraviolet Light from Stars Plays Key Role in Creating Building Blocks of Life
60 Astronomers Reveal that Proxima Centauri Might Be More Sunlike than Previously Thought
61 LRO Spacecraft Reveals Earth's Moon Hit by Surprising Number of Meteoroids
62 Universe Contains 10 Times More Galaxies Previously Thought
63 Quantum Physics--Teleporting Toward a Quantum Internet
64 MIT's Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Nuclear Fusion Reactor Sets World Record
65 VISTA Finds Remains of Archaic Globular Star Cluster in the Milky Way
66 Hubble Image of the Week--The Toucan and the Cluster
67 Astronomers Study a Star's Environment from Light Curves
68 New Research Provides Hope for Better Wound Healing for Diabetics
69 Cassini Views a Lonely Moon of Saturn
70 MAVEN Mission Provides Unprecedented Ultraviolet View of Mars
71 New Research Challenges Solar Radiation Models
72 STEP Protein Linked to Alzheimer's May also Play a Role in Schizophrenia
73 VLT Provides Highest Resolution Image to Date of Eta Carinae
74 Kepler Helps Show What Conditions Might Look like on Various Hot Jupiters
75 Heme Molecule May Be the Key to More Effficient Batteries
76 New Study Shows Resistance to Cancer Drugs Runs Deeper than a Single Gene
77 Astronomers Discover Mysterious Cosmic Objects Erupting in X-rays
78 Discovery of First Binary-Binary Questions What We Know About the Solar System
79 Hotspots in Active Galactic Nucleus Cygnus A
80 Neuroscientists Identify Two Key Groups of Neurons that Help Regulate Appetite
81 Astronomers Reveal that Uranus May Have Two Undiscovered Moons
82 Hubble Views the Red Spider Nebula
83 Hubble Image of the Week--Globular Cluster NGC 362
84 Cassini Views Saturn's Dynamic Atmosphere
85 Two-Pronged Immune Response Destroys Tumors
86 Astronomers Discover Potential New Hunting Ground for Exoplanets
87 10 Years of Revolutionary Solar Views from NASA's STEREO Mission
88 Scientists Generate the Fastest Electric Current Ever Measured Inside a Solid Material
89 Harvard Engineers Create the First Fully 3D-Printed Heart-on-a-Chip
90 Astronomers Find Unexpected Giant Glowing Halos around Distant Quasars
91 Yale Develops New Gene Editing Strategy to Correct Mutations
92 Hubble Sees the Eerie Glow of a Dead Star
93 A Promising New Form of Immunotherapy for Cancer
94 Astronomers Discover a Young Triple Protostar System
95 NASA GRAIL Mission Provides Insights into Moon Impacts
96 How Hooded Seals Are Transferring Contaminants to Their Pups
97 Boise State Research Is Upgrading an Element by Stretching It
98 Drug Target for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Found in New Study
99 Lab and University Team 3D Prints Metamaterial that Shrinks When Heated
100 Report Reveals a Big Dependence on Freshwater Fish for Global Food Security
101 UT Southwestern Study Links Small RNA Molecule to Pregnancy Complication
102 Scientists Uncover Why Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine Has Been Difficult to Make
103 Maze Runners
104 Researchers Find Weakness in Common Computer Chip
105 A Complete Waste of Energy
106 Controlling Ultrasound with 3-D Printed Devices
107 Bio-Inspired Lower-Limb 'Wearing Robotic Exoskeleton' for Human Gait Rehab
108 Can a Brain-Computer Interface Convert Your Thoughts to Text?
109 Citizen Scientists Can Now Lend a Hand in Penguin Conservation
110 UW Botanist Leads Petition to Give Venus Flytrap Endangered Species Protection