File Title
1 How does friendly fire happen in the pancreas?
2 A new view of the immune system
3 When quantum scale affects the way atoms emit and absorb particles of light
4 Danish researchers behind new cancer images
5 A moving story of FHL2 and forces
6 Converting optical frequencies with 10^(-21) uncertainty
7 Discovery of blood biomarkers for early pancreatic cancer detection
8 Paving the road to drug discovery
9 Understanding bacteria's slimy fortresses
10 Researchers discover ways to expand temperature stability range of solar cells
11 Mortality & cardiovascular disease: You don't have to be an athlete to reduce the many risk factors
12 The fight against deforestation: Why are Congolese farmers clearing forest?
13 35 percent of injury-related ER visits in Ghana alcohol-related
14 Study of youth attending mental health service finds low rates of contraception and high rates of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
15 Study shows higher levels of Alzheimer's-related tau protein found in children aged 18 years and under with early onset psychosis
16 Study adds to evidence that high strength cannabis is associated with an increased risk of becoming dependent
17 John Innes Centre scientists solve 60-year-old Septoria mystery
18 A new class of materials could realize quantum computers
19 New nanomedicine approach aims to improve HIV drug therapies
20 Focusing on pleasure of eating makes people choose smaller portions
21 Presence of certain oral bacterium in esophageal cancer samples associated with shorter survival
22 Inflammation triggers unsustainable immune response to chronic viral infection
23 Pediatricians update digital media recommendations for kids
24 Researchers find way to tune thermal conductivity of 2-D materials
25 Child death rates from motor vehicle crashes vary widely between states
26 Study shows same day return to play after concussion still common among youth athletes
27 More time on digital devices means kids less likely to finish homework
28 Study examines suicides publicized on social media and teens' ER visits
29 Visits to pediatric emergency departments for headache pain in children are on the rise
30 Adverse events affect children's development, physical health and biology
31 Most adults surveyed don't know e-cigarette use deposits nicotine on indoor surfaces
32 Researchers caution about potential harms of parents' online posts about children
33 American Academy of Pediatrics announces new recommendations for children's media use
34 Uninsured children more often transferred from ERs than those with private insurance
35 Head lice outbreaks in camp settings cause substantial burden on kids, staff
36 Study finds youth motocross racing injuries severe despite required safety gear
37 Getting Maximum Profit, Minimal Pollution
38 In the Fight Against Alzheimer's, Online Gamers Can Now Get in on the Action
39 Ultimate Survivors: Tatooine Worlds Orbiting Two Suns Often Survive Violent Escapades of Aging Stars
40 Fragment Tracking: Insights into What Happens in Explosions
41 NSF Award Could Open New Wave Bands for Wireless Communications
42 Aerospace Students Can Now Train on Innovative Weather Software
43 Climate Change Has Doubled Western US Forest Fires, Says Study
44 Study Reveals Corals' Influence on Reef Microbes
45 Jellyfish Help Scientists to Fight Food Fraud
46 FSU Geologist Explores Minerals Below Earth's Surface
47 FSU Team Tackles Urban Mobility in Smart City Era
48 Researchers Create 3-D Full-Color Holographic Images with Nanomaterials
49 Hubble Reveals Observable Universe Contains 10 Times More Galaxies than Previously Thought
50 Wave Energy Researchers Dive Deep to Advance Clean Energy Source
51 Rocket Motor Concept Could Boost CubeSaturday Missions
52 Bringing Together Insights on Zika
53 UF/IFAS Researcher: Study Shows Federal School Lunch Guidelines Lead to Healthier Choices
54 Building a Better Rat Maze Could Help Us All Cooperate
55 A Radical Rewrite
56 What's That? New Study Finds Jumping Spiders Can Hear More than You Think
57 Extraterrestrial Impact Preceded Ancient Global Warming Event
58 WVU-Led Research Shows Loss of Tree Diversity Could Lower Global Forest Productivity, Inflicting Billions Per Year of Loss in Forestry
59 Wind Patterns in Lowest Layers of Supercell Storms Key to Predicting Tornadoes
60 T-Rays Will 'Speed Up' Computer Memory by a Factor of 1000
61 Human Transport Has Unpredictable Genetic and Evolutionary Consequences for Marine Species
62 Adding Windows to Vacant Houses and Clearing Vacant Lots Reduces Gun Violence, Saves Money
63 Small Impacts Are Reworking the Moon's Soil Faster than Scientists Thought
64 Plant Discovered that Neither Photosynthesizes Nor Blooms
65 Do Breakfast Cereals Contain Endocrine-Disrupting Pesticides?
66 Winning the War on Stink Bugs
67 With Designer Lignin, Biofuels Researchers Reproduced Evolutionary Path
68 Diamonds Aren't Forever: Sandia, Harvard Team Create First Quantum Computer Bridge
69 WCS Uses Facebook to Stop Wildlife Trafficking in Peru
70 Developing a Sensor for Vitamin B12 Deficiency
71 That Pizza Was #Delish! What Do Tweets Say About Our Health?
72 Wearable Tattoo Sends Alcohol Levels to Your Cell Phone
73 Wheel Lets Researchers Measure Fruit-Fly Exercise
74 UF/IFAS Avocado Irrigation App Should Save Money, Water
75 ECS Takes Down the Paywall to Free the Science during Open Access Week
76 Will Millennials Ever Get Married?
77 Digging into Florida
78 Shadow Method Reveals Locomotion Secrets of Water Striders
79 Nanowires as Sensors in New Type of Atomic Force Microscope
80 Ancient Fish Illuminates One of the Mysteries of Childhood
81 'Super Yeast' Has the Power to Improve Economics of Biofuels
82 Beyond Genes: Protein Atlas Scores Nitrogen Fixing Duet
83 Smart Electrical Systems Pay Off, Energy Lab Research Shows
84 Evaluating Forecasting Models for Predicting Rainfall from Tropical Cyclones
85 Ancient Hominid 'Hanky Panky' also Influenced Spread of STIs
86 Peptides vs. Superbugs
87 Gene Links Risk of Psychiatric Disease to Reduced Synapse Numbers
88 Chronic Pain Researchers to Expand Work with $7.5 million Award from NIH
89 Florida Ag Expo to Highlight Emerging Crops, Ways to Battle New Pests
90 Scientists developing MRI-guided neural stem cell delivery method
91 Disguised as a Tuna, BioSwimmer Is Changing the Game for Underwater Inspections!
92 Students and Faculty Work Together to Create Smart Skin Biomedical Sensor
93 The Higgs Bison--Mystery Species Hidden in Cave Art
94 When It Comes to Polymer Fragility, Size Does Matter
95 New App Helps Homeowners Select Wind Turbine
96 Space Technology to Jump Lightyears Ahead Thanks to Exomars Mission
97 Typing While Skyping Could Compromise Privacy
98 Age of 1st Chief's Ancient Tomb Reveals Pacific Islanders Invented New Kind of Society
99 Unraveling the Science Behind Biomass Breakdown
100 Study Finds "Lurking Malice" in Cloud Hosting Services
101 Soil Moisture, Snowpack Data Could Help Predict 'Flash Droughts'
102 Working Under Pressure: Diamond Micro-Anvils Made by UAB Will Produce Immense Pressures to Make New Materials
103 Can We Find More Benign Nanomaterials?
104 Going for a Run Could Improve Cramming for Exams
105 Discovery of Carbon Storage Signaling Mechanism in Algae Offers New Potential for Sustainable Biofuel Production
106 Growing Gold: Researchers Develop Gold Nanowires for Biomedical Procedures
107 NIH Study Determines Key Differences Between Allergic and Non-Allergic Dust Mite Proteins
108 Scientists Find No Link Between Appetite and Calorie Intake
109 Growing Industrial Hemp in Eastern Canada: A New Frontier
110 To Treat Breast Cancer, Give It a Lifeline