File Title
1 Don't believe your eyes
2 Black students feel less welcome at schools with excessive suspensions
3 Creeping gel
4 Semi-volatile organic compounds diffuse between atmospheric particles
5 The tale of the bats, dark matter and a plastic surgeon
6 Study: People can tell if they are voting on a secure system
7 Despite papal letter, Catholics and the public politically divided on climate change
8 Kent study recommends solution to end unsustainable agricultural practices
9 How hooded seals are transferring contaminants to their pups
10 Flexible optical design method for superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
11 Robotic tutors for primary school children
12 'Farming' bacteria to boost growth in the oceans
13 Succession of macrobenthos community over past 60 years in southern Bohai sea, China
14 Scientists dicipher the organization of the cellular mechanisms responsible for energy production
15 New materials with photonic crystals that filter radiation are designed
16 Eyetracking data can improve language technology and help readers
17 New species of pea-size crab parasitizing a date mussel has a name of a Roman god
18 Collagen hydrogel scaffold and fibroblast growth factor-2 accelerate periodontal healing of class II
19 Rheological and emulsification behavior of Xinjiang heavy oil and model oils
20 Clearing 'visual noise' to improve underwater vision and deep sea exploration
21 Study suggests that autophagy inhibitors could improve efficacy of chemotherapies
22 Fragranced products: Risks for people and profits?
23 Scientists trace plant hormone pathway back 450 million years
24 What the ancient CO2 record may mean for future climate change
25 New UTSA study describes method to detect dishonesty online
26 New method increases energy density in lithium batteries
27 3-D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensors
28 A new law to accurately measure charged macromolecules
29 Expanding role of hospitalist PAs achieves similar clinical outcomes, costs less
30 Research on rare genetic disease reveals new stem cell pathway
31 New research characterizes pediatric injuries onboard commercial airline flights
32 International study proves old blood is as good as new
33 How even our brains get 'slacker' as we age
34 Take advantage of evolution in malaria fight, scientists say
35 The Lancet: GP referral to weight loss program is effective, acceptable and takes 30 seconds
36 Stent, bypass outcomes better for those who stick to medical therapy
37 Cut dietary omega 6 and boost omega 3 to curb soaring obesity rates, urge experts
38 Women catching up with men in alcohol consumption and its associated harms
39 MRSA uses decoys to evade a last-resort antibiotic
40 Weather forecasts for the past
41 Calcium induces chronic lung infections
42 Maternal blood test may predict birth complications
43 Long-term exposure to air pollution linked to high blood pressure
44 New species of extremely leggy millipede discovered in a cave in California
45 Increasing muscle strength can improve brain function: Study
46 New bacteria groups, and stunning diversity, discovered underground
47 Possible strategy identified for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, other disorders
48 Nanometer-scale image reveals new details about formation of a marine shell
49 Do patients choose lower-priced facilities after checking procedure prices?
50 Dietary intake and function in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Are they associated?
51 Elderly may face increased dementia risk after a disaster
52 How is health-related quality of life for kids with postconcussion symptoms?
53 How does pregnancy affect risk of stroke in older, younger women?
54 What proportion of cancer deaths are attributable to smoking around the US?
55 Nanofiber coating prevents infections of prosthetic joints
56 Pregnancy increases stroke risk in young women, but not in older women
57 Simple instruction sheet helps patients correctly take regular medications before surgery
58 Women who opt for laughing gas during labor, may still get an epidural, study shows
59 Amazon rainstorms transport atmospheric particles for cloud formation
60 The houseplant with a blueprint for improving energy harvesting
61 Man-made noise can affect how animals use information from scents
62 Report reveals a big dependence on freshwater fish for global food security
63 Study indicates that advances in precision medicine have improved breast cancer treatment
64 Precision medicine test helps guide breast cancer patients' chemotherapy decision
65 Taking meds after heart procedures may boost trouble-free survival rate
66 Newly discovered, rare immunodeficiency yields unexpected insights into the immune system
67 How lying takes our brains down a 'slippery slope'
68 New target identified to combat deadly allergic reactions
69 New guideline on calcium and vitamin D supplementation
70 Canada Health Act needs bite: CMAJ urges federal government to strengthen Act and punish violations
71 'Middle England' faces lowest psychosis risk
72 AAP announces new safe sleep recommendations to protect against SIDS
73 Brain changes seen in youth football players without concussion
74 Genetic hallmarks of acute lymphoblastic leukemia subtype uncovered
75 Research shows physical activity does not improve after hip replacement
76 Many back pain patients get limited relief from opioids and worry about taking them
77 AI predicts outcomes of human rights trials
78 No evidence climate change boosts coffee plant disease
79 Patients benefit from enhanced recovery programs: Are better prepared for surgery, have less pain
80 Perioperative Surgical Home delivers improved outcomes, satisfaction & shorter stays
81 Latinos more anxious before surgery, desire detailed information, study shows
82 Study reveals potential new strategy to prevent Alzheimer's disease
83 International team discovers novel Alzheimer's disease risk gene among Icelanders
84 Unusual quantum liquid on crystal surface could inspire future electronics
85 Distinct neurological syndromes can be the result of variations in gene ATAD3A
86 Mouse study reveals genes essential for life and provides insights into human disease
87 Rap1, a potential new target to treat obesity
88 New oncogene linked to prostate cancer in African Americans may lead to better diagnostic tools
89 Combating drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia with a ceramide-based therapeutic
90 Pitt researcher part of team that finds Southern East Africa getting wetter, not dryer
91 CCNY team develops analytics to predict poll trends
92 Downstate's Dr. LeConte Dill receives APHA Women's Caucus Highest Scoring Abstract Award
93 Climate change impairs survival instincts of fish and can make them swim towards predators
94 Found: Oldest known planet-forming disk
95 Big-data algorithms could cut analysis times from months to days
96 Glucose intolerance and insulin resistance link to unfavorable cardiac function, structure
97 Physicists use lasers to capture first snapshots of rapid chemical bonds breaking
98 Study links changes in collagen to worse pancreatic cancer prognosis
99 Cooking fuels contribute to childhood pneumonia in developing countries
100 Rare genetic condition may provide insights on Parkinson's and other late-onset diseases
101 Non-metal catalyst splits hydrogen molecule
102 The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate--or is it?
103 Research highlights problem with cognitive development in sub-Saharan Africa
104 Advances in Alzheimer's research by Dr. Caghan Kizil and his research group
105 Where does cisplatin bind?
106 UV light improves smartphone cameras
107 Pharmaceutical companies are profiting from rare diseases
108 The importance of the amount of physical activity on the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
109 Nanosciences: Genes on the rack
110 Nanoantenna lighting-rod effect produces fast optical switches