File Title
1 IU Leads $1 Million NSF-Funded Smart-Home Effort to Advance Health and Independence in Older Adults
2 Study Reveals Impacts of Climate Warming and Declining Sea Ice on Arctic Whale Migration
3 Cracked, Frozen and Tipped Over: New Clues from Pluto's Past
4 It's How You Splice It: Scientists Discover Possible Origin of Muscle, Heart Defects
5 UF/IFAS Researchers Awarded Grant to Build Up Ecological 'Resilience' in Big Bend
6 Snake Black Market Poses Risk to Humans and Wildlife
7 Walking Is Bound Hand and Foot
8 Winegrape Powdery Mildew App Goes Global
9 Which Genes Are Crucial for the Energy Metabolism of Archaea?
10 Photosynthesis: Gathering Sunshine with the World's Smallest Antennas
11 UF/IFAS Tips for Safe Holiday Meal Preparation
12 Following the 'Tinman'
13 Diplomatic Global Warming: Environmental Cooperation During 1970s Helped Ease Cold War Tensions
14 Finally, a Type of Face that Men Recognize Better than Women
15 Glow-in-the-Dark Dye Could Fuel Liquid-Based Batteries
16 New Records Set Up with 'Screws of Light'
17 Students, Teachers Invited to "Grow with It!"
18 Liquid Silicon: Multi-Duty Computer Chips Could Bridge the Gap Between Computation and Storage
19 The Wistar Institute and Man's Best Friend Therapeutics Announce Partnership to Advance Canine Melanoma Cancer Vaccine
20 What Is Buck Fever?
21 Researchers Develop New Silvicultural Treatments to Achieve Sustainable Management of Canadian Boreal Forest
22 Tasting Light: New Type of Photoreceptor Is 50 Times More Efficient than the Human Eye
23 Study Reveals New Information on How Brain Cancer Spreads
24 Men's Brains Are Found to Be More Greedy than Women's
25 Supercomputer Simulations Help Develop New Approach to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
26 Arginine Study Contributes to Understanding of Cell Membrane Properties
27 Corals Survived Caribbean Climate Change
28 New and Improved Kale Varieties Coming to a Store Near You
29 Crop Yield Gets Big Boost with Modified Genes in Photosynthesis
30 Engineering a More Efficient System for Harnessing Carbon Dioxide
31 Asteroid Impacts Could Create Habitats for Life
32 Scientists Rewrite Bacteria's Genetic Code
33 Supercomputers' Pit Crews
34 Natural Chemicals Transform Human-Made Particulates
35 Using Sound Waves to Move Liquids at the Nano Scale
36 Geostationary Lightning Mapper Launch Caps 36 Years from Idea to Flight
37 Brookhaven Lab Advances Its Computational Science and Data Analysis Capabilities
38 Researchers Find a Cure for What's Ailing Rice Plants
39 FEMA Grant Allows for Hazard Mapping Across Idaho
40 Fall Cover Crops for Livestock Grazing May Improve Soil Health, Protect Environment
41 Giant 'Great Valley' Found on Mercury
42 Study: Climate Change Could Outpace EPA Lake Protections
43 Big Data for Chemistry: New Method Helps Identify Antibiotics in Mass Spectrometry Datasets
44 Scientists Develop New Mouse Model to Aid Zika Virus Research
45 The Top Eight American Pizza Habits
46 Busting the Myths on Turkey
47 UF Archaeologist Uses Chicxulub 'Dinosaur Crater' Rocks, Prehistoric Teeth to Track Ancient Humans
48 New Research Finds Avocado Extract Can Prevent Listeria in Food
49 How Much Attention Do Drivers Need to Pay?
50 Love at Last! Rare 'Lefty' Snail Finds Mollusk Mate
51 New Zealand Quake Ruptured 6 Faults
52 Reference: Facts About Xenon
53 Reference: What Is a Monsoon?
54 Got Milk? People Living 9,000 Years Ago Did, Ceramic Pots Show
55 The Real Reason Life-Saving Drugs Are So Expensive (Op-Ed)
56 Why Does Fake News Spread on Facebook?
57 Foldable Cardboard 'EcoHelmet' Wins James Dyson Award's Top Prize
58 Newfound Spider Species Masquerades as a Dried-Up Leaf
59 Age of First Stroke Is Getting Younger, Study Finds
60 Teensy, Eyeless Worms Have Completely New Light-Detecting Cells
61 Dino-Killing Asteroid May Have Punctured Earth's Crust
62 78,000 Origami Elephants Invade the Bronx Zoo
63 Work at a Desk Job? This Trick Could Boost Your Energy
64 Mercury Is Shrinking
65 Bright Idea: Glow-in-the-Dark Dye Could Power Cars
66 Leonard Cohen's Death: What Causes Falls in the Elderly?
67 Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn Shines in Spectacular NASA Photo
68 How to Avoid Stephen Hawking's Dark Prediction for Humanity
69 Bird Poop Cools the Arctic. No, It Won't Offset Climate Warming
70 Island Diversity: Cuba's Amazing Animals in Museum Spotlight
71 Yo-Yo Dieting May Pose Heart Risks in Women
72 Chernobyl Bubble: How a Giant Arch Will Seal Nuclear Site
73 Marijuana Use May Impair Your Coordination
74 Denver to Allow Marijuana in Bars: What's the Health Impact?
75 Santa's Sweltering: North Pole Soars 36 Degrees Above Normal
76 Faraway Star Is Roundest Natural Object Ever Seen
77 Why Toddlers Are So Bad at Hide-and-Seek
78 400-Year-Old False Teeth Found in Italian Burial
79 Why China's Terracotta Warriors Are Stirring Controversy
80 Genetically modified mosquitoes? Florida neighborhood votes no.
81 What will Mars homes look like? London show house offers suggestions.
82 Did dinosaurs and their precursors coexist?
83 Mysterious metal object falls from sky in Myanmar
84 MARS: National Geo mini-series journeys into uncharted TV territory
85 Could 'Heroes' of NASA's golden age boost support for Mars program?
86 Supermoon comes with supersized tides that could bring coastal flooding
87 Luxor mummy: Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old sarcophagus
88 From Manila to Managua, brilliant supermoon dazzles globe (+video)
89 Why an undamaged mummy uncovered in Luxor will stay in Egypt
90 Life brewing in Martian 'ice cauldrons'? Maybe, say scientists.
91 Is a river crossing good news for Florida panthers?
92 Is this mysterious ancient amulet a snapshot of cultural innovation?
93 Could bird droppings help curb warming in the Arctic?
94 Another victim of climate change: kelp
95 Could a crowdfunded telescope find an Earth-like planet?
96 For these clever tool-making cockatoos, the material might not matter
97 Why are some pigs more optimistic than others?
98 Why more than 100 scientists are backing an asteroid-deflection mission
99 Long-term Earth weather forecast: clearer satellite views ahead
100 Beneath Pluto's mysterious surface, an ocean of possibilities
101 Peggy Whitson and the new ISS crew: Who made their journeys possible?
102 Why Stephen Hawking says we have 1,000 years to find a new home
103 Could mutant plants save us from global warming?
104 Scientists turn CO2 into rock--again
105 Did the asteroid that did in the dinos drive up a temporary Mt. Everest?
106 In one more bleached Pacific reef, some corals are 'back from the brink'
107 Why Trump might send humans back to the moon
108 Feeding the world: Did scientists just figure out how to grow more food?
109 New Zealand sea floor lifted by quake becomes cliff on a beach
110 Atlas V rocket launches next-gen weather satellite into orbit