File Title
1 Variable Tree Growth After Fire Protects Forests from Future Bark Beetle Outbreaks
2 How Land Use Change Affects Water Quality, Aquatic Life
3 Mislabeled Seafood May Be More Sustainable, New Study Finds
4 Does Sugar Make Your Alcoholic Drink Less Dangerous?
5 Northwestern Medicine Scientists Use Advanced Technology to Better Understand a Devastating Neurodegenerative Disorder
6 Nuclear Reactor Workshop Spotlights Collaboration, Progress
7 University of Arkansas Leads Effort to Nurture Research Collaborations in Southeast Asia
8 Study: Carbon-Hungry Plants Impede Growth Rate of Atmospheric CO2
9 Studying Structure to Understand Function Within 'Material Families'
10 Lab-Grown Mini Lungs Successfully Transplanted into Mice
11 Internship Program Helps Foster Development of Future Nuclear Scientists
12 Greenland Fossils Help Show Recovery After Mass Extinction Event 252 Million Years Ago
13 Evolution Purged Many Neanderthal Genes from Modern Humans
14 Shedding Light on the Formation of Nanodroplets in Aqueous Solutions of Polar Organics
15 PPPL Physicists Build Diagnostic that Measures Plasma Velocity in Real Time
16 Now You See It, Now You Don't
17 Targeting Pathogenic Bacteria
18 Aircraft Topcoat Degradation
19 Tropical Bed Bug Reappears After 60-Year Absence
20 Empa Innovation Award for New Flame Retardant
21 Scientists Probe Underground Depths of Earth's Carbon Cycle
22 Nanoparticle Treatment Adds Antimicrobial Coatings to Leather
23 Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat Is the Fastest Flyer in the Animal Kingdom
24 Geologists Find Key Indicator of Carbon Sources in Earth's Mantle
25 Redwoods Aren't Endangered, but They Do Have Needs
26 Three New Bird Species Discovered in Africa
27 Natural Compound Reduces Signs of Aging, Including Eye Dryness
28 Genetic Repurposing
29 It's Not a Bird! It's Not a Plane! It's the Fastest Flying Mammal, Says UT Study
30 Enhanced Wheat Curl Mite Control Found in Genes
31 Scientists, Interns Bring Structural Biology's 'Magic Bullet' Technique to X-Ray Lasers
32 Major Artery More Rigid in African-Americans, Which May Explain High Rates of Hypertension and Heart Disease
33 Solar Cells Get Boost with Integration of Water-Splitting Catalyst onto Semiconductor
34 What Does It Take to Make a Memory? Study Says New Proteins
35 Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Inc. And Texas Biomed Announce NIH Award to Develop a Treatment for Ebola
36 Frequent Flyer Seeks to Improve Global Health
37 Climate Change Already Dramatically Disrupting All Elements of Nature
38 Simulations Show Swirling Rings, Whirlpool-Like Structure in Subatomic 'Soup'
39 Supermoon? Meh. It May Be Closer, but It Won't Be Super Duper
40 When Fish Come to School, Kids Get Hooked on Science
41 Smartphones Offer Promise in Better Gauging Rural Life, Researchers Find
42 Nature Already Dramatically Impacted by Climate Change, Study Reveals
43 How Lightning Strikes Can Improve Storm Forecasts
44 Using Pectin to Advance Neuron-Like Electronic Systems
45 Meteorites Reveal Lasting Drought on Mars
46 Plastic Smell Attracts Hungry Seabirds
47 Smart Microscope Adapts to Changes in Live Specimens
48 PPPL Physicists Win Funding to Lead a DOE Exascale Computing Project
49 Scientists Come Up with Light-Driven Motors to Power Nanorobots of the Future
50 Study: Carbon-Hungry Plants Impede Growth Rate of Atmospheric CO2
51 Pest Control: Wicked Weeds May Be Agricultural Angels
52 Deep-Injected Fluid and Earthquakes in Oklahoma
53 High Tunnel-Grown Tomatoes Go to Amarillo Supermarket
54 Heat Shock Regulator Controlled by on/Off Switch and Phosphorylation
55 Call for Global Action to Stamp Out Illegal Timber Trade
56 The Search for Dark Matter
57 Researchers Have a Better Way to Predict Flight Delays
58 Argonne Radioisotopes Have Potential for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
59 Research Shows Nerve Growth Protein Controls Blood Sugar
60 Researchers Find a Better Way to Save Eyesight in Third-World Countries
61 X-Ray Laser Gets First Real-Time Snapshots of a Chemical Flipping a Biological Switch
62 A New Physical Constant Explains Human Vision
63 Gene Deletion Allows Cancer Cells to Thrive When Migrating Within the Brain
64 Radiation Security Team from Sandia Works Behind the Scenes at Events to Protect Public
65 SLU Geologists Discover How a Tectonic Plate Sank
66 Iowa State Engineers Study Glass in Batteries as a Way to Increase Performance and Safety
67 Reconnecting Eye to Brain
68 Researchers Solve Mystery of Historic 1952 London Fog and Current Chinese Haze
69 Three New Species of Miniaturized Tropical Salamanders Are Already Endangered
70 Scientists Uncover Genetic Evidence that 'We Are What We Eat'
71 The Mathematics of Coffee Extraction: Searching for the Ideal Brew
72 Pilgrims and Soil: What's the Connection
73 A New Way to Image Solar Cells in 3-D
74 Researchers Explore Gigantic Volcanic Eruptions that Caused Worldwide Mass Extinctions
75 Researchers Create Living Bio-Hybrid System
76 What Factors Are Influencing Electric Vehicle Purchases in China?
77 How Synchrony and Asynchrony Co-Exist
78 ISU Scientist Receives NSF Grant to Study Origins and Functions of Orphan Genes in Corn and Other Crops
79 AgriLife Research Team Makes Strides in Fight Against Zika
80 New Technology Aims to Make Photovoltaic Cells 70% More Efficient
81 U-M Offers Open-Access Automated Cars to Advance Driverless Research
82 Documentary Just One Use of Drone Technology in Agricultural Sciences
83 Autism and Human Evolutionary Success
84 Game Theory Shows How Tragedies of the Commons Might be Averted
85 Researchers Question if Banning of 'Killer Robots' Actually Will Stop Robots from Killing
86 New LEDs May Offer Better Way to Clean Water in Remote Areas
87 Collaborating on Climate
88 Engineer Develops Model to Predict Behavior of Cell Clusters
89 Inactive Patents: Innovate More, Search Less
90 Research Finds Zika Virus Can Live for Hours on Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces
91 Researchers Look at Ways to Improve Pennsylvania Bridges
92 U-M Camera-Trap Project Captures Hundreds of Thousands of Michigan Wildlife Selfies
93 Where Cells Go: Mechanical and Chemical Cues Collaborate to Guide Them
94 Fast-Cooking Dry Beans Provide More Protein, Iron than 'Slower' Varieties
95 UGA's Stable Isotope Lab Becomes Largest in North America
96 Controversial Drug Approval Stirs Deep Concerns--and Hope
97 Improving Cryopreservation for a Longer-Lasting Blood Supply
98 Salty Snow Could Affect Air Pollution in the Arctic
99 Solar Smart Window Could Offer Privacy and Light Control on Demand
100 Moral Values Influence Level of Climate Change Action
101 UF/IFAS Study Documents Nutritional Risk in Florida's Older Adults
102 Two New Lizards with 'Heroic Past' Discovered in the Chilean Andes
103 A Milestone in Small RNA Biology: piRNA Biogenesis from Start to Finish
104 Owl-Inspired Wing Design Reduces Wind Turbine Noise by 10 Decibels
105 Climate Change May Prevent Volcanoes from Cooling the Planet
106 Looking for a City's DNA? Try Its ATMs
107 UT Southwestern Reports Highest-Resolution Model to Date of Brain Receptor Behind Marijuana's High
108 Scripps Florida Scientists Pinpoint Regulator of Amphetamine Induced Motor Activity
109 Matchmaking for Coffee?
110 Large Forest Die-Offs Can Have Effects that Ricochet to Distant Ecosystems