File Title
1 Asian Americans are at high risk for diabetes but rarely get screened
2 Cheaper, more effective cleanup of abandoned oil and gas wells
3 Counselors and educators should involve fathers from low-income settings more in their children's education
4 Even physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics
5 When do speech difficulties in children matter for literacy?
6 Positive school climates can narrow achievement gaps, comprehensive research review confirms
7 Massive cyberattack poses policy dilemma
8 Fragranced products: Risks for people and profits?
9 Workplace weight management lowers costs, improves quality of life
10 'Lurking malice' in cloud hosting services, study finds
11 Cell Extrusion Mechanisms
12 Few Children Born to Parents with Serious Mental Illness Live with Both Parents While Growing Up
13 Expert: Will We Fly in 3D-Printed Planes Someday?
14 Study Reveals that Adrenergic Nerves Control Immune Cells' Daily Schedule
15 Stay Tuned: New U-M Bristle Mammoth Exhibit Highlights the 'Unfolding Process of Discovery'
16 New Study 'Sheds Light' on the Mechanisms Safeguarding the Genome
17 Wild Cat Brains: An Evolutionary Curveball
18 Physicists Leapfrog Accelerators with Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays
19 Weakness Is Good... When Controlling Light
20 Artificial Muscles Show More Flex
21 Shark Race to the White House Finish Date Extended
22 Jumping Spiders Can Hear Sound Without Eardrums
23 In Communicating Wildlife Conservation, Focus on the Right Message
24 Cal State LA Partners with NASA to Study How Materials Solidify in Space
25 U-M Could Get New Kind of on-Demand Transit System
26 Spooky New Fungal Disease on Southern Golf Courses Unmasked
27 Social Media Photos Priceless for Natural Resources Research
28 Study Reveals the Brain Regulates Social Behavior Differently in Males and Females
29 Cloudy Feedback on Global Warming
30 Hurricanes from 3 Million Years Ago Give Us Clues About Present Storms
31 New Discovery Could Help Oral Medicines Work Better
32 TTUHSC El Paso Med Students Win International Space Race Competition
33 Comprehensive Research Review Confirms Positive School Climates Can Narrow Achievement Gaps
34 Yeast Holds the Key to Humans' Genetic Response to Stress, Herbicide Exposure
35 Danforth Plant Science Center Develops Versatile Field Phenotyping to Benefit Farmers
36 Virginia Tech Flexible Solar Panel Goes Where Silicon Can't
37 MSU Researchers Part of Iguana Hatchling Discovery in Cayman Islands
38 Beware of Radon Risk
39 Physicist Explores Science Behind Smartphones
40 National Science Foundation Supports Completion of the Jefferson Project at Lake George Sensor Network
41 TSRI Scientists Develop New Toolkit for Exploring Protein Biology
42 Physicist Honored for Finding New Symmetry in Space and Time
43 La Nina Pacific Cooling Event Strengthens
44 Balancing Energy Demand Could Save Money
45 Underwater Nightlights
46 Chemists Create Clusters of Organelles by Mimicking Nature
47 MD Anderson-Led Study Develops Prediction Model for Lung Cancer Risk in Never Smokers
48 Making High-Performance Batteries from Junkyard Scraps
49 UF/IFAS study: Food safety knowledge--or lack thereof--passed from one generation to next
50 New Model Developed to Study Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Human Biopsy Samples
51 Make America Tweet Again
52 New Book Looks at Postwar History of Genetic Disease
53 Tricking Moths into Revealing the Computational Underpinnings of Sensory Integration
54 Sandia to Evaluate if Computational Neuroscientists Are on Track
55 Elephant Poaching Costs African Tourism $25 Million Per Year
56 Shedding a Light on Contaminants
57 Unusual Martian Region Leaves Clues to Planet's Past
58 Fluorescent Sensor Provides Low-Cost Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis
59 Researchers ID First Two Genes Regulating Sleep in Mice Using Genetic Screening
60 UCI, Other Researchers Shed Light on Process of Programmed Mitochondrial Cell Death
61 How the Chicken Crossed the Red Sea
62 Major Family of Gene-Regulating Proteins Has Drug-Sized Pocket
63 Can Radioactive Waste Be Immobilized in Glass for Millions of Years?
64 UF/IFAS Imaging System Can Detect Citrus Greening Before Symptoms Show
65 Microgripper "Hand"
66 Living Micromachines
67 Peering into Batteries: X-Rays Reveal Lithium-Ion's Mysteries
68 Green Process to Make Carbon Fiber Used in Rocket Nozzles Gets Patent
69 Seven Substances Added to 14th Report on Carcinogens
70 UT Scientists Identify Bacterial Genes that Could Lessen Severity of Malaria
71 WSU Researchers Show Genetic Variants and Environmental Exposures Have Mighty Influence on Health
72 Liquid Crystal Design Method Could Speed Development of Cheap Chemical Sensors
73 Large Numbers of Outdoor Cats Pose Challenges for Communities
74 Emery Co-Authors Study on Detection of Water on Asteroid Named Psyche
75 New TSRI Study Suggests Ebola Can Adapt to Better Target Human Cells
76 Electron Kaleidoscope: New Technique Visualizes Multiple Objects in Many Colors
77 Mutational Signatures Mark Cancer's Smoking Gun
78 New Computational Tool May Speed Drug Discovery
79 After a Long Demise Due to Poaching, Virunga's Hippos Climbing Back
80 The Destructive Effects of Supercooled Liquid Water on Airplane Safety and Climate Models
81 Iowa State Physicists Help Demonstrate Existence of New Subatomic Structure
82 The Brain Can Reveal Drinking Status Even After Death
83 SLAC, Berkeley Lab Researchers Prepare for Scientific Computing on the Exascale
84 Hate Exercise? It May Be in Your Genes
85 UNLV Study Finds No Iron Benefit from Eating Placenta
86 Informing Action on a Historic Climate Agreement
87 Herbivorous Mammals Have Bigger Bellies
88 NASA's NavCube Could Support an X-Ray Communications Demonstration in Space--a NASA First
89 Physicists Gain New Understanding of How Materials Break
90 UF/IFAS Researcher Hopes to Bolster Pollinators, Reduce Water Use, Other Inputs on Golf Courses
91 Dad's Preconception Exercise May Increase Obesity, Insulin Resistance Risk in Offspring
92 Study Challenges Model of Alzheimer's Disease Progression
93 Tsunami of Stars and Gas Produces Dazzling Eye-Shaped Feature in Galaxy
94 Study Finds Female Faculty Are Underrepresented in Genomics
95 Researchers Confirm Universal Principles of Phase Transitions
96 How Each One of Us Contribute to Arctic Sea Ice Melt
97 The Birth of Massive Stars Is Accompanied by Strong Luminosity Bursts
98 New Understanding of Rip Currents Could Help to Save Lives
99 Using Plasma to Make Skin "Thin"
100 'Dine in' with Family, Friends and Co-Workers on December 3
101 Increasing Cost of Natural Hazards as Climate Changes
102 Insect Microrobots
103 Metal Chemistry and the Environment
104 Physicists Gain New Understanding of How Materials Break
105 We Gather Here Today to Join Lasers and Anti-Lasers
106 New Blood Test for Concussions Has 90 Percent Success Rate
107 Steering Software Drives Audi Emission Scandal
108 New Technique May Speed Search for Genetic Roots of Disease
109 Changing Cell Behavior Could Boost Biofuels, Medicine
110 Tracing the Ivory Trail