File Title
1 My biology made me do it? Why some voters may embrace the right
2 Gender equality is boosted by better infection control
3 Quantum computers can talk to each other via a photon translator
4 Superagers with amazing memories have Alzheimer's brain plaques
5 Blood from human teens rejuvenates body and brains of old mice
6 How our brains recall celebrities is mirrored by search engines
7 Electric fields can stimulate deep in your brain without surgery
8 Twisted light beams a greeting over a record distance of 143 km
9 Donald Trump's climate sceptics are coming to drill, baby, drill
10 Creative cockatoos skilfully make tools from different materials
11 80,000 reindeer have starved to death as Arctic sea ice retreats
12 Napping before an exam is as good for your memory as cramming
13 Synaesthetes who 'see' calendar hint how our brains handle time
14 All UK doctors should join the call to decriminalise drugs
15 Pilot whales babysit each other's young while swimming in groups
16 World's best navigators mostly come from Nordic countries
17 Mystery cosmic radio blasts come with side of gamma rays
18 China's space station now has insects, weeds and rice on board
19 Energy-efficient engine turns waste hot water into electricity
20 Smart skin patch listens to your body sounds, from heart to gut
21 US healthcare still lags far behind other developed nations
22 Watch some of the most endangered seals caught napping underwater
23 Chinese tourist town uses face recognition as an entry pass
24 Creative cockatoos skilfully make tools from different materials
25 Stopping brain protein from turning rogue prevents Alzheimer's
26 Hubble Admires Youthful Globular Star Cluster NGC 362
27 New Observations of the Vast Pillar-Like Structures within the Carina Nebula
28 MIT Engineers Design a New Weapon Against Bacteria
29 New "Morphing" Wing Could Enable More Efficient Plane Flight
30 MIT Develops Nanobionic Plants that Can Detect Explosives
31 Astronomers Discover a "Nearly Naked" Supermassive Black Hole
32 Hubble Views Lenticular Galaxy NGC 1222
33 Astronomers Study the Pulsar Wind Nebula Created by PSR B0355+54
34 Scientists Identify Potential Treatment for Fatal Leptospirosis
35 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Measures a Day on Saturn
36 Researchers Develop a New Approach Against Pathogens
37 Study Shows a Widespread Disruption of Brain Activity During Absence Seizures
38 Researchers Find Antibody that 'Neutralizes' Zika Virus
39 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views Wind Carved Rock on Mars
40 ESO Views Protoplanetary Discs Being Shaped by Newborn Planets
41 Particles Exhibit Their Quantum Nature Close to Absolute Zero
42 Spitzer and Swift Observe Microlensing Event, Pinpoint Brown Dwarf
43 Astronomers Explain Mysterious Dimming of Markarian 1018
44 Inhibiting the AIM2 Pathway Could Potentially Limit Radiation Damage to Cells
45 Hubble Image of the Week--Irregular Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4789A
46 Cassini Spacecraft Views Saturn's 'Watercolor' Swirl
47 Electricity-Powered Molecular Catalysts May Improve Fuel Cells
48 CertiKOS: A Step Toward Hacker-Resistant Operating Systems
49 GASS 3505: A Hydrogen Rich, Passive Galaxy
50 New Catalyst Promotes Carbon Dioxide Conversion into Fuels
51 MIT Chemists Reveal Bacterial Enzyme that Can Produce Biodegradable Plastics
52 'Great Valley' Provides More Evidence that Mercury is Shrinking
53 NASA's SOFIA Set to Study New Frontiers in the Solar System and Beyond
54 Researchers Derive a Formula for Tracking the Flow of Quantum Information
55 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Views Craters Takel and Cozobi
56 Astronomers Measure Kepler 11145123 with Unprecedented Precision
57 MIT Engineers Create Synthetic Cells to Isolate Genetic Circuits
58 No Change in Global Star Formation Process
59 Do Community Factors Affect Your Weight?
60 New Horizons Reveals an Ocean Beneath Pluto's Heart-Shaped Basin
61 New Image of Ceres from NASA's Dawn Spacecraft
62 Allergies during pregnancy contribute to changes in the brains of rat offspring
63 Smoking electronic cigarettes kills large number of mouth cells
64 Bacteria communicate to ramp up collective immune response to viral threats
65 Blood cell analysis identifies thousands of disease-related genes
66 Sculpting how chemicals spread in fluid flows
67 Engineering a more efficient system for harnessing carbon dioxide
68 Tech would use drones and insect biobots to map disaster areas
69 This is the largest estimate of continuous oil that USGS has ever assessed in the United States
70 Impacts of climate warming, declining sea ice on Arctic whale migration
71 DNA evidence from 5,310-year-old corn cob fills gaps in history
72 Large forest die-offs can have effects that ricochet to distant ecosystems
73 Certain corals, with high genetic diversity, may adapt to climate change
74 It's how you splice it: Scientists discover possible origin of muscle, heart defects
75 New insight into how Alzheimer's disease begins
76 Fear of the unknown common to many anxiety disorders
77 Scientists pinpoint regulator of amphetamine induced motor activity
78 Study helps resolve question: Aversion vs. lack of social cues?
79 Cluster headaches: Painful but treatable, preventable
80 Double-digit rise in head injuries after Michigan helmet law repeal
81 Moral values influence level of climate change action
82 Precut salad may encourage growth of Salmonella
83 Fast-cooking dry beans provide more protein, iron than 'slower' varieties
84 No willpower required: Families adopt healthy behaviors through trial and error
85 Menopausal hormone therapy improves bone health
86 Scientists' enhancement adds time element to super-resolution microscopy
87 Breakthrough offers greater understanding of safe radioactive waste disposal
88 New records set up with 'Screws of Light'
89 Dry adhesive holds in extreme cold, strengthens in extreme heat
90 Its short orbital period could help with future studies of biological activity
91 'Beautiful accident' leads to advances in high pressure materials synthesis
92 Great valley found on Mercury
93 Cosmic 'barcode' from distant galaxy confirms Nature's constancy
94 Tracking the flow of quantum information
95 Liquid silicon: Multi-duty computer chips could bridge the gap between computation and storage
96 Supercomputer simulations help develop new approach to fight antibiotic resistance
97 Bacteria discovery offers possible new means of controlling crop pest
98 'Cocktail' of soil bacteria can protect rice plants from deadly forces
99 Last-line antibiotics are failing
100 Scientists trace origin of the respiratory muscle to early pelycosaurs
101 Climate change could outpace EPA lake protections
102 Cameroon's cholera outbreaks vary by climate region
103 Reef degradation on Maui linked to quality of coastal groundwater
104 Nanotech enables powerful and portable sterilization equipment
105 New model reveals adaptations of world's most abundant ocean microbe
106 Findings contrary to previous isotopic evidence supporting a diet of abrasive C4 plants
107 What a random mutation 600 million years ago did to trigger a molecular evolution
108 Autism and human evolutionary success
109 Flu vaccine's effectiveness can be improved, new findings suggest
110 Material created using very high heat yielded record power output density