File Title
1 A new approach against Salmonella and other pathogens
2 Nanocellulose in medicine and green manufacturing
3 New advance in RNA studies holds out hope for cancer drug development
4 'Molecular commando' identified to tackle hypoxia pathway
5 Sodium-oxygen batteries have improved cycle life due to highly concentrated electrolytes
6 Study of rigidity could help predict material failure, control cracking
7 Trace metal recombination centers kill LED efficiency
8 Mussel power: Researches develop underwater glue
9 Electron kaleidoscope: New technique visualizes multiple objects in many colors
10 Newly discovered genetic code controls bacterial survival during infections
11 Plants modulate accumulation of metabolites at organ level
12 Skin bacteria could protect against disease
13 Researchers shed new light on RNA's journey out of a cell's nucleus
14 Woodland destruction by beetles is facilitated by their unique genetics
15 Predators can drive increase in virus populations, new study shows
16 Precaution and governance of emerging technologies
17 Red squirrels in the British Isles are infected with leprosy bacteria
18 Bees use multiple cues in hunt for pollen
19 Study finds increase in Antarctic marine worm species
20 Study suggests male chimpanzees are focused on offspring rather than building relationships with females
21 Researchers' Sudoku strategy democratizes powerful tool for genetics research
22 Game theory shows how tragedies of the commons might be averted
23 The golden drool: Study finds treasure trove of info in saliva of foraging bears
24 Narwhal echolocation beams may be the most directional of any species
25 Remote sensing data reveals hundreds more species at risk of extinction
26 What makes Francisella such a bad actor?
27 Focus on quiescent cells brings to light the essential role of RNA interference in transcription control
28 DNA analysis of ancient teeth shows dogs gained ability to digest starches at the same time as humans
29 Predatory bacteria offer potential solution to drug resistance problem
30 Brazilian free-tailed bat is the fastest flyer in the animal kingdom
31 Female chimpanzees employ babysitters to wean young faster
32 Chimpanzee males court friends in high places
33 Mobs are, sometimes, good
34 Species of giant cockroaches employ different strategies in the mating game
35 Research pair outlines new field of 'web science'
36 Criteria for funding and promotion lead to bad science
37 When fish come to school, kids get hooked on science
38 Neanderthal inheritance helped humans adapt to life outside of Africa
39 Dinosaurs' rise was 'more gradual,' new fossil evidence suggests
40 Dinosaur discovery casts light on final flurry of animals' evolution
41 Biggest map of dinosaur tree yet suggests they emerged 20 million years earlier than thought
42 Exploring the trade-off between quality and fairness in human partner choice
43 Changing views of evolutionary factors at work on earliest mammals
44 Original dinosaur claw sheath proteins preserved for 75 million years
45 Long ago humans and Neanderthals Interbred: What happened to Neanderthal genes?
46 Patagonian fossil leaves reveal rapid recovery from dinosaur extinction event
47 You can thank our pre-mammalian ancestors for your sexy teeth
48 Study finds female scientists collaborate differently
49 Amelia Earhart might have died as a castaway
50 Ancient fishes kept their young in a nursery
51 Africa's oldest domestic chicken bones are relics of ancient Red Sea trade route
52 Study reveals role of spleen in prolonged anxiety after stress
53 Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently, study finds
54 Immune cells may facilitate tumor growth by forming primitive vascular channels
55 Pain-initiating function of glial cells identified for the first time
56 New research reveals most pain-sensing nerves in the body specialized to respond to specific sensations
57 Keeping our balance--a tale of two systems: Our vestibular system reflects evolution from sea to land
58 Why are we ticklish?
59 Molecular structure in Zika virus leads to potentially disease-causing RNAs
60 Link between DNA and chronic widespread joint pain
61 Deviations from expectations: detecting moving objects
62 New discovery paves way for pancreatic cancer treatment
63 Scientists develop tissue-engineered model of human lung and trachea
64 Vitamin D deficiency is widely overestimated, doctors warn
65 Smartphone app for early autism detection being developed
66 Arthritis drug boosts effectiveness of antidepressant medication, study finds
67 Protozoan parasite increases risk of colitis, study reveals
68 Skipping breakfast and not enough sleep can make children overweight
69 Study shows memory loss due to cannabis related to harm to mitochondria
70 Tobacco linked to 40 percent of US cancers
71 $384,961.42 for a house? When precise bids work and when they backfire
72 Your birth year predicts your odds if flu pandemic were to strike
73 What does it take to make a memory? Study says new proteins
74 Multi-drug resistant infection spreading globally among cystic fibrosis patients
75 Deep dive into NMDA receptor variation and link to epilepsy, ID
76 Researchers advance treatment of tuberculosis by targeting new enzyme
77 Creating therapies for Alzheimer's disease by targeting neural circuits
78 Scientists analyze repeats in proteins implicated in neurological diseases
79 Researchers use fruit flies to understand how body responds to harmful, cold stimuli
80 Molecular signature for aggressive brain tumor uncovered
81 Die another day: How the immune system keeps 'traitor cells' in lockdown
82 Big brain projects urged to aid public health
83 Political upheaval threatens Brazil's environmental protections
84 I can haz more science emoji? Host of nerd icons proposed
85 Donald Trump's US election win stuns scientists
86 How scientists reacted to the US election results
87 Brexit chancellor's annual address is a science nail-biter
88 How to defeat dementia
89 The quiet rise of the NIH's hot new metric
90 Quest to map Africa's soil microbiome begins
91 Heavy smog, a huge ship and a smashing record
92 Brain implants allow paralysed monkeys to walk
93 The real-time technicolour living brain
94 Pollsters struggle to explain failures of US presidential forecasts
95 Playful rats reveal brain region that drives ticklishness
96 Open peer review finds more takers
97 AI science search engines expand their reach
98 What scientists should focus on--and fear--under Trump
99 The ultimate experiment: How Trump will handle science
100 Canada's proposed natural-gas plant stirs more controversy
101 US to launch its most advanced weather satellite yet
102 Disgraced stem-cell entrepreneur under fresh investigation
103 Scientific language is becoming more informal
104 Science under President Trump
105 Judge science on merit, not assumptions
106 The insect crisis we can't ignore
107 A better way to crack the brain
108 Carbon is not the enemy