File Title
1 The fate of Neanderthal genes
2 Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials
3 Social networking by doctors may save patients' lives, study suggests
4 Neuroscientists call for deep collaboration to 'crack' the human brain
5 Potential targeted therapy found for newly identified leukemia subtype with poor outcome
6 Weight loss condition provides insight into failure of cancer immunotherapies
7 Dementia diagnosis delayed by complex referral criteria
8 Giving more pregnant women common thyroid medicine may reduce risk of complications
9 Shallow reefs off Singapore survive in the face of adversity
10 New strategy for antidepressant therapies
11 Chimpanzee males court friends in high places
12 Tumors reprogram the liver, causing wasting and short-circuiting body's immune response
13 Study: Carbon-hungry plants impede growth rate of atmospheric CO2
14 More frequent vaping among teens linked to higher risk of heavy cigarette smoking
15 Supplemental, nutrient-enriched donor milk does not improve neurodevelopment in VLBW infants
16 Tailored, dense-dose chemotherapy for early breast cancer does not result in significant improvement
17 Mismatched light and heat levels can disrupt body clock
18 Parents don't notice young children's PTSD--but may need support themselves
19 Evolution purged many Neanderthal genes from human genome
20 Giving women HIV self-tests promotes male partner testing
21 Metal-free fluorinated graphene shows no signs of toxicity in cell culture tests
22 Researchers discover new method to dissipate heat in electronic devices
23 'Exceptional' nanosensor architecture based on exceptional points
24 Computers made of genetic material? Researchers conduct electricity using DNA-based nanowires
25 Nano-scale electronics score laboratory victory
26 New 'optofluidic' technology taps power of diatoms to improve sensor performance
27 Semiconductor-free microelectronics are now possible, thanks to metamaterials
28 Researchers use graphene templates to make new metal-oxide nanostructures
29 Graphene balloons show their colors
30 Light drives single-molecule 3-wheelers
31 Controlling the properties of matter in two-dimensional crystals
32 Even physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics
33 Using pectin to advance neuron-like electronic systems
34 Dark matter may be hiding in a hidden sector
35 Breakthrough in the quantum transfer of information between matter and light
36 Researchers investigate how neurons sample probability distributions
37 Scientists observe how quantum superpositions build up in a helium atom within femtoseconds
38 Simulations show swirling rings, whirlpool-like structure in subatomic 'soup'
39 Researchers put single molecules in super-fridge
40 Splash-free urinals? Scientists investigate new 'splash avoidance' technique
41 National MagLab racks up new world record with hybrid magnet
42 How the 18th-century steam engine helped physicists make a quantum breakthrough
43 New method determines distribution of droplet sizes for wide range of sticky fluids
44 Physicists' prediction of gas 'droplets' confirmed
45 Solar physicists unlock easier way to observe peculiar particles that reveal the inner workings of the sun
46 Taking statistics to the quantum domain
47 Engineers develop invisibility cloak for high-tech processing chips
48 Artificial atoms shed light on the future of security
49 Close to absolute zero, electrons exhibit their quantum nature
50 Researchers find path for light through opaque materials
51 New theory of gravity might explain dark matter
52 Model offers insight into how life continues to evolve
53 Scientists present the most accurate time measurements of quantum jumps to date
54 Lasers + anti-lasers: Marriage opens door to development of single device with exceptional range of optical capabilities
55 New imaging technique stimulates particles to emit laser light, could create higher-resolution images
56 Black hole jets can influence star formation in galaxies by dispersing and heating interstellar gas
57 A hydrogen-rich, passive galaxy
58 Cosmic whistle packs a surprisingly energetic punch
59 Image: Hubble steals a look at NGC 1222
60 Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars
61 Researchers use novel analysis technique to help solve Beagle 2 mystery
62 Supermoon? Meh. It may be closer, but it won't be super duper
63 Earth-bound instrument analyzes light from planets circling distant stars
64 Space telescopes pinpoint elusive brown dwarf
65 A funnel on Mars could be a place to look for life
66 There's an 'extra-super' Moon on the rise
67 Markarian 1018: Starvation diet for black hole dims brilliant galaxy
68 Impostor planet exposed by astronomers
69 Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is much younger than previously thought
70 Why all the super-buzz about the supermoon?
71 Sculpting solar systems: SPHERE instrument reveals protoplanetary discs being shaped by newborn planets
72 Researchers discover UGC 3672 galaxy to be an unusual merging triplet of gas-rich dwarf galaxies
73 A box of 'black magic' to study Earth from space
74 Mars' ionosphere shaped by crustal magnetic fields
75 Pulsar wind nebulae
76 Image: NGC 6818 in the constellation of Sagittarius
77 Realistic solar corona loops simulated in lab
78 Image: NGC 299, an open star cluster located within the Small Magellanic Cloud
79 Detour via gravitational lens makes distant galaxy visible
80 Image: Hubble takes flight with the toucan and the cluster
81 Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance
82 The highlight of Google's Daydream VR is...its controller
83 Researchers question if banning of 'killer robots' actually will stop robots from killing
84 Big data shows people's collective behavior follows strong periodic patterns
85 Dubai, Hyperloop One to study potential for Abu Dhabi line
86 New system lets nonexperts optimize programs that run on multiprocessor chips
87 Researchers discover solar heat island effect caused by large-scale solar power plants
88 'Bots' step up for 2016 election news coverage
89 GM starts producing 200-mile electric Chevrolet Bolt
90 Debunking the myth of password security
91 WikiLeaks founder denies Russia behind Podesta email hacking
92 Google speaker is secretary, radio...and work in progress
93 Can radioactive waste be immobilized in glass for millions of years?
94 Fuel from sewage is the future--and it's closer than you think
95 Method found for pulling hydrogen from ammonia for use as clean fuel
96 Chemists discover structure of bacterial enzyme that generates useful polymers
97 Stable quantum bits can be made from complex molecules
98 Self-healing materials for semi-dry conditions
99 Engineering team develops self-powered mobile polymers
100 Researchers discover new material to improve de-icing
101 Radical chemistry research makes waves
102 Solar cells get boost with integration of water-splitting catalyst onto semiconductor
103 Functional textiles clean pollutants from air and water
104 Phosphorus nitride could be used as a friction-stable, fast-burning, and very effective pyrotechnic obscurant
105 Scientists have developed a type of HIV test on a USB stick
106 New 'bottlebrush' electroactive polymers make dielectric elastomers increasingly viable for use in devices
107 Making artificial 'cells' move like real cells
108 Studying structure to understand function within 'material families'
109 Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite
110 Could an iron-grabbing molecule help prevent UTIs? New vaccine shows promise in mice